15 Best Carpet Sweeper Reviews & Buyer’s Guide in 2020

Isn’t it satisfying to have a cleaner for your carpet at your disposal? What if that cleaner doesn’t have to use water and soap like most of them out there? 

Whether you want to get one for your home or office, you must ensure that you get the perfect sweeper. But really, which is the best carpet sweeper out there? That depends on a few factors. What we can conclude is that there is no specific carpet sweeper that is the ‘best’ for everyone.

You most probably are curious to know about these factors, and that is why we came up with this article. We will be discussing the top carpet sweeper reviews and also share with you how you can choose the right sweeper for your carpet. 
Are you ready? Let’s get on with it!

Why a Carpet Sweeper? Why Not a Vacuum Cleaner?

If you ask someone to tell you why they prefer going for a carpet sweeper, they’d probably tell you that it’s because the sweeper doesn’t involve a lot of mess as compared to a wet-cleaning vacuum! 

That statement isn’t wrong, but it also isn’t the only reason. Here are the reasons you should get a carpet sweeper:

Small and Lightweight

The carpet sweeper is small and easy to carry around. You can easily sweep/clean your carpet or floor without experiencing any exhaustion when using a carpet/floor sweeper.

On the other hand, most vacuum cleaners are heavy and the extra accessories they come with make them heavier! When you’re in a lockdown, you can’t expect someone else to come to your house and do the cleaning for you, especially if you have issues with your wrist!

In this scenario, an electronic sweeper is god sent. Cherish that! 

Dry Cleaning

Another benefit of getting a carpet sweeper is that it doesn’t require water and soap. You can clean with it any time without having to fill it with water or soap. 

Forget about mopping after vacuum cleaning. The electronic sweeper will take care of it! Just spray some disinfectant before you start sweeping. 

Quieter than Vacuums

Carpet sweepers are generally less noisy, which is a great feature to consider. They don’t make much noise if you compare them to vacuum cleaners; sweepers are quieter.


If you also compare the carpet sweepers to vacuum cleaners, they tend to come at a friendly price point. Considering how fancy and expensive vacuum cleaners are these days, an electronic sweeper is more low maintenance and inexpensive. 

Ready for Use

Anybody out there would quickly go for a cleaning tool that doesn’t require a lot of effort and time to start using it. With the carpet sweeper, they are made ready to use. 

All you have to do is pick it, switch it on, and do your thing! But that is for electric sweepers. 

You don’t have to stress about assembling it before using, or create a wardrobe just to store it. It’s small and low maintenance. We need to bring back simple to our lives! 

15 Best Carpet Sweepers: Ranking & Reviews

Whether you are looking for the best carpet sweeper for pet hair, or you want the best electric carpet sweeper, this list features them all!

01. Bissell Natural 92N0A Carpet and Floor Sweeper [Top Pick]

Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor...
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL...
  • Perfect for quick, quiet cleanups of everyday messes like crumbs, pet hair,...
  • Safe and effective multi-surface cleaning on carpets, rugs, and hard floors

We kick it off with this carpet sweeper from Bissell! If you have been buying home cleaning products, you must be conversant about this brand.

One of the top features of this best carpet and floor sweeper is that it comes with corner edges on the brushes. But that’s not the only thing that got our attention, of course!

This baby is very easy to assemble when you first unbox it. What makes it easy to set up is that most of them are half-assembled. That is why it took us less than 10 minutes to set up this cleaner!

The sweeper won’t take much of the space even with the extra corner edge brushes. So yes, you can get this little one for your small apartment.

It is also made of quality material, which makes it extra durable. If you own a furry buddy that sheds too much, this sweeper would be the perfect pick for you. It cleans pet hair and other furry dirt very well. Whether you want to clean hard floors or carpet, this beast will suck dirt and debris out perfectly!

Unfortunately, it might not be the best pick for cleaning tiles. Well, it will do a decent job, but not satisfying enough.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Does an amazing job on pet hair removal.
  • It runs quietly.
  • Cleans both carpet and hardwood floors.


  • Not the best pick for cleaning tiles.

