12 Best Spray Mops Genius Reviews and Guideline 

Fancy inventions have been made to take care of your daily chores, and your life at home could not be easier. So, if you’re still dragging a traditional mop and bucket around your house for cleaning, it’s about time you upgraded to a spray mop!

Spray mops are much more convenient to use, better for your physical health, and much quicker and effective than a traditional mop and bucket pair. You can add your regular washing liquids to these spray mops, so the difference in costs isn’t that large either. 

In this article, we have listed down the best spray mops for you to check out before you invest in one. Whether you’re looking to get a new spray mop or thinking of buying one for the first time, we are here to help.

We have tried and tested several spray mops on the market, so you don’t have to. From this research, therefore, we bring to your attention 12 of the best spray mop reviews. We are about to break down the pros and cons, so you’ll be able to decide which one would best suit you! 

Taking into consideration are features such as their longevity, weight, material, and of course the price, we will be able to give you detailed descriptions of each product. 

Why Should You Get a Spray Mop?

Now, you may be wondering why you should get a spray mop among so many different types of mops. Well, the answer is pretty simple. It has all the great qualities of a regular mop but eliminates the bad ones. It’s a win-win situation for sure!

To ease your worries, let’s jot down the perks, shall we?

No Buckets!

You no longer need to drag a bucket of water and cleaning solution around. It’s tiring, it’s painful, and it’s time you stopped putting yourself through that torture. 

A spray mop uses only a small bottle attached over the brush. Pressing down on a level or button triggers the spray, showering the floor with the solution. Now, you simply need to mop away.

Say goodbye to back pains!

No Reusing Dirty Water!

When you wet your traditional mop in the solution again, you’re actually putting all the gunk from the floor back into the bucket. With a spray mop, once you spray the water it’s not going to be reused again. 

Use clean water with every swipe, and get your house to be spotless!

No Dragging and Dipping!

A spray mop essentially combines the mop and bucket into one, with you carrying the water around in your handle. This eliminates the risk of spilling water by accidentally bumping into a bucket, saving water as the water sprayed out is more controlled.

Instead of going through tiring motions of dipping the mop in and out of the bucket, a spray mop is used with single strokes around the house spraying water from time to time. So much more convenient!

12 Best Spray Mops of 2020 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best spray mops in 2020, including details on their performance and quality, so you’ll know that you’re buying into!

01. POPTEN Microfiber Spray Mop 

Microfiber Spray Mop for Floor...
  • POPTEN Spray Floor Mop Advantages :Wall mounted designed, you can hang the...
  • Dry Duster & Wet Mop: 2 Packs chenille pads and 1 pack microfiber cloth,...
  • Refillable and Replace easily Bottle:Easy to sweep all of your rooms with...

The POPTEN Microfiber Spray Mop is quick, efficient, and a beauty to look at. All of these at an insanely affordable price!

Its microfiber pad is absolutely washable and this kit still comes with 4 of them. The microfibers trap as much dust as possible as well as absorbing the liquid. This prevents excess moisture to remain on the ground which can cause damage in the long run.

It’s extremely lightweight and can be used on all hard materials, including tiles, wood, linoleum, and even glass. Yes, get those windows squeaky clean without buying a tonne of other gadgets and saving yourself some excessive costs!

The mop head swivels a full 360 degrees, allowing for you to maneuver easily in tight spaces. This speeds up your cleaning routine inevitably which comes with moving furniture around to get under them 

The cartridge also has a modern design and can be filled with any kinds of solutions, be it water, commercial cleaners, or something you made at home. It’s so lightweight even your kids will be able to use it. Set them up for chores and make cleaning fun!


  • It’s affordable.
  • It has a sleek design.
  • It can use any solution.
  • It can be used to clean windows.
  • It can be used over any kind of floorings.
  • The mop head swivels 360 degrees.
  • It has washable microfiber pads.
  • It comes with washable microfiber pads


  • The cartridge can drip.

Why We Recommend It:

The POPTEN Microfiber Spray Mop is a gem at the price it’s available in. With its performance pleasing its customers to the core, it had to be on our list.

