What are the best brand for mechanical tools?- Best Brands for toolbox

A toolbox or tool chest is a box to arrange, carry and protect the owner’s tools. You can use it for numerous purposes and the items available in the box do depend on the expertise level of the owner-the more experienced mechanic is, he will be adding in more tools into his toolbox.

Most of the toolboxes today are generally made up of metal or plastic. The olden toolboxes were generally made of wood. The toolbox can generally be divided into 5 types

  1. Plastic
  2. Aluminum
  3. Steel
  4. Waterproof

Small portable toolboxes or sometimes called hand boxes are lighter than the conventional ones, hence easier to carry. These have one handle on the top and a lid that opens up with a hinge.

Many toolboxes have rectangular compartments on either side that are attached with hinges. You can slide and open up all the compartments that are just big enough to hold the small tools and accessories such as nuts, bolts, screws, small screwdrivers, etc. Henceforth we can see that toolboxes do come in various shapes and sizes.

Different parts of the mechanical toolbox?

Here is the answer to what are the most important equipment that you must have in a mechanical toolbox, either for home use or professional.

  •  You will need screwdrivers of different shapes and sizes and types so buy an assorted pack of screwdrivers that will fulfill all your maintenance needs. Klein is made in the US and has a heavy-duty classic design. For the standard shafts that you may not be able to reach, you will need an extra-long shaft screwdriver in your toolbox.
  •  A standard 16 or 25-foot tape measure will do the work. You can also keep a longer size, approximately 30 or 35-foot tape measure in your kit if you plan to measure the length or bigger items or materials 
  • Socket Sets are the third most important thing on the list. It is made by any tool manufacturing firm. Hence, it is available in several stores countrywide.
  • Pick Up Tool – If you are working, you may drop, the nut, bolts or screws in an area where you may not reach by hand to fetch it back. A pickup tool will hence allow you to get back an item in a corner without having to tear the house or car apart. 
  • Fast Acting Clamps – Clamps, which has a handle like a caulk gun is the equipment of very high importance for any mechanic or professional. You need to squeeze and release and it will tighten and clamp. They are readily available in the market and comes in several different sizes.

How to use a mechanical toolbox?

You can use the mechanical toolbox to repair any leakage in the water pipe or bathroom sink. Any places or things that have suffered from a fatality such as a pipe burst.

Also, you can use the toolbox to place something hanging in your room. For example, a screw-on a wall could be placed on using a hammer from the kit to place the clock in the room or you can open a nut and bolt underneath the toilet sink to check for leakage problems and many more.

Best Brands for mechanical toolboxes

Most of the time, people buy the mechanics toolbox from renounced brands. It has several benefits over non branded products.  if you buy a toolbox from reputed brands there will be some benefits. 


  •  You’ll find reviews on the products online,  even from a family or friend. 
  • they always include a useful user manual,
  • In the case of replacing or repairing parts, there will be more chances to find specific parts.

Here is the list of Best brand for mechanical toolboxes in 2019

Mac Tools

The name Mac stands strong as the most respected brands in the tool manufacturing industry. This has the widest range of tools designed for mechanics. They also have different types of tools that are specifically designed for mechanical jobs. They contain important sets, specialty tools, hand tools, and pneumatic tools in different sizes. Also, they provide very good performance.


This is the division of the world-renowned Stanley Black and Decker and is known among many to develop different types of automotive mechanical toolsets. The company manufactures tools for people with various levels of expertise and are priced accordingly, ranging from $200 to more than $1000 depending on the level of expertise of different tools present in the kit. As most of the items are manufactured in the US, there is no compromise in the quality of the tools.

Wright Tools

These tools are US-made, specifically designed for professionals. The firm comes up with an extended range of toolsets that includes master, basic, general, intermediate and apprentice sets. They are however not available online easily like others, hence you have to go out and lookout for a distributor of this toolset.


This brand has earned a name for itself as a mechanics top choice. They have all the types of tools that a professional would need. They have an all-inclusive apprentice set. Although slightly costly, spending on it is well-justified if you are a professional mechanic.


Founded by the Ottawa Tool Company. It became part of the world-renowned Bosch in 2012. Apart from the racing tools and accessories, the company also offers a combination of specialty toolsets such as brake sets, harmonic sets, cam, and balance puller sets.

Final Words:

When purchasing tools for home or work, make it a point to check on the quality and also the price Do not forget that a tool that may work fine for others may not be suitable for you, hence it is all about knowing your priorities first before deciding to purchase the kit.

As a beginner maybe you will be confused but as you start using the tools. You will grasp the concepts behind tool selection very well.

As it is very essential do not forget to include the wrench and the liquid wrench penetrating oil. Like WD-40 and a big roll of duct tape. Without these items, your box will look empty even if you had all the rest.

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