Reviews on the Best Portable Carpet Cleaners: Say Goodbye to Dirt!

Having a home with a carpeted floor is a luxury to have! Maintaining them is where the hard work comes in. 

Starting from the stains to stink that comes with it, is a hassle to even think about! 

Carrying a large traditional vacuum to clean up all the stains and dirt they leave behind is not always practical. That is where portable carpet cleaners come in handy. They are easy to carry and more convenient for hourly use. 

Our portable carpet cleaner reviews talk about the best picks in the market and ranks them in order. 

Keep scrolling to choose the best one for you!

Our top picks:

Why A Portable Carpet Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is great for taking out all the dirt from every corner of your house. But, does it work well on tough-to-remove stains?

We bet not! 

That is where the best portable carpet cleaners come in handy. They target specific areas to clean out the stubborn stains. 

Moreover, it removes all the dirt and spots on the entire carpet and upholstery with ease. 

Portable means they are usually light and can be easily moved around. This gives it an edge over traditional vacuum cleaners. 


Stains don’t occur in the entire house but in smaller areas. To drag around a bulky cleaner all the way to clean up small spots does not sound too practical, does it? That is why the portable cleaners are the best for this job. 

They not only clean the area, they get rid of the stains for good! 

Know the Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

Yes, there’s more than one. Before choosing one type, it’s important to know and understand how each of them work. 

Wet Cleaning:

No brownie points for what this means. It’s the traditional method: use some soap and water to clean up all the grime from the carpets.

This method is also done with hot water, which is known as hot water extraction. It’s the same thing really. The only difference is using hot water instead of cold and picking up more bacteria than usual! 

Dry Cleaning:

Opposite to wet cleaning, dry cleaning does not involve the use of water. This process is mostly done by professionals, making your carpet ready to use right after a wash. However, there are ways of doing this at home as well. 

Nothing better than stepping on the freshly washed and warm carpet! 

Encapsulation/ Bonnet Cleaning:

This process refers to spraying an encapsulating agent onto the carpet and using a brush to clear it out. The agents surround the dust particles, turning them into powder.

Next this powder is removed by normal vacuuming. 

An easy explanation for a rather hard term, isn’t it?

One drawback of this method is that it cleans the top of the carpet. As a result, it does not take long for the dust to accumulate again.

Encapsulation is mainly used in hotels to clean carpets at a faster rate and dry them quicker. 

These Are The Top 12 Portable Cleaners Today

Confused about which cleaner is best for you? Scroll down and analyze them for yourself. 

01. Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner [Our Top Pick]

Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Achieve ultimate portability with this lightweight design to...
  • CONVENIENT DEEP CLEAN: Spray, scrub, and remove anything from pet messes to...
  • LONGER REACH: Easily reach spots and stains on carpet, upholstery, stairs...

Smart, cheap, and efficient; the three pillars of a good cleaner and this one has all of it. The Hoover Spotless Portable Cleaner has been known to be a household favorite and we’re here to tell you why! 

Its 5 feet hose along with the ultimate suction power pulls out filth from your carpet, upholstery, and stairs. The antimicrobial multipurpose tool doesn’t let any bacteria or mildew form on the brush. Talk about being protective! 

Moreover, its motor is so powerful that your surfaces will hardly have any traces of water in them. The hose literally sucks the place dry! Okay maybe not completely dry but enough to keep your furniture safe from losing its integrity. 

The Dual Tank Technology works to keep the dirty water at bay from the clean water. You can comfortably empty out the grimy water and place it back. While it does have a medium-sized tank, you don’t need to keep an eye on it since it shuts down automatically once it has had enough! 

Sticking on the topic of cleaning, the hose can be stuck inside the cleaning port to give it a good rinse. There ends your worries of the hose being clogged up! 

Since this is for dirt picking purposes, the stains might need one or two extra scrubs to vanish completely. A little hard work to pay for fantastic results! 