02. Fuller Brush 17027 Electrostatic Carpet/Floor Sweeper

Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor...
  • CLEAN UP ANY MESS IN A JIFFY: Do you want to be able to clean any mess,...
  • PULLS DIRT, HAIR & DUST LIKE A MAGNET: Thanks to its intelligent,...
  • SMALL BUT MIGHTY: What makes this floor sweeper our customers’ favourite?...

This electrostatic floor and carpet sweeper from Fuller Brush qualifies among the best out there! According to most Fuller Brush sweeper reviews, it is the perfect definition of a sweeper that is simple yet effective.

If you are in search of a sweeper that can help you with a quick touch up around the house, this could be your perfect partner in crime! The sweeper allows you to clean the house quickly while assuring you of perfection.

What’s more, this baby is cordless. So, you won’t experience any cable tangling. Even when there is no electricity, Agent 17027 will eliminate the dirt and debris without any problem. 

Whether you want to clean dirt, dust, spills, or some glass pieces on the floor, this master will take care of that perfectly. And oh! It can also clean pet hair pretty well.

You can be sure of using this machine for a long time because it is built with an indestructible metal housing, along with a metal handle. Soft vinyl bumper helps to protect your furniture or other fragile surfaces.

It does run quietly, which is a feature most people consider in a carpet sweeper.


  • Sturdy construction for durability.
  • A vinyl bumper protects furniture and other fragile surfaces.
  • Compact and extremely portable.
  • Cleans tiles, low pile, carpet, and hard floors efficiently.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Cordless; no more dealing with tangling cables.


  • Not the perfect choice for cleaning large and heavy debris.

03. Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Carpet Sweeper

Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable...
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL...
  • Dirt cup capacity - 480 ml. Powerful Cordless Cleaning—powered brush...
  • Battery lasts for up to 60 minutes of powered cleaning

Here comes yet another unit from Bissell. This is also a cordless sweeper that doesn’t involve the annoying cables.

If you always have a tough time cleaning the hard-to-reach places around the house, this sweeper will solve that. Plus, the unit easily qualifies as one of if not the best rechargeable sweeper out there!

It features a powered brush that will clean any sort of surface, including hard floors, carpets, and area rugs. The sweeper is lightweight and very versatile. You can even use it to clean the daily dirt. Even if you use it daily, one thing you will be sure of is that your hands won’t get exhausted!

Being a cordless sweeper, this one runs on a rechargeable battery that can hold a full charge for up to 60 minutes! While this monster eliminates the dirt and debris around the house, the person on the other side won’t even hear it running. In other words, this unit runs quietly.

The dirt cup capacity is 480ml, which is decent enough for a small apartment. But if you have a clean house or you are using it for commercial cleaning, you might have to empty it several times.

We loved that emptying the dirt cup is a walk in the park. There is an adjustable metal handle, along with rubber wheels that glide easily on the floor.


  • Lightweight and versatile sweeper.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Cleans multi-surfaces.
  • Easy to store.
  • Easy to empty the dirt cup.


  • This sweeper doesn’t swivel.

04. Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max

Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max
  • Does not require expensive, messy bags
  • Low profile design makes clean up under furniture a snap
  • Its flat shape fits under tables, couches, and other hard to clean areas

This sweeper is made of durable plastic to serve you for a long time. For those who love a sweeper that swivels, here is one that would suit your preferences. The sweeper swivels 360 degrees, which offers you an easy time when maneuvering around the house!

It comes with brushes that spin at 4,000 RPM to get rid of every dirt and debris around the house. When it comes to the weight of the sweeper, this one beats most of the units out there and on this list too! It only weighs 2lbs.

Furthermore, the sweeper features an innovative Quad-Brush Technology, which has been designed to pick dirt on all four sides. In turn, you can be sure of a spotless cleanup. The low-profile design of this sweeper makes it a must-have if you want one that can clean under your furniture.

In case the brush is tangled with hair or other debris, you can easily remove the bristles to eliminate the tangles.


  • High-quality plastic construction.
  • It doesn’t require bags for dust storage.
  • Bristles are removable to get rid of tangles.
  • Cordless.
  • Low-profile design easily gets under furniture.
  • Quad-Brush technology cleans all four sides.


  • The instruction manual can be confusing to beginners.

