11 Best Miele Vacuum Cleaner Reviews & Buying Guide in 2020

Does the thought of Spring Cleaning make you anxious? Are you worried about the dust that you’re gonna accumulate after you’ve started?

Well, it’s time to invest in the best Miele vacuum because they have some of the best ones on the market!

Miele products are pretty well known by anyone who has researched online about vacuum cleaners. They’re lightweight, efficient, and great for the environment. From canister vacuums to upright, this brand never lacks in quality and performance.

Still hesitant about getting one? Read further to get some Miele vacuum reviews to truly understand what you’re getting with the purchase!

Why Should You Get a Miele?

Miele’s vacuum cleaners are premium and high end, which is the reason behind their prices. However, they make sure that their products not only get the job done but do it better than you’d ever expect.

Their best features are included in almost all the products, no matter what the price. This ensures that the performance is consistently excellent and does not disappoint customers who are trying about their cheaper vacuum cleaners.

From the filters to the sound, Miele makes sure that cleaning with their vacuum cleaner does not cause any health or environmental problems. These thoughtful attention-to-details leave the customers satisfied and make using a Miele product a wholesome experience.

Top 11 Best Miele Vacuum Reviews

Still hesitant about which one to get? Then, without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of the best Miele vacuum cleaners!

01. Miele Complete C3 Brilliant 

Miele Complete C3 Brilliant Canister HEPA...
  • Bundles Includes - Miele's AH50 GN Performance Pack - Comes With 16 Genuine...
  • Lightweight, Quiet and Powerful Thanks to Miele's Amazing 1200-Watt Vortex...
  • Comes with Miele SEB-236 Powerhead - Great For deep cleaning and restoring...

The Miele C3 vacuums are certainly some of their best Miele canister vacuums, and better than most other canister vacuum cleaners on the market. The C3 Brilliant is one of their top ones and a little pricier. However, it’s definitely worth it!

The C3 Brilliant has Miele’s amazing 1200 Watt Vortex Motor that enhances it’s suction and airflow, producing one of the best performing vacuum cleaners on the market. It has 6 modes, also like all of the other Miele vacuums, which you can choose from the illuminated control panel.

You can choose from low to high vacuum modes, so you can use it over delicate curtains and low pile carpets without damaging them. Similarly, you can also switch to the high pile carpet mode and hard flooring where its strong suction vacuums any and all dust and debris.

The Miele C3 Brilliant Canister Vacuum is great not only for hard floors but all kinds of carpet floorings as well. Since it is compatible with Miele’s Electrobrushes, it comes with both, the XL Piquet Twister, ideal for hard floors, and the Altech Combination Floorhead that is used over carpeting.

The Miele C3 Brilliant comes with a 4.5-liter filter bag and an LED light on its floorhead. It also comes with the regular Miele tools, stored right in the canister; the crevice tool, upholstery brush, and the dusting tool. These really help you get in the nook and crannies of your house!


  • It works on both carpets and hard floors.
  • It has an auto sealing filtration bag.
  • It has an LED light on its floorhead.
  • It is compatible with the Electrobrushes.
  • It’s a powerful device.
  • It has 6 different modes to choose from.


  • It’s expensive.

Why We Recommend It:

The Miele C3 Brilliant Complete Set may sound over the top expensive, but the items you get with it will have you set for 2 years at least without worrying about the maintenance cost. It’s built to last long, and for that kind of a deal, it’s a pretty worthy investment.

02. Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog

The Miele Dynamic U1 is an amazing upright vacuum cleaner series that has taken over the market. All four of the vacuum cleaners in this line have identical fundamental features, such as the modes and suction power.

Each of these does, however, have an added feature that allows them to perform well with a specific task. Similarly, the Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog is made especially to remove pesky pet hair.

It comes with four modes of suction power that works on different surfaces, such as hardwood floor, deep and high pile carpets, and even curtains. 

The suction power on this beauty is powered by a 1200 Watt from a vortex motor. It also fits a 5.45 QT filter bag that fit in all the other vacuums in the Dynamic U1 line. 

Though it doesn’t come with a HEPA filter with the purchase, you’ll be able to buy them for the U1 Cat & Dog if you require so. It also has a LED headlight that’s useful to spot debris in darker corners.

Like all Miele vacuum cleaners, this also comes with the regular set of the crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. These work really well in helping you clean out the nooks and crooks in your house.