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 13.9 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 9 lb
  • Cord length: 15 ft. 
  • Manufacturer: Hoover


  • Good motor provides efficient suction keeping the spot dry after cleaning.
  • Excellent brushes for deep cleaning.
  • Efficient in water usage.
  • Precise and narrow sprayer.
  • Antibacterial Self-cleaning hose which cleans the whole machine.
  • Easy disassembly making it easier to clean.
  • Automatic shutdown feature when the tank is filled with dirt.


  • Only allotted for cleaning small areas.
  • It does not always automatically scrub off the stains in carpet, may need to perform multiple sweeps. 

Why We Recommend It:

With its wallet-friendly price, versatility, and precision, the Hoover spotless portable carpet cleaner is one of the best portable carpet cleaners out there. 

Hoover provides versatility and quality making you realize, clean couches do exist.

02. Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner [Best compact cleaner]

Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and...
  • Buy Bissell, save pets; Bissell donates up to 10 dollars to the Bissell pet...
  • Tackles tough spots and stains with strong spray and powerful suction
  • Take on small and large cleanups with this compact carpet cleaner

Sometimes the smallest things in life have the greatest power! A proof of this statement is the Bissell multi-purpose cleaner.  

Its powerful suction will make you overlook its size of 8.2 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches. Use the spray and scrub action along with its ample power to clean up all areas of your house as well as the car! 

You don’t have to worry about carrying it all the way to different areas, thanks to its light and compact body. Besides, there’s no need to make extra space for this! Just a little corner in your cabinet will fit it conveniently. 

Not only does it provide excellent cleaning results, but it also cleans itself up effectively. All you need to do is empty the removable water tank and give it a rinse under the sink! For the hose, the Hydro rinse tool attachment does a good job of unclogging it. 

One thing to note is that if you have a pet, this might not be the one. This model was specifically designed to clean out dirt and gunk only. It does specifically do anything for the litter stains your furry friend leaves behind. 

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 9.65 pounds
  • Cord length: 15 ft. 
  • Manufacturer: Bissell


  • Good suction power.
  • Easy-empty dirt tank.
  • 3” tough stain tool for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to store. 


  • Small cleaning solution tank.
  • Not the best for pet litter stains. 

Why We Recommend It:

The compact size of the cleaner makes it, unlike any other portable ones. It’s easy to store and carry, taking a lift-off your back. In our opinion, it’s the best Bissell portable carpet cleaner owing to its amazing performance. 

03. BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner [Best Vacuum for Some Spa Treatment for Carpets]

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet...
  • Compact multipurpose wet vacuum delivers thorough deep cleaning (Not a...
  • Powerful spray and suction clean and help dry in one step; stores ready to...
  • Built in hot water heater for enhanced results; Separate clean/dirty water...

A hot cleaning sesh is definitely more relaxing than a cold one. The Bissell ProHeat Cleaner gives your carpet that experience! 

The built-in heater that provides heat up to 25 degrees, is ideal for keeping your house looking and feeling fresh. This portable machine can be carried to anywhere in the house to give that place a good hot wash! But ensure that you never carry the cleaner while it’s in use. 

The tough stain tool along with the crevice tool reaches to all difficult corners. The crevice tool can also be used to clean the little gaps in between your car seats.

Do you know the best part? The Bissell Stain and Odor Formula that comes with it acts a deodorant for your house, getting rid of all bad smells that the smut leaves behind. 

However, its nozzle is not the best for picking up pet hair. It can contain small amounts of hair, but the larger ones are not its forte. To its defense, it wasn’t made for that purpose so the user has to be careful about that. 

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 13.4 pounds
  • Cord length: 15 ft.
  • Manufacturer: Bissell


  • Built-in heater for enhanced cleaning. 
  • Good suction power. 
  • Cleans all crevices.
  • Minimizes odor. 


  • Weak nozzle.

Why We Recommend It:

We all know the effectiveness of heated cleaning and this cleaner provides just that. Its ability to get rid of bad smells only adds up to its usefulness, making it one of the best portable spot cleaners in the market. 

04. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuum [A Doctor A Day Keeps the Dirt Away]

Rug Doctor Wherever They Occur Cleaner,...
  • Portable Spot Cleaner only weighs 15 pounds, but can hold 64 ounces of...
  • Manages deep down stain removal with a powerful handheld oscillating...
  • Functions with twice the suction of leading competitors to extract stains...