02. Asogo Microfiber Spray Mop 

Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning, Floor Mop with...
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN GRIP】: Are you fed up with traditional mops?chose our...
  • 【TIME-SAVING & LABOUR-SAVING】:- The responsive spray head allows you to...
  • 【WASHABLE MICROFIBER PADS】: Two reusable mop cleaning pads for your...

With a sleek, modern design that catches your eye instantly, this beauty is as powerful as it is pretty.

Use this amazing spray mop all over your house because it works amazingly well across all types of floorings. Be it tiles, laminate, wood, or linoleum, nothing stands a chance against the Asogo.

The ergonomically designed handgrip makes sure it’s comfortable to hold, so you can use it for long periods of time over large areas without tiring out. The manual trigger also means you have more control over the amount of solutions that you spray, leading to less waste and more efficient use of water. 

It comes with a refillable 350 ml bottle in which you can add the solution of your choice. The rod is just the right length with the mop head that swivels 360 degrees making maneuvering easy as pie!

The cleaning pads are made of microfiber which it catches on to the dust, making cleaning much easier. You actually get two of them with your purchase, allowing you to use one while the other is in the washing. 

In fact, these pads are washing machine friendly, making your life much easier. Add to the fact that you don’t need batteries either, this is a great product because it’s environmentally friendly too!

It comes in the color white and even is impressively sturdy compared to other spray mops on the market. It’s still lightweight, enough to be easily used by children. Let the kids join the party and make cleaning fun!


  • It can use any cleaning solution.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It uses microfiber cleaning pads.
  • It is easy to maneuver around.
  • It requires no batteries.
  • It has a manual trigger that has more control over the spray.


  • It does not come with an instruction manual on how to assemble.

Why We Recommend It:

The Asogo spray mop is affordable, stylish, and extremely efficient. It’s designed well that looks attractive and works really well over all kinds of floorings. For the price, you’re getting an amazing product, and you’ll never think about getting something expensive ever again!

03. ZALIK Spray Mop

Spray Mop Strongest Heaviest Duty Mop - Best...
  • SPOTLESS FLOORS: You can now keep your floor squeaky clean in the easiest...
  • FOR EVERY SURFACE: The microfiber pad of the spray mop is very soft yet...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This mop with the integrated sprayer was specially...

The Zalik Spray Mop is the only heavy-duty spray mop on this list to clean your floors thoroughly, leaving no germs behind. The microfiber pad on the mop head is designed to be softer than most, allowing it to absorb and trap more dust and debris.

It’s a fantastic device for mopping down your house as it works effectively over all types of hard flooring, such as wood, ceramic, concrete, and tile. Keep your floors clean and prevent diseases from spreading!

The Zalik Spray Mop is ergonomically designed to be as comfortable to use as possible. With a long rod and suitable handle, you can use this for hours without having your wrists or arms hurt. 

The nozzle ensures that the solution is sprayed in a mist to have better control over the amount you disperse. It also means that the water sprayed spreads more evenly. With the trigger on the handle, it’s easy to spray the solution on the floor before you run the mop over the area.

The Zarik Spray Mop is designed to be durable and long-lasting, with its sturdy rods and high-quality materials used to make it. The microfiber pads are washable, so you can reuse them for a long period of time. This brings down your maintenance costs too!


  • It’s for heavy-duty use.
  • It’s ergonomically designed.
  • It uses washable cleaning pads.
  • It uses microfiber cleaning pads.
  • The company offers a full refund if you’re not happy with the product.
  • It works over all kinds of floorings.
  • It’s affordable.


  • It’s difficult to assemble.

Why We Recommend It:

The Zarik Spray Mop is ideal if you have a lot of household members or simply have to clean up difficult messes. It’s heavy-duty, meaning you can use it to get rid of the nastiest debris, that too without lunging a bucket around!

04. Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop
  • Safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane finished wood floors
  • Extra-large mop head cleans 40% faster than the leading competitor
  • Comes with full-size 34oz ready-to-use Original Formula Bona Hardwood Floor...

The Bona Hardwood Floor promises a premium experience with its affordable spray mop. It’s one of the best spray mops for hardwood floors.

This mop is ergonomically designed to give you a smooth experience while also not bringing down extra costs on your shoulders. The cleaning pad is washable. In fact, you can throw it right in your washing machine after use and let it do the job!