However, the U1 Cat & Dog is the only one in the series that comes with the hand turbo brush. This an extremely useful tool that you can use over fabrics and carpets. This suction powered hand tool with a brush roll agitates the pet hair embedded on these surfaces and suck them up. 

It’s also a pretty heavy device, weighing about 20 pounds, but that also means it’s extremely powerful. Since it attaches to different tools, you can still get into small and tight places while taking advantage of its suction strength.


  • It’s powerful.
  • It comes with the hand turbo brush which cleans pet hair.
  • It comes with a 5.45 QT filter bag.
  • It is an upright vacuum with added accessories to make it versatile.
  • It has a swivel neck feature.
  • It has a low profile


  • It’s heavy.
  • It’s expensive.

Why We Recommend It:

If you like upright vacuums and don’t mind the weight as long as it works smoothly, the Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog is the ideal choice for you. It’s powerful, versatile, and has a great range that lets you clean up every corner of the house!

03. Miele C2 Electro Plus

Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Marine Blue...
  • Air clean sealed system. Nominal power consumption in W : 1,100
  • 6 stage variable speed Miele Made Vortex silence motor
  • HEPA air clean filter. Filterbag volume in Liter: 3.5. Seb228 Electro+

The Miele Electro Plus from their C2 series is an extremely popular vacuum cleaner. Powered by the Vortex Motor made by Miela themselves, it’s ideal for deep cleaning carpets. In fact, it’s one of the best Miele vacuums for carpets!

Despite its price, the Miele Electro Plus is certainly worth its cost. In fact, as a full-featured vacuum cleaner, it’s actually quite cheap!

It comes with a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a soft dusting brush. These are great for getting right into the corners, cleaning over fabrics, and dusting small objects. These extensions can be kept right on the body of the canister vacuum.

There’s also a hose and extendable want which gives you a good range to work with. These accessories attach easily to the host and extension tool. With a dial to control suction levels, you can adjust it to clean over different types of materials.

The electric cord is stored in the body of the vacuum cleaner itself. It extends up to 20 whole feet and recoils automatically at the push of a button on the bottom of the machine. The device is also exceptionally quiet, like most other Miele vacuums, no matter which setting you use it in.

The machine also used HEPA filters with the Miele AirClean System which seals automatically as soon as you open the back door. This prevents the dust from leaving the bag, making it safe for people with allergies too.

Additional to the bags, there are a couple of other filters that really make the Miele Electro Plus safe and hassle-free for use.


  • It uses HEPA filters.
  • It has a 20 feet long power cord.
  • It stores the accessories on its body.
  • It uses the Miele AirClean System.
  • The vacuum glides over floors easily.
  • It’s extremely powerful.


  • It’s expensive.
  • It may overheat.

Why We Recommend It:

The Miele C2 Electro Plus is definitely pricey, but it’s performance and quality easily makes up for it. It will easily last a year with proper use, and we assure you, it’s a great investment!

04. Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline 

Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Bagged...
  • FilterBag volume - 6 litres. 1, 200-W Miele-Made Vortex Motor, providing...
  • Made in Germany, the Dynamic U1 Power Line is tested for up to 20 year’s...
  • Maximum air filtration with an Air Clean Sealed System and HEPA Air Clean...

No Miele upright vacuum reviews can deny that Dynamic U1 Powerline is a beast!

Its sheer size can give you an idea of exactly how powerful this upright vacuum cleaner it. Don’t worry about how you’re gonna carry it though, because its vacuuming weight is only about 4 pounds.

The Miele U1’s swivel neck feature really makes it easy for you to maneuver it, despite its size. It’s smooth and adaptable, so you can use it at ease. It also has a low profile and can lean back almost fully, which lets you clean under your furniture without getting the extra tools out!

This device comes with 6 modes, and while it’s got a strong suction, these modes allow you to control it so you can clean over delicate surfaces too, such as curtains and soft rugs. 

The hose is particularly useful on the U1 Powerline. It’s convenient to take out and use it to pick larger debris, especially over hard floors. This hose fits the attachments and tools that come with it, allowing you to clean not just your floors and carpets but your stairs and furniture too!

The crevice tool, upholstery tool, and brush tool are stored in the back of the vacuum cleaner. These attach to the hose and lets you get the dirt out of the smallest spaces. The length of the hose, along with the 39 feet long electric cord is quite impressive. This allows you to clean around the house easily.