The RugDoctor Cleaner Vacuum glides along the surface with ease, using its suction power to effectively clean your rugs. Use the motorized brush to clean your carpet, upholstery, and car seats with ease. 

This doesn’t give you the ordinary suction power like others. It has twice the power ensuring all the stains break up and vanish! Whether you’re dealing with a wine stain or pet litter, this machine will effectively suck it in, removing odor along the way. 

Not only is it lightweight, but it also has wheels to drive it anywhere you want. Wheels along with the easy carry handle give you the feeling of moving a travel suitcase! 

The clean and dirty water in this is kept away from each other. Take out the removable canisters to pour in the cleaning solution or to empty out the dirty water. Plus, with the marked cleaning tank, you don’t need to guess the amount of solution to put in! 

There’s a slight mess this baby creates if the dirty water tank fills up more than capacity; it leaks out. Hence, it’s best to not let the tank overflow and rather keep the intake to a minimum. After all, this small-sized machine can only do so much! 

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 16.1 x 11 x 15.7 inches
  • Weight: 19.84 pounds
  • Cord length:
  • Manufacturer: Rug Doctor


  • Twice as much suction power. 
  • Cleans deep within fabrics.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Lightweight.
  • Two separate removable tanks. 


  • Leaves a small puddle of dirty water under the machine.

Why We Recommend It:

This carpet cleaner is perfect for not only normal stains but also pet stains. The RugDoctor takes care of all carpets and upholstery, like its own baby! Its versatility and compressed design make it the best compact carpet cleaner. 

05. BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser Deluxe ION Portable Carpet Cleaner [Best Portable Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains]

BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser Deluxe ION Portable...
  • Tank capacity - 8 ounces. Buy BISSELL, save pets. BISSELL donates 10...
  • Remove pet stains anywhere, anytime
  • Spray, scrub, and suction to remove pet stains and messes from carpet,...

The Bissell Pet Stain Eraser is one of the top choices when it comes to removing blemishes on carpets. While you move it around the surface, you’ll feel like you’re using an eraser to remove pencil writing. It’s that effortless! 

It’s spray, scrub and suction action has been known to clear out the toughest of stains. Be it feces, vomit, blood, drinks, or even oil, this one will never let you down! Besides, the ready-to-use formula eliminates the smell that comes along with certain messes. 

When this machine says portable, it means it! Since it is lithium-powered, charge it up and enjoy the cordless cleaner, using it to reach any surface with ease. The Deluxe ion helps it to stay awake for an extra 30 minutes. 

Here’s the most unique feature: 

It has a removable squeegee for cleaning hard surfaces. The cleaning path width of 3” is not ideal for large areas, so use it wisely. 

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 16.5 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 7.45 inches
  • Cord length: 15 ft/ cordless
  • Manufacturer: Bissell


  • Good suction power.
  • Usable for all surfaces, including hardwood floors.
  • It comes with a ready-to-use formula.
  • It can be used as a cordless cleaner. 
  • Takes out all kinds of stains.


  • Might leak through some parts. 
  • Not good for large surfaces. 

Why We Recommend It:

The freedom a handheld carpet cleaner provides is really no match for any other. Along with that, its versatility for all floors and great suction power ranks it as the best carpet cleaner for pet stains. 

06. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, Large and Portable [Best Carpet Spot Cleaner Machine]

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, Large and...
  • Cleaning tank capacity (gallons) - 1. Dual cross action brushes oscillate...
  • 75 percent more suction than comparable carpet cleaning machines slashes...
  • Rated Gold for Best in Class Cleaning Performance by CRI (Carpet + Rug...

An attractive red machine with a promise to keep all dirt away from your house is what the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is all about. This vacuum doesn’t only clean but also leaves the cleaned surface as dry as possible for you to immediately take a breather! 

Its dual cross brush rotates deep into the rugged area, scrubbing out all dirt and giving you a softer and cleaner surface. The ten rows of durable bristles ensure that not one single dirt particle is left behind! 