05. Shark Ultra-Light Cordless V2950 Carpet Sweeper

Shark Ultra-Light Cordless 13-Inch...
  • Powerful motorized brush roll. Sweeps any size or type of debris.Number of...
  • Folding BACKSAVER handle. Allows for low profile reach under furniture and...
  • Ultra lightweight and swivel steering. Easy maneuverability on any surface.

This is another cordless unit that is also one of the best floor and carpet sweepers. It is super lightweight and compact, as well. If you live in a small apartment and you need a sweeper for your house, this would be a great pick for you!

The sweeper comes with a head that is around 13 inches, along with a long handle for easy operation. Being a cordless unit, you can easily move around the room with the sweeper. We also loved the maneuverability of this unit.

Plus, there is a two-speed brushing roll on this unit. If you consider this your best floor sweeper, we won’t judge. That is because most users have pointed out in shark cordless sweeper reviews that this unit cleans hard floors and carpets.

Other than that, there is a back saver folding wand, which allows you to clean under the furniture with ease.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Motorized two-speed brushing roll.
  • Folding wand allows you to clean under furniture with ease.
  • Decent size dust container.
  • Ideal for cleaning corners and edges.


  • Low battery life.

06. Rubbermaid Commercial FG421288BLA Carpet/Floor Sweeper

Rubbermaid Commercial Galvinized Steel Carpet...
  • Low-profile design provides access around and under furniture
  • Efficient 6-1/2" sweep path with bumper to protect furniture and walls
  • Easy-open debris pan for effortless cleaning

Now, here is the best commercial carpet sweeper on our list! Even though it is a commercial unit, this baby comes in a compact size. It covers a 6.5-inch sweep path that can fit perfectly into tight spots without any problem!

There are front and back bumpers on this unit, which will protect your furniture and other fragile surfaces as you move the sweeper around them. The reason for the bumpers is that the sweeper is made of strong and durable galvanized steel and ABS plastic.

Plus, this baby comes with a low-profile design that comfortably gets under furniture. When it comes to emptying the dustpan, you can do that effortlessly with the easy-open design. You can use this monster to clean both low-pile carpet and bare floors.

It also runs quietly and will glide easily on any surface, thanks to the soft-rubber wheels. We loved the non-marking rubber blades that will sweep dust, debris, and semi-liquid dirt. However, this one doesn’t come with brushes and may leave marks on your floor.


  • Compact and heavy-duty.
  • Brushless sweepers, which don’t mark floors.
  • Dual-action sweepers for versatility.
  • The low-profile design gets easily under furniture.
  • Cleans both bare floors and low-pile carpet.
  • Easy to use.
  • Runs quietly.


  • Doesn’t come with the best ‘suction power’.

07. Bissell Sweeper and Hand Vacuum

Bissell will always be a leading brand when it comes to cleaning supplies and equipment. This Bissell Sweeper is the perfect choice if you are looking for a unit to do a quick cleanup of your space!

The sweeper will easily clean hard floors, area rugs, and carpets without a problem. And yes, this one also comes with a soft bumper to keep your furniture and fragile surface safe.

It is a cordless, rechargeable floor sweeper that runs on a 14V Li-Ion battery. In other words, you can have a satisfying cleaning experience with this baby!

The motorized brush tool works along with the Li-ion battery to get rid of the embedded dirt and pet hair around the house.


  • Cordless sweeper.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Gets rid of any dirt.
  • Suitable for day to day quick cleanup.
  • Runs on a motorized brush.


  • Not the best pick for heavy-duty cleaning.

08. Swivel Cordless Carpet and Floor Sweeper

This cordless carpet and floor sweeper can keep a full charge for a maximum of 45 minutes! Another top feature of this machine is the base joint that allows you to clean under furniture effortlessly.

The portability of this unit is excellent, and you will find it easy to move around. Plus, this bad boy has a bristle that spins at a maximum of 4,000 RPM. There are also some corner brushes that allow you to do a better cleaning job.

Even when the dust tray is full, and you need to empty it, the process is a walk in the park. You won’t touch the dust or debris while doing it. All you have to do is press a button, and the tray will eject itself for emptying!


  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Brush spins at 4,000 RPM.
  • Comes with a motorized brush and other corner brushes.
  • It swivels at 360 degrees.
  • Easy to use.


  • The battery charger is medium quality.