The parts come separately to make them easy to travel with and very easy to assemble. Even the cartridge comes with a child lock cap that makes sure it safe even if your kids get their hands on it. The handles also are easy to hold on to, surrounded with foam to prevent slipping.

The cleaning solution is kept in the cartridge above the mop head, which can be securely attached and easily released with the press of a button. It’s also refillable, with the solution available on the market separately. You can even find some specialized for different types of floors!

The pad sticks to the mop with velcro and it stays firmly strapped. The microfibers latch on to the dirt really well, so you need to make fewer rounds over one area to get an ample amount of dust off the floor.

One of the ideal features of the Bona Hardwood is that it requires absolutely no batteries. The solution is sprayed using a trigger on the handle, not putting too much pressure on your joints.


  • It does not require batteries.
  • It uses microfiber pads.
  • The cleaning pad is washing machine friendly.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • The pad sticks firmly using velcro.


  • You’ll need a specific cleaning solution.
  • It’s only for hardwood flooring.

Why We Recommend It:

The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop is great if your house has any kinds of wood floorings. It’s effective and quick and comes with a solution specifically curated for wood. 

05. MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop 

MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop for Floor...
  • MEXERRIS Never Stop Improving - We received many advice from our customer...
  • Make Cleaning Efficient And Fun – Leave the heavy messy bucket alone,...
  • Wet & Dry Spray Mop – Features to used as both wet and dry mop, this...

The Mexerris Microfiber is one of the best spray mops for wood floors and comes in a lovely blue and white color.

However, it’s not just great to look at, it works amazingly enough to get on our top 12 list. Mexerris have done their research and taken their customer feedback into account to come up with a spray mop designed for optimum performance. 

The handle is designed to fit into your hands comfortably without causing stress on your wrists or fingers. A rotatable lock on the high-quality aluminum pole allows you to move around smoothly with the device. The 360 degrees swivel also helps to move around and under the furniture. 

With a 410 ml water tank that can be set up above the mop. The nozzle is specifically designed to be fan-shaped so that it sprays water mist thinly and evenly across the floor creating an atomization effect. This can be filled with any cleaning solution of your choice too so you’re not limited to one brand raising your costs.

This device comes with 3 extra washable microfiber pads for replacements. There’s also a small handy scraper that comes along to get that pesky debris off the floor before mopping the area. It can also be used to clean your cleaning pads!


  • It has a fan-shaped spray nozzle that.
  • It comes with a scraper.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It is easy to maneuver.
  • It has a 410 ml water tank.
  • It requires no batteries.


  • It can be flimsy.
  • It tends to leak.
  • It can only be used over hardwood floors.

Why We Recommend It:

The Mexerris designed their spray mop according to customer feedback, giving them exactly what they wanted. Their consideration to listen to the consumers paid off making this one of the well-loved spray mops on this list.

06. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop 

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Microfiber Floor Mop...
  • MULTI-SURFACE USE: Safe to use on all floor types including hardwood,...
  • 50% MORE DIRT PICKUP: Microfiber cleaning pad picks up 50% more dirt and...
  • WON'T HARM SURFACES: Non-scratch scrubber for stubborn spots

This Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop review is going to show you how amazing it is! 

It uses microfiber cleaning pads that are washing machine friendly. The microfiber traps a lot of invisible germs that are not easy to clean up!

It’s an economical appliance that cleans your floors spotless, leaving no area untouched. The spray bottle that comes with it allows you to add any cleaning solution you want. Whether it’s from a competitor brand or homemade, simply fill up the bottle with the solution and attach it to its place in the handle.

The trigger, located on the handle, sprays the solution on the floor right in front of the mop. The nozzle allows for a fine mist so that they spread out more evenly and less of the solution is wasted. There’s also a built-in scrubbing pad that you can use to get those sticky messes off the floor too!

The rigid handle is designed to be just the perfect height and rigidity for the most comfortable to use. The mop head also swivels 360 degrees, letting you into corners and helping you maneuver more efficiently.

The Rubbermaid Reveal is one of the best microfiber spray mops and can be used over all types of floors such as wood, tiles, and linoleum. Its versatility is another of its features that makes the spray mop such a great choice!