In case the bristles miss out on any stain, give the machine a “Super Boost”! With this function, it easily breaks out those patches that need extra attention. Besides, the 7.7’ hose makes reaching the cornered areas as easy as ABC! 

Moreover, this cleaner has separate tanks for clean and wastewater ending the need to struggle in filling those up. Plus the tanks have a wide mouth, good enough to put your hand in and clean it thoroughly. 

When you unbox it, it comes pre-assembled, ready to use, eliminating the need to go through tiny handbooks and instruction manuals. It also has a tool caddy to keep all the extra tools in one place. 

Once you’re done with all the hectic stuff, subside the handle and tuck it in nicely. No need to worry about where to store this long vacuum! 

This vacuum might be heavy but the big wheels make it as maneuverable as any light machines. A little tug and pull is all it needs to get driving! 

Product Specifications:

  • Dimension: 22.8 x 14.2 x 28 inches
  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Manufacturer: Rug Doctor
  • Model No.: 93146


  • Powerful suction helps to dry faster.
  • Easy to remove water tanks for easy cleaning and replacement.  
  • Wheels for easy transport. 
  • A dual cross brush system promotes deeper cleaning.
  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • It goes easy on the carpet while cleaning. 


  • Heavy.
  • Small water tank.

Why We Recommend It:

As Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Rug Doctor definitely fits those shoes perfectly. For all you party people with stains leftover from last night’s party, this will save you! 

07. Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner – Corded [Ultimate Vacuum With Large Tank Capacity] 

Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable...
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell...
  • Our most powerful portable spot and stain cleaner for carpets, stairs,...
  • Combines superior suction, scrubbing action and professional cleaning...

Are you looking for a vacuum to clean out your clumsy messes without fail? Then let us introduce you to the Bissell SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner. 

It has a high suction power to take out the toughest stains from any carpeted areas, sofa & upholstery. Whether the dirt is deep into the surface or right there, this will get it out. 

You know how those professionals get the cleaning done? All the scrubbing, cleaning solutions, and amazing tools? This cleaner uses all that to give you results just like them! 

The tank capacity of ¾ gallons gives you uninterrupted cleaning sessions. You can start with your day-long cleansing routine because this trusty machine will not break down! 

The combined reach of its power cord and hose is ideal for all the hard-to-reach places. Besides, this means that you can stand in one place and clean out most of the areas in one go! 

Not to worry about the first solution to put in the cleaner. Bissell got your covered! It gives you a trial size Professional Cleaning Solution to get you started on the journey. 

One drawback is that the hose can be a little tricky to handle. If it’s not maintained and held in a proper way, it might become flimsy. Hence, it’s best to not let it flex too much and you’re good to go. 

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 16.62 pounds
  • Cord length: 15 feet
  • Manufacturer: Bissell


  • Powerful suction.
  • Additional tools for all types of cleaning. 
  • Large tank capacity.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • No way to clean inside the hose. 
  • Hose is not durable. 

Why We Recommend It:

A modest price, versatility, and effective cleaning abilities make it the best portable carpet spot cleaner. The first look at this vacuum will make you feel how strong its performance will be! 

08. BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner [Trusty Cleaner for Pet Stains]

BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet...
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell...
  • Our most powerful portable spot and stain cleaner for carpets, stairs,...
  • Combines superior suction, scrubbing action and professional cleaning...

Having a house with kids and pets will give you all the workout you need without any exercise. All credits to their mischievous stains and the heavy cleaning they require. 

To free you from the trouble of that hectic workout, here comes the Bissell Spot Clean Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner! With its superior suction, it does not damage your carpet and leaves behind a warm dry stainless area.

Moreover, with the bigger tanks unlike other carpet cleaners, it cleans more before you have to refill the tanks. Get started with a long day of cleaning because this one will be there for you! 

With a more compact size, it does the same job as other big carpet cleaners, if not better. Take it out to clean your car or to the stairs, you’ll feel like you’re carrying a baby! 

For the dry pet litter, it has a stain trapper tool to keep that in control. Besides, it also comes with a Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy Carpet Cleaning Formula to keep your carpet clear of urine.  