09. Light ‘n’ Easy V9101 Ergonomic Carpet Sweeper

Rechargeable Electric Broom Cordless Floor...
  • Powerful Double Roller Brushes & Easy to Use - To make your work easier,...
  • Up to 40 minutes of cordless cleaning time - One fully charged for Light...
  • Magnetic Dust Container for Easy Dust Emptying - Take off dust container...

Here is a weapon to back you up! It is a cordless sweeper that will flip dirt automatically into the self-contained dirt chamber.

This one runs with a dynamic brush-roll action that is safe and very much effective. It can work on both medium and low pile carpet, as well as hard floors without a problem. Unfortunately, the sweeper is not the best choice for a high-pile carpet.

Either way, it is easy to use and can hold a full charge for up to 40 minutes. Besides that, this guy has a magnetic dust container that allows you to empty it with ease. The handle comes with a lock design to set it as you wish. In general, this sweeper is easy to use and very convenient.

The ergonomic handle design assures comfort as you use the product.


  • Cordless sweeper.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ergonomic handle design for extra comfort.
  • Easy to empty the dust container.
  • Decent warranty coverage.
  • Super lightweight at only 3lbs.


  • It might turn over when you’re using it.

10. Casabella Carpet Sweeper- Electrostatic Floor Cleaner

Casabella Floor & Carpet Sweeper Manual Non...
  • Carpet sweeper is lightweight and quiet - perfect for fast, easy cleanup...
  • Natural boar bristle brush picks up sand, pet hair, crumbs, glass etc. from...
  • Dual dustpans are easy to empty and tightly sealed to keep dirt from...

Casabella is lightweight and runs quietly. If you want a machine that does an impressive quick clean up job, this wouldn’t be a bad pick for you. Even when there is no power, this Lil Champ will clean up your house without any restriction!

The sweeper is cordless and comes with a natural boar bristle brush that picks up pet hair, sand, glass pieces, or any other debris from multiple surfaces. In other words, this sweeper can be used on hard floors, carpets, and area rugs.

This Casabella unit comes with two dustpans that allow you some extra time to clean before the need for emptying them. We loved the fact that dirt and debris are tightly sealed in the dustpans all along, until when you need to empty the pan.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Runs quietly.
  • It covers 11-inches with every sweep.
  • Perfect for quick touch-ups and smaller jobs.
  • Dual dust pans that are easy to empty.
  • Cordless.


  • Not ideal for tall users.

11. Bissell Commercial Push Power Sweeper

Bissell Commercial BG477 Push Power Sweeper -...
  • 31" wide13.2 gallon debris containerErgonomic Push Handle
  • Sweeps fine & course dirtSweeps wet & dry leavesSide rollers that make...
  • Belt free systemLight weight for easy use

The Bissell Push Power Sweeper can visit any warehouse and come out making the place shiny and dirt-free! It can pick up cardboard dust, dirt dust, pallet debris, shrink wrap, leaves, small gravel- name it.

Customers can’t stop talking about how well this sweeper has worked for them. Only sweepers with high power can clean warehouses, which is mostly where this sweeper is used. If you’re looking for the best push sweeper, this is your mate! 

With a warranty of 2 years, this machine can be used on both carpet and floor, and it can clean along the walls as well. No assembly required! 

The debris container is 13.2 gallons and 31 inches wide. The push handle is ergonomic, plus the entire machine is lightweight, weighing only 32.5 pounds!

It is belt-free, easy to store, and the roller brush is made of fiberglass, which means it won’t deteriorate, mildew, or rot over time. Other properties of fiberglass include high thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption, and high dielectric strength. 

The lubricant spray is a bonus!


  • Lightweight for convenience. 
  • Fiberglass roller brush.
  • Ergonomic push handle.
  • You can sweep along the walls.
  • Sweeps wet and dry mess.


  • Needs to be handled with care.

12. Bissell Rechargeable Cordless Electric Sweeper

Bissell Commercial BG9100NM Rechargeable...
  • Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Manufacturer: BISSELL COMMERCIAL

Many people want a cordless sweeper so that they don’t have to drag the cord around all over the house. Cordless lovers, Bissell has something to offer you!

No more using brooms. The cordless electric sweeper is lightweight and powerful! The battery is removable, so you can recharge for the next time. If you have pets at home that like to chew on AC adapter cords, you will be glad to have the removable battery!

