The Most Amazing Gaming Room Ideas For Your Home!

There’s no better way to bring your family and friends together for fun in your own home than creating a gaming room. If you’ve got just a little room to spare, you can design an area for everyone in the family to enjoy their favorite activities together. You don’t have to have a large extra room to make way for fun. It only takes a bit of creativity to transform a basement, spare room or even a small area of a larger room into gaming central.

 Awesome Gaming Room Design Ideas!

design your one-of-a-kind ultimate gaming room

  1. Center design on your favorite activities. What is it that your family is into? Board games? Sports? Music? Pool? Think about the activities that your family really enjoys participating in and find ways to incorporate those into your game room. Decor doesn’t have to be expensive. Think thrift store finds and repurposed furniture if you’re on a budget.

  1. Go retro! Is your family more of the free-wheeling 60s type? How about the Disco-crazy 70s? Or the neon-drenched 80s? Decorating your gaming room in retro fashion is an easy way to add inexpensive style to space. Choose era-worthy colors and hunt down thrift store game pieces, posters, boxes and lights to accent space.

  1. Multi-game tables are a terrific way to take advantage of limited space. These affordable tables have different tops that can be switched out to play a variety of games such as foosball, ping pong, air hockey, pool and more. Kids get a real kick out of being able to pick a favorite to play when their friends come over.

  1. Personalize it! Turn your game room into your own personal “family game cave” with fun decor that speaks to your personalities. Purchase or make custom signs. Consider giving your game room a fun name. If budget is not an issue, you can even have a custom neon sign created with the name of your family’s “game club.” How cool is that?

  1. Feed the crowds! When you have guests over for a game night, the last thing you want to do is be running back and forth with snacks and drinks. There are lots of different options for creating a game room snack center. If budget and space allow, you can incorporate a complete wet bar and/or kitchenette. If that isn’t an option, a mini-fridge and counter space to set food and drinks will keep your game surfaces clean and your guests happy.

  1. Create a gamers’ paradise! Video game consoles don’t have to be expensive. You can purchase refurbished or used gaming consoles and games quite inexpensively and create a library of gaming options. Little and big gamers alike will appreciate comfortable gaming chairs or soft spots to sit on while they play. Cushy rugs, gaming chairs, and beanbags are all great choices for video game central!

  1. Make the most of your space. Consider what you want to be able to store and use clever and space-efficient storage solutions for all of your gaming equipment. If you display collectibles, consider putting them wall shelves that don’t take up valuable storage space. Multi-use furniture is another great space saver. Pool tables that have a cover can convert from pool game to board game table in no time.

  1. Board Game Heaven! Board games are an economical way to stock your game room for hours of fun. They can be found online – new, refurbished and used – as well as in local stores or thrift shops. You might also consider trading games with friends as your kids grow and game tastes evolve. You’ll need a large table space to play on, and enough chairs to accommodate all the players. Have some fun with it and purchase mismatched orphan chairs, which you can paint in fun colors. Also, consider making some floor space for large floor games and video games such as Wii or Dance Dance Revolution.

  1. Get Active! This can go along with board or video games. Create a space that encourages movement. Games like Twister are a great choice for children and adults alike, and if you have smaller kids you might consider painting hopscotch or four square areas.

  1. Don’t leave out the little ones! Kids under five may not be able to participate in most board games but they love being a part of the action. Include room for them to participate at their own level. Small sports equipment such as plastic basketball goals or t-ball stands and beginner board games like Candyland and Chutes and Ladders are terrific for even the smallest player.

  1. Don’t forget the tunes. You’ll want to be able to play music when you have guests over and teens will love having a place to stretch out, listen to tunes and relax. Your music system can be as fancy as a jukebox (reproduction or new), a record player or a stereo system or as simple as a Bluetooth speaker to stream songs from your phone.

  1. Sports lovers unite! Use your favorite sports team or teams to bring together game-room decor. Sports jerseys, balls, game schedules, and collectibles make great, affordable wall decor. Paint the room in your team’s colors, bring in tv, a poker table and some comfy seating and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic game night with friends.

  1. Create an arcade. Video games and pinball machines make terrific editions to your game room. If budget is no object, you can create an entire arcade from readily available used or reproduction arcade machines. If you’re handy, inexpensive game cabinets are frequently available online or through your local want ads. Many dealers also retro 80s fit arcade game cabinets so that they are loaded with multiple games in one machine. Retro arcades and video games are back in fashion and you’ll no doubt have every kid on the block running over to play at your house!

Final Verdict:

Game rooms are not only a great way to bring together family and friends for memories and fun, but they are also a terrific addition to your home and can greatly increase the value of your property. Putting together a game room that fits your budgets and lifestyle can be a fun challenge.

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