Although, keep in mind that this vacuum is not for all kinds of stains. It’s fantastic for all the spots your pet leaves behind, but not so much for wine spills or oil. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 13.2 lbs.
  • Cord length: 20 ft. 
  • Manufacturer: BISSELL


  • Completely removes spills and stains 
  • It can be used to clean staircase carpets.
  • Bigger tanks promote less stops while cleaning.
  • Efficient suction keeps the floor dry after sweeping.
  • Easy storage for its compact size.


  • It does not work well for certain spots.
  • Refilling the tanks may be tricky for some.

 Why we recommend it:

It may not be like traditional vacuums, but it surely does a similar job when it comes to cleaning stains. This is one of the best portable carpet cleaners and it lives up to its name. 

09. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Machine [Amazing Cleaner for the Oldest of Stains]

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner...
  • SPINSCRUB BRUSH SYSTEM: Safely deep clean carpets of the toughest dirt with...
  • DUAL V NOZZLE: Evenly cleans surfaces with equal suction
  • HEAT FORCE: For faster drying

Seeing a persistent stain may become a nuisance. You take out your regular carpet cleaner and give it a go only to see the stain getting clearer. 

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe carpet cleaner can remove that stain, no matter how old it is.

The SpinScrub technology helps the bristles to do full 360-degree spin to clean out each inch with utmost efficiency. The DualV nozzle guarantees even spread of suction to all areas! 

Here’s the most unique feature:

Its nozzle applies heated air onto the cleaned surface in order to dry them up and free them of bacteria There ends your wait time to relax in your freshly cleaned carpet! 

When it first arrives at your doorsteps, you don’t have to worry about taking out your glasses to read the small manual for assembly. This unit is easy to assemble and will be ready for work within minutes. 

Just fill-up the tanks, plug it in, and get sweeping!

The Dual Tank system keeps the water separate and are relatively easy to fill up and empty. Besides, the tank has a sprout so you can easily pour out the gunk without spilling it all over!

Since it is a small vacuum, do not expect a large refill tank. You might need to fill up the tank with a cleaning solution more often than you think.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 21.2 x 14.2 x 22.9 inches
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs.
  • Cord length: 20 ft. 
  • Manufacturer: Hoover 


  • SpinScrub system rotates 360 degrees to ensure the best results. 
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability around the house.
  • Keeps the carpet dry after cleaning.
  • Separate clean and dirty water tank.
  • Intelligent detergent mixture that maintains balance and saves detergent.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Budget-friendly. 


  • Water tanks may leak sometimes.
  • Small water tank that needs to be refilled more often.

Why we recommend it: 

This machine is truly one of the best portable carpet cleaner machines in the market. No need to worry about pet accidents, pop this bad boy out and give it a scrub to watch your carpet breathe.

10. BISSELL SpotClean Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner [Ideal Vacuum Within a Modest Price]

BISSELL SpotClean ProHeat Portable Spot and...
  • Tank capacity 37 ounce; Heatwave technology maintains consistent water...
  • 3 inch tough stain tool for cleaning stairs, upholstery and hard to reach...
  • Deep reach tool removes embedded dirt and stains from the bottom up; Dirt...

Stains are an eyesore, no matter how messy you are. And getting rid of them is not a walk in the park. However, with the help of BISSELL Spotclean Proheat portable carpet cleaner, that task becomes a piece of cake!  

It has a  heatwave technology that uses hot water to deep clean the most stubborn stains. The water temperature remains the same throughout the entire session. 

With the help of the deep stain tool and tough stain tool you can easily pick out the embedded stains from all kinds of surfaces. Don’t worry about the kind of spot because Bissell Proheat doesn’t shy away from any challenge. 

Next comes cleaning the machine itself. The self-cleaning hose tool clears out all the clogged gunk inside your hose without you making your hands dirty. The water tanks are easy to remove and so vacating it shouldn’t be a problem. 

The best part is that it does not bombard you with a lot of instructions. It’s fairly simple to use and assemble. 

The only downside is that it works only with Bissell cleaning solutions. But, since these are readily available, that should not be much of a trouble. 