  • It’s quiet.
  • It has a large working radius.
  • It’s powered by the 1200 Watt Vortex Motor.
  • It’s a bagged vacuum.
  • It’s easy to maneuver despite its weight.
  • It works over both carpets and hard floors.
  • It has more than 4 modes.
  • It uses Air Clean Sealed System and HEPA Air Clean Filter.


  • It’s not effective over pet hair.

Why We Recommend It:

Despite its weight and size, the Powerline is extremely convenient and does its job amazingly. It’s the ultimate versatile vacuum cleaner that works impressively over both carpets and hardwood floors, but it also delicate enough over curtains.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, strong, and easy-to-use upright vacuum cleaner, the Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline is just the one for you!

05. Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team

Miele Turbo Team Canister Vacuum, Obsidian...
  • High suction power – 1,200 W
  • Reliably removes pet hair and lint with turbo brush.
  • Adjustable working height – Stainless steel telescopic tube

From these Miele canister vacuum reviews, the Miele Compact C21 Turbo Team is one of their older canister vacuum cleaners. It’s lightweight, while also maintaining a 1200 Watt motor for a high suction power!

It comes with two attachments. The pure suction floor tool is amazing for any type of hard floorings, protecting softwood floors but also efficient of tiles and stone floors. It also comes with the Air Turbo Head which is specially designed for area rugs and low pile carpets. 

It’s delicate and works impressively over if your house isn’t fully carpeted. Besides these attachments, it also comes with three extra tools that are stored right in the canister. They are the crevice, upholstery, and brush tool and they allow you to get into smaller corners and a tight spot in your house leaving it absolutely dust-free!

This device has six suction settings that you can switch to using the dial, moving from low to high power. It even has a low sound mode!

The filters are completely sealed by the body, and you can even upgrade to a HEPA filter which it is compatible with.


  • It’s compatible with a HEPA filter.
  • It can be switched to low power modes for delicate materials.
  • It’s compact.
  • It has a 1200 Watt Motor.
  • It uses sealed filtration bags
  • It works over low pile carpets.


  • It does not work over high or medium pile carpeting.
  • It’s an old model.

Why We Recommend It:

The Compact C1 Turbo Team, though an old model, is still one the best vacuum cleaners you’ll come across. For a house with a few area rugs, this is the perfect vacuum for you!

06. Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog may sound like it’s only ideal for pet owners, but wait till you hear how great it works around the house!

Powered by Miele’s signature 1200 Watt Vortex Motor, it falls in the intermediary price level among the C3 lineup. The rotary dial from the C2 series is replaced by an illuminated panel that lets you select the mode you want to use.

Like almost all of Miele’s products, the C3 Cat & Dog comes with a 4.5-liter filter bag, that indicates when full. It also has the electric cord attached to its base that can be recoiled automatically with the press of a button. Leave all your worries about tangles and tears behind!

The C3 vacuums have a total of 36-foot radius for cleaning, an extra 4 feet compared the to C2 series vacuums.

Despite powerful suction, one of Miele’s most impressive features is its silence mode which is. The C3 Cat & Dog is also compatible with Miele’s electric attachments.

Besides Miele’s usual upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush, which a stored inside a hidden compartment in the canister, the C3 comes with other attachments. It includes the Parquet Twister, which rotates 180 degrees making it easy to maneuver into corners and tight spots.

It also comes with the STB101 Mini Turbo Brush, the best attachment to pick up hair and fur, leaving surfaces absolutely clean!


  • It picks up hair and fur effortlessly.
  • It is a bagged vacuum.
  • It uses an AirClean Sealed System.
  • It comes with the Mini Turbobrush.
  • It has a 36 feet radius.
  • It’s electric cord recoils automatically.
  • It has a 4.5-liter filter bag


  • It does not have the Park System Auto Shut Off.
  • It does not have an indicator to change the filter.

Why We Recommend It:

Besides being the best Miele vacuum for pet hair, this is also a great vacuum cleaner to get rid of any debris, including stray hair. It’s one of the best canister vacuum cleaners that you can own and comes with the best tools. You’ll experience every bit of Miele’s premium-ness when using with the device!

07. Miele Complete C2 Hardwood Floor

Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum...
  • 1,200 watt Miele-made Vortex Motor | Gentle on sensitive hard floors - soft...
  • 6-setting suction control via Rotary Dial | Exclusive Miele AirClean Sealed...
  • Electronic suction power setting: 6-stage rotary selector | Ergonomic...