  • It’s lightweight.
  • It does not require batteries.
  • It can be used over different types of flooring.
  • It uses microfiber.
  • You can use any cleaning solution.
  • The pad is washing machine friendly.


  • The spray trigger sometimes stops working.

Why We Recommend It:

The Rubbermaid Reveal is lightweight and has almost no maintenance costs. With the price it’s available in, it’s truly a good pick!

07. O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop
  • Super-absorbent microfiber effectively cleans with just water
  • DUAL-SIDED MOP HEAD - The large, dual-sided microfiber mop head flips...
  • REFILLABLE BOTTLE - Just fill bottle with water and add 2 small teaspoons...

The O-Cedar ProMist Max is stylish and efficient at the same time. The head is made of microfiber material which claims to remove 99% bacteria from the surface by simply deep cleaning with water.

The pad also has some protrusions that allow for a proper scrubbing without damaging the floor, however delicate they are. In fact, it’s not just the best spray mop for laminate floors, but it can also be used over all kinds of surfaces, like wood, tile, and linoleum!

With a refillable bottle that can be removed from and attached back to the handle easily, your experience with this spray mop is going to be smooth. The nozzle of the bottle also sprays a fine and controlled mist of water, spreading it out to the max so less water is wasted.

The head also swivels a full 360 degree, making maneuvering around and under furniture easy and stressless, getting right into the tightest spots!

The head also flips over easily, allowing you to use double the surface area, therefore enabling you to continue cleaning twice as long without interruptions.

Another great thing about this device is that it doesn’t require a battery at all. That makes the product super affordable with a low maintenance cost, which would not have been possible with expensive batteries.


  • It does not require batteries.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel head.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It has microfiber padding.
  • It has a comfortable grip handle.


  • Its head can detach easily.

Why We Recommend It:

The O-Cedar ProMist Max is a great yet simple tool for house cleaning. It’s straightforward to use and requires almost zero instructions and maintenance. Use it with just water or add in a little bit of cleaning solution, it’ll do its job well.

It’s inexpensive, works over all floor types, and has low maintenance costs so we’re not surprised at all that it made it to our top 12 list!

08. E-Cloth Aqua Spray Microfiber Mop

E-Cloth Aqua Spray Deep Clean Microfiber Mop...
  • Effective — The E-Cloth Aqua Spray Deep Clean Mop strips grease, grime,...
  • Easy — Makes easy work of tough jobs, with a lightweight, aluminum handle...
  • Environmental — Deep cleans with precision-engineered microscopic fibers...

The E-Cloth Aqua Spray is a microfiber mop that cleans up dirt and debris from your hard floors thoroughly and quickly. With a water reservoir of 2.75 cup capacity, cover more areas in one refill of the solution, and clean your house uninterrupted.

This spray mop is effective over all kinds of hard floorings, such as tiles, linoleum, and even wood! The device is easy to assemble with a cleaning pad that attaches firmly to the mop head using velcro.

It’s a lightweight mop which even comes with a height-adjustable rod, allowing it to be used by everyone in your family comfortably. It’s also easy to maneuver because of its low profile!

The microfiber in the mop helps to trap dust and grease into the pad and keeps them trapped. This ensures that the dirt doesn’t smear back on the floor when you go over clean areas. They are also washable in the machine so you simply throw them in and relax!

Another impressive feature of the E-Cloth Aqua Spray Mop is that its microfiber pad is so efficient that you can choose to clean with just water. The technology and design behind this pad allow the pad to remove debris effortlessly.

The lack of use of toxic solutions and the reusable microfiber pads make this mop more environmentally friendly and much better for your homes. No need to worry about your kids or pets being too close when you’re cleaning anymore!


  • It is easy to maneuver around.
  • It uses microfiber pads.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • It can be used with just water.
  • The cleaning pads are washing machine friendly.
  • It has a 2.75 cup water tank.
  • It has an adjustable rod.


  • It’s expensive.

Why We Recommend It:

The E-Clean Aqua is environmentally friendly and super efficient with its amazing microfiber technology. That’s what makes its slightly higher price worth it!

09. Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit

Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit, Includes: 1 Power...
  • ABSORB + LOCK STRIP helps trap dirt & grime deep in pad so it doesn't get...
  • This floor mop is safe on all finished wood floors. Do not use on...
  • Designed to give you a great clean and act as a laminate floor cleaner and...

The Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit is a great spray mop for beginners and the best spray mop for tile floors. It’s easy to use, with a swivel head, and actually comes in a fun color!

The kit comes with everything you’ll need. From the detergent, two regular disposable cleaning pads, three extra disposable power pads, to a white scrubber strip, everything is covered. The mop requires non-rechargeable batteries to function as well.

The Swiffer WetJet can be used over all types of floors including, but not limited to, tiles, linoleum, wood, and laminate flooring. About two rooms can be cleaned with each pad then have to be disposed of.

This really ensures that you’re properly sanitizing your floors, that’s not possible to this level with reusable cleaning pads. It’s a clean slate with every pad, making sure all the gunk and germs are off your floors and in your trash instead of being carried around with your mop.

The device is extremely easy to assemble. Put in the batteries in their chambers, attach the clean pads, and the scrubbing strip on like stickers and set up the cleaning solution in its positions, and you’re good to go!

The sprays are located on the head and spray water right in front of the mop, so the cleaning is swift and easy. After you’ve vacuumed or dusted the area, mop over the area to clean up finer debris and ingrained germs.

The solution trigger is on the handle, and spray a fine mist of the cleaner on the floor when you push it. It’s great for using the solution economically and spreading it out properly while wasting the minimum amount of cleaner.


  • It’s lightweight.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • The starting kit comes with lots of accessories.
  • It triggers a fine mist of solution.
  • It’s affordable.


  • It uses non-reusable pads.
  • It requires batteries.

Why We Recommend It:

While it does require you to purchase the extra cleaning pads, solution, and batteries it does a great job of cleaning your floors. It comes at a great price too!

10. CXhome Hardwood Floor Microfiber Mop 

Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning, CXhome Hardwood...
  • High Quality, More Durable - 2019 new upgraded spray mop, which improves...
  • 360 Degree Rotation - the 360°Rotary Mop Head is ideal for eliminating...
  • 500ML Refillable Bottle - just fill bottle with water and add 2 small...

The CXhome Hardwood Floor Mop is another excellent microfiber padded mop that cleans your house in a jiffy and leaves no room for dust.

With a modern look to amplify its beauty, this hardwood cleaner is efficient and fast. It comes with a new generation of water cartridge that holds and sprays the solution effectively to keep the solution from leaking out and going to waste. 

You can also use any type of cleaning solution you want or even make your own with this device. Simply fill up the bottle before use and set it in the machine, then use it as you normally would!

This container holds up to 500 ml of water that is sprayed thinly and uniformly on the area in front of your mop. The spray is triggered by a comfortable lever on the handle which wouldn’t tire out your wrists.

The microfiber pads absorb any dust and debris on the floor, cleaning them thoroughly. You’ll get two pads with each purchase, which you can use alternatively. They are reusable and can be washed in the washing machine so keeping the device clean is super easy. 

They also provide excellent after-sale service. Call them up if you’re facing any trouble with the device and they’ll come over to help you out or even send a replacement. Their focus is to satisfy their customers and they’ll go the length to keep them happy!


  • It does not require batteries.
  • It has washable microfiber pads.
  • It has a new generation design of a water tank.
  • It holds up to 500 ml of solution.
  • It’s easy to maneuver.
  • It’s easy to assemble.


  • It can be used only over hardwood floors.
  • It can be flimsy.

Why We Recommend It:

The CXhome comes at a good price and focuses on keeping their customers happy. With such a great spray mop that covers all basic grounds of cleaning and a great after-sale service, this is another amazing spray mop to invest in!

11. Crazove Microfiber Spray Mop 

Microfiber Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning, Dry...
  • 【Upgrad sealed reservoir】Note: Beyoco spray mops are 100% brand new. If...
  • 【Premium long handle】Extended pole kitchen mop means don't need leaning...
  • 【360° Rotation head 】 360° rotating washable mop head, reach out...