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 12 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 11.9 lbs
  • Cord length:
  • Manufacturer: BISSELL 


  • Permanently removes tough stains.
  • Portable and compact design makes it easy to clean and refill.
  • Has a heatwave technology to adjust the water temperature.
  • Longer cord for more reachability.
  • Quality brushes to ensure deep cleaning.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Wallet-friendly.


  •  Need to clean the flex hose as it may get clogged with dirty water after each use.
  • Works only with Bissell branded solutions.

Why We Recommend It:

It’s low price is not the only draw towards it. The easy-to-use features and deep cleaning with heated water are also some of its main attractions. This cleaner being the best carpet spot cleaner machine by Bissell surely does its job as promised. 

11. Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner [Pet lovers assemble!]

Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain...
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL...
  • Clean tank capacity - 30.6 ounces, Dirty tank capacity -29.2 ounces. Buy...
  • Get rid of messes without getting your hands dirty. This hands free...

We love our fur babies and every little thing they do. But, the one thing every owner hates is the accidents our pets make, leaving behind unwavering stains with an everlasting smell.

That is where this cleaner comes in for the rescue. Completing 400 revolutions, its unique spiral brush is great for the deepest cleaning for pet stains. Use the combination of the hose and tough stain tool to reach just about any nook and cranny in the house! 

Moreover, it has the smart auto-clean feature which decides the amount of detergent to use depending on the stain. Say goodbye to guessing games!

As if this feature wasn’t convenient enough, it also comes with two cleaning options. The quick clean option is for the fresh stains while the deep clean is for the older spots. 

Here’s the best part:

It comes with two types of cleaning solutions: 

The one thing it doesn’t have is an auto-dry technology. Ergo, let the cleaned surface stay under the air for a little while to let it dry on its own. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 9 x 17 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 16.01 lbs.        
  • Manufacturer: BISSELL
  • Model no.: B07DTJ9G6G


  • Power cleaning can remove almost any kind of stains.
  • Specially designed for smaller stains
  • Option for manual cleaning
  • Smart automatic system decides the amount of detergent to be used by itself
  • Easy to store, lightweight and compact
  • Cleans pet stains easily and efficiently.
  • It can also be used to clean car seat stains.


  • May have to clean manually in case of larger surfaces.
  • The cleaned area may be too wet.

Why We Recommend It:

Bissell spotbot portable cleaner is the best portable deep cleaner. Looking over its manual cleaning for large surfaces, it gets the job done for small surfaces. 

After all, portable cleaners are mostly meant for small areas anyway. Besides, having a little wet floor rather than a wet accident is a blessing on its own.

12. BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner [Enhance the Cordless Experience]

BISSELL, 20037 Pet Stain Eraser Cordless...
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell...
  • Spray, scrub and suction to remove pet stains and messes from carpet,...
  • Grab and go cordless convenience; enjoy the freedom of a lithium-powered...

The world has become cordless, why not your cleaner?

Your pet had an accident, just whip out your portable cordless carpet cleaner and make it disappear. That is exactly what the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser does. 

It’s a cordless, lightweight carpet cleaner that is convenient for every pet owner. It deals with stains and pet accidents, cleaning them up instantly. 

The gift of cordless brings the burden of batteries to keep it powered. But, you let the others worry about that! This pet stain eraser is rechargeable, ridding you of batteries.

Its powerful suction is a godsend since It cleans out the deepest dirt. With the combination of cleaning formula, great suction, and warm water, you can clean out from the core.

It’s also super easy to clean. Its suction nozzle and brush are easy to remove and consequently, cleanup is a breeze.

However, it does not come with a charging dock so you need to find a good place to keep it while it gears up. 

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 16.5 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds
  • Cord length: Cordless
  • Manufacturer: Bissell


  • Powerful suction power.
  • Great cleaning chemicals.
  • Effective for all kinds of spillage.
  • Cordless
  • Runs for a longer time.
  • Cheap


  • Heavy spray can be hard to handle by some.
  • No charging dock.

Why we recommend it:

A cordless cleaner with great suction power at a cheap price. There’s nothing better than that! Besides, its effectiveness for all kinds of stains makes it a favorite for homes with pets. 