The Miele Complete C2 Hardwood Floor is an air-driven model, ensuring that there are no electrical components in the in its hose or the attachments that come with it. It’s no doubt that it’s the best Miele vacuum for hardwood floors.

It’s not a secret that vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors are difficult to find. One of the major problems we face is “snowplowing”, which is when you end up pushing the debris instead of suctioning it in. 

This is usually was happens when the debris is too large and cannot fit under the vacuum head.

The Miele Complete C2 canister vacuum comes with the brand’s best hardwood floor attachment, the Parquet Twister in the XL size. This works amazingly over even your sensitive hard floors, making sure to not damage it. 

It’s designed to pick up larger debris without snow plowing, with the vacuum head being able to fit larger ones under it.

But that’s not all!

Even though it’s specialized for hardwood floors, the Miele Complete C2 can also vacuum over low pile carpet floors as well. This is due to the Dual Function Head tool that comes with the device that allows is to clean over surfaces other than hardwood floors!


  • It does not cause snow plowing.
  • It works over low pile carpets as well.
  • It’s powerful.
  • It uses the AirClean Filtration System.
  • The filtration can be upgraded to HEPA filters.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It has a 29.5 feet cleaning radius.


  • It cannot be used over large carpets.
  • It comes with a short hose.

Why We Recommend It:

The Miele Complete C2 for hardwood floors is one of their bests. Specifically made for hard floorings, their performance over low pile carpets is impressive too. 

We know how difficult it is to find hardwood floor vacuums that give you sufficient results, so we have brought you one that beats all expectations!

08. Miele Complete C3 Calima

From these Miele vacuum cleaner reviews, the Miele C3 Calima is one the lowest priced in the C3 series lineup, though it’s suction power and airflow is in no way altered. With the power of Miele’s signature 1200 Watt Vortex Motor, it’s difficult to beat the Miele C3 Calima.

This device comes with the regulars, a crevice, upholstery, and brush tool, that are stored in the hidden compartment in the canister. This also comes with the Parquet Twister Floorhead which works impressively over hard floors.

Though the C3 Calima has an electric socket, it doesn’t come with an electric tube and hose, which you’d need to upgrade to the Electrobrushes. So, it only comes with the attachments that are suction based and compatible.

Like all the other C3 vacuums, this one has also upgraded to the illuminated control panel from the rotary dial that was in the C2. Choose from six different modes for vacuuming, which include the silent mode, the low pile carpet mode, and the upholstery mode.

It also uses the 4.5-liter filter bag, that can simply be removed instead of having to be emptied. With the automatic sealing system, Miele really put in the effort to make sure that the dust you clean up doesn’t cause any harm, especially to people who are allergic.


  • It’s a bagged vacuum cleaner.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s the cheapest vacuum from the Miele C3 line.
  • It uses the standard 1200 Watt Vortex Motor.
  • It comes with the Parquet Twister for hard floors.
  • It has a silent mode.
  • It indicates with the filter bag is full.


  • It requires extra attachments for the Electrobrushes.

Why We Recommend It:

The Miele Complete C3 Calima, in its bright canary yellow color, changes the game. It’s great for hard floorings and even low pile carpets. Get yourself one now and make vacuuming a breeze!

09. Miele Complete C3 Marin 

Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister HEPA...
  • Bundles Includes - Miele's AH50 GN Performance Pack - Comes With 16 Genuine...
  • Lightweight, Quiet and Powerful Thanks to Miele's Amazing 1200-Watt Vortex...
  • AirClean Sealed System Construction, Perfect for any Allergy or Asthma...

The Miele Complete C3 Marin is a full-function canister vacuum cleaner that is one of the best canister vacuum cleaners you’re likely to have ever come across.

With Miele’s 1200 Watt Vortex Motor, this vacuum cleaner is able to have powerful suction and good airflow that allows you to clean your home efficiently. The crevice, upholstery, and brush tool allows you to get in the nooks and crooks.

A compartment in the body of the vacuum cleaner allows you to store them there so you can simply take them out and use it whenever you need and don’t risk losing them!

There are 6 modes in the C3 Marin, including a silent mode, from a noise optimized motor and an insulated sound system. It also has a 36 feet radius like all the other C3 models and comes with the foot pedal that allows you to recoil the electric cord automatically.