You only have to charge the sweeper once in two or three weeks, which is not so bad! This baby is so versatile, you can use it a couple of times a day to clean a house or a restaurant!   

However, you should be serious about keeping it clean and re-usable for the next rounds. You must clean the trash after every use since the bin is quite small. Removing the beater bar is easy, but be careful when you’re putting it back on if you don’t want to break the plastic lock!

It’s always best to read the instruction manual before you start working with this machine, or any machine. The roller brush and the wheels in the package make cleaning easy due to laser-balancing. Besides, the teeth on the vacuum belt prevent slippage of all kinds!


  • Suitable for quick cleanups.
  • It contains a rechargeable battery.
  • It can prevent slippage.
  • Weighs only 3.9 pounds.
  • It can be wall mounted for storage.


  • Needs frequent recharging.
  • Be gentle while holding the handle.

13. Karcher 12’’ Cordless Electric Sweeper

EB 30/1 12" Cordless Broom
  • Karcher 1.545-121.0 Eb 30/1 Cordless Electric Sweeper 12?

This best electric sweeper will do all the cleaning for you, except getting you your morning coffee! We can’t expect anything less from a commercial-duty cordless electric sweeper after all! 

The manufacturers recommend using this ultimate sweeper in restaurants, theatres, stores, hotels, schools and offices for quick cleaning without disturbing customers, employees and students. Talk about efficiency!

The dustpan is quite large to hold a lot of dirt before emptying. The maximum runtime for this baby is approximately 45 minutes on a hard surface before needing to charge again. The runtime is 30 minutes on carpet. 

Hear more! The wheels are large and non-marking with a ‘soft grip’ feature, and the bumpers have been devised for protecting your floors. The battery comes in NiCd but it can be upgraded to Li-on.


  • 30 minutes runtime. 
  • Removable roller brush. 
  • Commercial-duty sweeper. 
  • The handle has a lock. 
  • Includes a battery and charger.


  • May need more suction power.  

14. Sanitaire Deluxe Carpet/Floor Sweeper

Sanitaire SC430A Deluxe Carpet/Floor Sweeper...
  • Simply, quickly and quietly cleans any surface
  • Manual design does not require power plug or electricity to operate
  • Collapsible handle tilts flat to reach under furniture

Are you bored of electric sweepers? Want to switch back to traditional carpet/floor cleaners? 

Sanitaire Deluxe Carpet/Floor Sweeper is one of the best manual sweepers for hardwood floors. To begin, there’s an adjustable nap dial to adjust the sweeper according to the height of the carpet. 

Emptying the dust collectors is super easy with this device. Old is gold after all! 

However, the device may not be able to clean anything over an inch. It works fine with small dirt like crumbs, dust, lint and hair. 

Not only will this sweeper remind you of the good old days, but it is also lightweight enough to make you forget about ever using heavy vacuum hoses again!


  • It doesn’t require power supply to run. 
  • It can tilt flat to clean under furniture. 
  • Cleans quickly and quietly. 
  • Debris tray is removable. 
  • It can clean all floor types. 


  • May not pick up cat litter. 

15. Karcher KB5 Cordless Sweeper

Karcher KB5 Cordless Sweeper, Yellow
  • Auto-start system powers on when handle is pulled
  • Rechargeable, lithium-ion battery provides cordless freedom
  • Easy-to-clean brush roll, and easy empty dirt cup

With a warranty of 1 year, Karcher brings you a cordless, roller sweeper that weighs only 2.6 pounds. Its light weight makes sweeping easy, but that’s not all of course! 

When  you pull the handle, you can start the auto-start system that swivels the steering for effective maneuvering. You can clean the stairs and under furniture quite easily with its edge-to-edge cleaning tactics.

The brush roll rotates and is 8 inches, allowing cleanup of pet hair and stubborn mess in minutes! The construction is simple and petite, so you can store it anywhere in the house without taking much space. 

The product has a runtime of 30 minutes, and needs recharging for at least 3 hours before operating fulltime. But don’t get upset here! Cleaning the debris canister is so simple that your hands don’t have to come in contact with the dirt. See, there are lots of benefits! 