5 Features to Look Out For

With all the different brands and features of cleaners, it can get a little confusing as to which one to choose. So, along with our best portable carpet cleaners reviews, we have listed down a few general guidelines to follow before making your purchase. 

Suction Power:

We love those little puddles of water on the road, to play in! 

On carpets? It’s just gonna ruin the integrity of it. 

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to get a portable cleaner with high suction power. This removes maximum water from the carpet after cleaning, ensuring there’s no mildew built upon it.

All of the vacuums mentioned above have the best possible suction. Nevertheless, the Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner stands out as having the ideal power to take out the dirt fruitfully. 

Tank Capacity:

It’s a common misconception that the bigger the tank, the better it is. A bigger tank might be good for long cleaning sessions but they come with the inconvenience of extra weight, making them hard to move. 

On the other hand, portable cleaners are famous for their maneuverability but come with a small tank capacity. That is not a fault since they are made for small cleanups. 

If you want portability along with large tank capacity, the best one to go for is Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner – Corded. It has the potential to pick up up to ¾ gallons of dirt, making it the best for huge pileups of gunk! 


You know how anchors sink to stop the ship? A similar concept applies to carpet cleaners.

The heavier the cleaner, the more it will sink into your carpets. This is bad news for luxury carpets

The solution? 

For plush carpeted homes, choose a carpet cleaner that has a long hose, restricting its needs for movement. You could also go for the ones that feel lightweight in your hand. 

Also, since we’re going for portable cleaners, we might as well look for the lighter ones to make them the ultimate cleaner to move around. 

Length of cord and hose:

The longer these are, the easier it is to clean your carpet. This is because you can reach most of the area without moving the machine too much.

This, however, is not a problem for lightweight portable cleaners. Since you can move those comfortably, a short cord and hose for those is fine.

Pet capabilities:

For any pet owners, it is essential to look for cleaners that have the potential to remove pet stains from litter, vomit, etc. Most fur baby parents look for portable carpet cleaners over vacuums because they are much better at removing targeted stains. 

If you’re one such person, then make sure to look for cleaners that have the word “pet” on its label. Chances are those are tailored for pets. 

Top Asked Questions From Confused Users

01. Is a cleaning agent always necessary?

This answer depends on you, mostly. If you want to bathe your carpet with just water, that’s great for removing the stains on the surface. Additionally, it can make your carpet last longer.

However, we would recommend using a cleaning agent. The reasons are listed below:

  • It deep cleans your carpet. 
  • Takes out the age-old spots along with new ones. 
  • Leaves behind a fresh-smelling home. 

Precautions when using a cleaning agent:

  • Remember to not go overboard with the chemical solution.
  • Always run a test on a small area of the surface you want to clean. 

02. How often should I clean my carpet and upholstery cleaner?

The frequency of using the carpet cleaner will determine the number of times you need to clean it. If you’re using it heavily on a daily basis, it’s best to give it a rinse oftentimes. 

Many portable carpet cleaners have a self-cleaning feature. Consequently, you don’t have to put much thought into how to clean it. 

However, the self-cleaning feature is mostly for the hose. Hence, it is recommended to clean the other parts of the cleaner as well, especially if it is going through heavy work. 

Note: Soap and water are enough to carefully clean the rest of the cleaner. 

03. What should I do in the case of over-shampooing?

You’re not the only one!

Over-shampooing is a common mistake while cleaning carpets. The main problem of this is that it can leave deeper stains on your carpet. 

But not to worry because it has a solution. First, soak up as much shampoo as you can with a cloth. Next, let it rest for about 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, you run a dry cycle and leave it to completely dry. 

Pro tip: Spread the excess shampoo over the area instead of letting it sit on on spot. 

Before You Leave

Stains and cleaning are the two most dreaded words for any household. But, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

To make these two less dreadful, it’s better to have the best portable carpet cleaner in the market that meets your needs. 

Are you still going to drag around that bulky vacuum cleaner? 

Let us know which one intrigued you the most from our best portable carpet cleaner reviews!

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