It comes with the electric tube which allows you to attach Miele’s electric attachments to the socket making them compatible. It comes with the Parquet Twister forehead that is ideal for hard floors!

The C2 Marin also comes with the Park System with the automatic shut off feature too!


  • It has a 36 feet radius.
  • It has a Park System with Auto Shut Off.
  • It is a bagged vacuum cleaner.
  • It has an automatic sealing bags.
  • It has a filter change indicator.
  • It has LED lights.
  • It has an auto recoil for the electric cord.
  • It’s lightweight.


  • It’s difficult to maintain.

Why We Recommend It:

The C3 Marin is one of the more intermediary priced vacuum cleaners in the C2 lineup but performs extremely well. It is great for hardwood floors too thanks to the attachments!

10. Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team

Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team Bagged Canister...
  • This powerful but quiet Miele bagged canister vacuum has a turbo brush...
  • This lightweight and nimble Miele vacuum offers maximum maneuverability...
  • Miele’s unique AirClean System ensures maximum filtration consisting of a...

The Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team does not attach to any electrical components and only works with the suction powered attachment heads. However, it’s 1200 Watt Motor is strong enough to maintain Miele’s standard, when it comes to its performance. It’s definitely the best Miele vacuum for wood floors!

It comes with the Parquet Floorhead which allows you to pick up even large debris without snow plowing. It’s ideal for hard floorings, where it delicately works over softwood without leaving scratches but also vacuums efficiently over hard floorings such a tile and stones.

The filtration system is also Miele’s standard Air Clean System, which makes this device a bagged vacuum cleaner. This, along with its auto sealing system, ensures that the dust you vacuum does not end up causing harm to your health when using or emptying the vacuum.

The crevice, upholstery, and brush tools come on board with the vacuum cleaner and can be stored right in the canister. Carry it around and switch whenever you need and don’t worry about losing those parts!

There’s also a carpeting attachment that comes with the Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team canister vacuum cleaner. It’s called the Turbo Brush Floorhead which works pretty impressively and carefully over low pile carpets and area rugs. 

It’s great if you a little bit of carpeting in your house, or want to treat your rugs to a vacuum without damaging them!


  • It cleans low pile carpets.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It works well over hard floors.
  • It has a 4.5-liter filter bag.
  • It has an auto sealing system.
  • It’s powered by 1200 Watt Vortex Motor.


  • It does not work on high pile carpets.
  • It does not work with the Electro brushes.

Why We Recommend It:

The Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team is an amazing vacuum cleaner. Its performance is highly impressive and it’s a great vacuum cleaner for apartments and houses with low carpeted floors!

11. Miele Grey Classic C1

Miele, Graphite Grey Classic C1 Pure Suction...
  • This powerful but quiet German-engineered bagged canister vacuum has a...
  • This lightweight and nimble Miele vacuum offers maximum maneuverability...
  • Miele’s unique AirClean System ensures maximum filtration consisting of a...

The Miele Grey Classic C1 is one of the best canister vacuum cleaners on the market. German-engineered and tested, it’s performance sets a standard that’s difficult to meet for its competitors.

The Classic C1 comes with a variety of attachments. This includes a 5-foot hose and an extension hose which starts from 1.5 feet and extends up to 3 feet. There are also attachments that come with it, like the floor brush and multi-surface tool, as well as the upholstery tool, crevice tool, and the dusting brush.

All these additions are extremely useful and practical when it comes to cleaning your house. They make sure you’re able to use one vacuum over different kinds of surfaces, making this a pretty effective vacuum cleaner.

The dusting brush is particularly amazing for cleaning over showpieces and other small objects over your tables. The upholstery brush is a must to keep your sofas and chairs neat and tidy, getting rid of the dust that settles on the surfaces. And, of course, the crevice tool is super handy for corners and tight spaces

While the multi-surface tool works great over both the carpets and hard floorings, the floor brush is what stands out!

It’s extremely effective over hardwood floors, which we all know is a rarity. It’s designed to pick up not only small debris but also larger ones which are usually pushed away instead of getting sucked up in most other vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum cleaner comes with an 18 feet long electric cord attached to its base, and can actually be stored right in it. It can also be retracted with the press of a button. No more fretting over coiling and tangles!


  • It comes with various accessories.
  • It has an 18 feet long cord.
  • The cord is retracted and stored in the vacuum cleaner itself.
  • It’s compact and easy to store.
  • It’s powerful.
  • It comes with the Miele AirClean System.
  • It’s easy to move.
  • It comes with a 7-year warranty.