  • Compressed design. 
  • Recharges with lithium-ion battery. 
  • Easy-to-clean dirt cup and brush roll.
  • Suitable for everyday cleaning.  


  • The suction power may not be up to par. 
  • Needs to be handled with care. 

Features to Consider before Buying

When choosing a carpet/floor sweeper, you must be sure that you choose the best. But how do you go about it? Well, here are the things we considered when listing our top 10 products:

Manual or Electric?

The first thing we wanted to know was whether the sweeper was electric or manual. A manual sweeper will require some effort when working with it. You will need to push it like a normal broom. 

On the other hand, an electric sweeper features a motorized brush roll that picks the dirt and debris as you glide it across the floor. Try Shark Ultra-Light Cordless V2950 Carpet Sweeper and Bissell Sweeper and Hand Vacuum.

An electric sweeper can be corded or cordless, make sure you choose wisely. The best rechargeable carpet sweeper must have reliable battery life.

Cordless sweeper recommendation:

Sweeper with a long battery life:

Size and Construction

You must consider the size and build of the sweeper before you buy it. How big do you want it to be? Choose one that is big enough as you need it. 

Lightweight sweeper recommendation:

If you live in a compact apartment, go for a small sweeper. But if you want a commercial unit, make sure it is big enough. It must also be designed with highly durable material.

Special Features and Accessories

Never fail to check what the sweeper has in terms of the features and accessories. These help to enhance the functionality of the sweeper and also enhance the comfort level. Just make sure the sweeper has the features and accessories that you need.

Dual-action sweeper: Rubbermaid Commercial FG421288BLA Carpet/Floor Sweeper
Swiveling sweeper: Swivel Cordless Carpet and Floor Sweeper

Easy Usage

Above all, the sweeper must be easy to use. Or else, you would rather stick to the old-fashioned manual broom.

Sweeper with easy usage:

Noise Level

Don’t forget to consider the noise level. You don’t want a noisy sweeper that hampers daily activities. So we suggest that you check out the Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Carpet Sweeper and the Rubbermaid Commercial FG421288BLA Carpet/Floor Sweeper.

Long Warranty

It’s a matter of convenience if you can buy a sweeper that has a long warranty. It’s a commitment and you plan to cherish it long-term after all! So our recommendation is Bissell Commercial Push Power Sweeper that comes with a 2-year warranty.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now the part where we answer all the extra questions! 

01. How Often Should I Use the Carpet Sweeper? 

The frequency of using the sweeper depends on whether the floor is dirty or not. You can use it as many times as you want, as long as the floor needs some quick cleanup.

Usually, we should clean all surfaces once daily. However, if you are cleaning the floors of a school, restaurant, airline, hotel, office or warehouse- sometimes you have to clean more than once. Once in the morning and once at night. 

02. Can I Use the Sweeper for Pet Hair?

Yes, it is possible to use the sweeper to clean pet hair. However, you must ensure that it has been designed to do so. Although most sweepers are capable of cleaning minute dirt particles like pet hair, you should still make sure. 

Sweepers with heavy power can clean practically anything! So if you purchase a product with that ability, you should not have to worry about pet hair lying around. 

For removing pet hair, we suggest  Bissell Natural 92N0A Carpet and Floor Sweeper.

03. Is Sweeping Better than Vacuuming?

Not necessarily. Sweeping is the best option for cleaning up tiny scraps and messes. However, vacuuming is the best for deep cleaning. You can sweep daily but vacuum once or twice a month.

If you want details about the differences between a sweeper and a vacuum cleaner, scroll up and you’ll find a section dedicated to just that!

04. Should I Use the Sweeper to Clean a Wet Surface?

It is not advised to use the sweeper for cleaning wet surfaces. However, they can perfectly handle slight spills on the floor. Make sure you follow the user guide properly. 

05. Which is the Best Commercial Carpet Sweeper?

Any carpet sweeper that can handle heavy-duty cleaning and has a sizable dust container can be used for commercial applications. Our recommendations are :

Final Words

So there you go. Now you have a clue of the best carpet sweepers that may be sitting in some stores waiting for you.  

Which one will you be choosing? Regardless of the carpet sweeper, you decide to go with, make sure that you follow the buyer’s guide and read the user reviews as well.

Other than that, we have pretty much said everything else!

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