  • It can be a little complicated to use.

Why We Recommend It:

Though one of Miele’s more basic vacuum cleaners, the Miele Grey Classic C1 is certainly one of the best vacuum cleaners out there and definitely tops the list of canister vacuum cleaners. 

It’s highly recommended to anyone looking for a simple vacuum cleaner that does the job!

Buying Guide

Miele’s Vacuum Cleaners all come in different ranges with different extra features. You’ll get their standard vacuum cleaner, but each model will differ in the brushes and filters that come with it.

The basic Miele vacuum in itself will give you all the benefits you may need from a vacuum cleaner but the extra tool really amps up the experience, giving you the best results in whichever way you use it!

In any case, we’ve prepared a short guide to help you pick the one you need for your home!


It’s not a secret that Miele’s products are among the more expensive vacuum cleaners on the market. However, even their cheapest product performs better than some of the best vacuums of other brands, which is saying something.

They provide you with state-of-the-art motor and a body made of sturdy material which boosts the costs. However, at the end of the day, this makes their performance far better than the others’


Miele’s warranties run longer than other vacuum cleaners on the market. In fact, they actually last almost twice as long. The higher price you pay, the longer their warranty, such as the Miele Grey Classic C1 which has a warranty of 7 years!

This shows that you’re not only investing in the device when you buy a Miele product, but also the overall experience with the brand. Any problem you face, they’ll over you a replacement, so there’s no room for dissatisfaction.

Electro Brush Compatibility:

While all of Miele’s canister vacuums have an electric socket, that’s not enough to use the Electrobrush on the devices. You’ll need an extra electric hose and rod that makes them compatible with an Electrobrush.

These brushes are usually for high pile and full-floor carpeting, so not everyone requires it. In fact, like the Miele Complete C3 Calima and the Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team, which are not compatible with Electrobrushes, work pretty well over low pile carpets and area rugs!

So, if your house doesn’t have a high pile and full-floor carpeting, you can skip investing in Electrobrushes, but otherwise, it’s wiser to get them.

There’s also a handheld Turbo brush which is specially designed for vacuuming pet and stray hair. It performs beyond anyone’s expectations and is a great investment as well!


Most of Miele’s vacuum cleaners are lightweight. If not, they are specifically designed so that you don’t actually have to carry the full weight when you’re cleaning. Most of their canister vacuums are extremely easy to carry around, and even then, you usually leave the actual canister on the floor when your cleaning.

Even their 20 pound Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline and Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog have been designed so that maneuvering and using them is extremely convenient despite their weights.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you still left with questions on the Miele products? Scroll down for some frequently asked questions that we’ve answered for you!

01. Are Miele vacuums worth it?


What Miele vacuums charge you this high for it because their products are made from the higher end and premium features. From the 1200 Watt Vortex Motor, the 4.5-liter filter bags to the indicators, and even the tools, Miele provides you with the latest technology.

In the long run, because Miele vacuum cleaners last for years, it’s a great investment!

02. Are Miele products better than Dyson?

When it comes to sturdiness and material quality, Miele is definitely the superior vacuum cleaner producer. However, their price ranges are vastly different as well, so that would explain the distinctions.

03. Why are Miele products considered to be the best?

Miele doesn’t sell just vacuum cleaners. They sell a complete experience. From the high-end technology and research invested in the products to the customer service, consumers who buy them are bound to be left impressed and satisfied.

04. How do I choose a Miele vacuum?

Most of the vacuum cleaners by Miele differ because of the brushes they come with. If all depends on your home.

If you have pets, Miele’s Cat & Dog collection, like the Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog and the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog comes with the handheld Turbo brush which works impressively over pet hair!

If your floors are mostly carpeted, then the Miele Complete C3 Brilliant is ideal for you!

If you have just a little bit of low pile carpeting and area rugs, you can simply get a Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team!

In Conclusion

From these Miele Vacuum Reviews, It’s undeniable that the Miele Vacuum cleaners are definitely worth their weight in gold.

Their high prices indicate that they do everything possible by their research and development teams to come up with the best products. The ensure that whatever you invest in their vacuums are worth it, so you’re not left with any regrets.

Their thoughtfulness and attention to detail ensure that no customers are left unsatisfied. So what are you waiting for? Invest in the Best Miele Vacuum now!

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