The Crazove Microfiber Spray Mop is the upgrade you need to make from your traditional mop and bucket. This comes with an extended handle and is super lightweight. It’s easy to carry around without dragging a bucket behind you, and even easier to clean your floors with.

The water reservoir is completely sealed to prevent any type of leakage. The solution comes out through the nozzle that’s positioned above the mop head. It’s sprayed evenly in front with the trigger on the handle, then it’s the simple task of running the mop over it. 

The manual trigger allows for more controlled spraying of water, in order to reduce water wastage as well as helping you use the solution more efficiently. Excess water can also damage the flooring.

The rod is made out of stainless steel, making them long-lasting and rust-free. With a 360 degrees swivel on the mop head, this little thing is easy to get into the toughest corners and tightest spaces too.

It also comes with a microfiber cleaning pad allowing the mop to pick up dust and debris, clean off the floor, leaving the area spotless and germ-free. It also absorbs excess water off the floor more efficiently due to its thickness, helping with quick drying.

With your purchase, you’ll get an extra cleaning pad that can be washed in the machine. Use them alternately, without having to wait for them to be clean!


  • It’s affordable.
  • It can be used over all surfaces.
  • It uses microfiber cleaning pads
  • Its cleaning pads are machine washable.
  • It does not require batteries.


  • It’s difficult to assemble.

Why We Recommend It:

The Crazove is one of the best refillable spray mop available at an amazing deal, especially for its performance. It’s versatile and thoughtfully designed. Well-loved by customers all over the country, we’re sure this will appeal to you too.

12. VENETIO Premium Spray Mop 

VENETIO Premium Spray Mop Floors Cleaning...
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION JOINT - Floor cleaners with 360 degree cleaning, with...
  • CLEAN EASIER AND LONGER USING - 16.3"*5.7" big size Microfiber pad and...
  • QUICK CLEAN MOP REFILLS PADS WITH 2 PCS - Strong absorb the smallest dusts...

The Venetio Premium Spray Mop works like magic over your floors. With a microfiber cleaning pad that picks up more debris and messes than other cloths, the mop works efficiently around your house.

Easy maneuvering of the mop head because of its 360-degree rotation allows you to make sure your floor is left spotless after you’re done. Get right into the tightest corners and under your furniture. 

The squeeze handle is designed to be of utmost comfort, enabling you to hold onto the mop and spray with ease. It helps you avoid wrist pains and cramps so you can go about cleaning your house uninterrupted.

With large microfiber pads, you are able to cover more area in a single swipe. The microfiber themselves pick up after your mess and keeps them attached until you wash the pads. With two pads coming with each purchase, you can throw one in the washing machine while you clean the other!

It’s a versatile spray mop that works over different types of floorings. Wood, tiles, marble, or ceramic, no space is left untouched. Clean your house with one mop without worrying about damaging the floors!


  • It’s lightweight.
  • It has a large mop head.
  • It uses microfiber pads.
  • The cleaning pads are machine washable.
  • It works on multiple types of floors.
  • It’s affordable.


  • It’s not very sturdy.

Why We Recommend It:

The Venetio Spray Mop is versatile, easy to use, and comes at an affordable price. It’s simple and straightforward, so get one for yourself if you’re switching to spray mops for the first time!

Buying Guide for Spray Mops

Now that you’ve seen a list of our best floor spray mops, it’s time you know why these spray mops work so well. Here are some particularly helpful features to look out for when you get yourself a spray mop!


It’s important that the weight of the mop is not too heavy. When you’re cleaning down your whole house, carrying a rod around in itself can be tiring.  With a lightweight spray mop, the process will be easier and less exhausting.

Carrying heavy weights for too long can also cause back problems or pains in your wrists. Your arms will tire out and even after it’s over, your body may feel sore for days. In extreme cases, you may even develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you make sure the spray mop you get is lightweight and easy to hold.


When cleaning your house, you’ve got to make your way through a lot of furniture. It’s annoying to leave a space unwashed, simply because your mop head can’t reach them. Best case scenario, you’d have to go down on your hands and knees and mop them down with a hand cloth.

This problem can be easily solved when your mop head is maneuverable. A low profile and the ability to rotate 360 degrees can make your life less difficult. You’ll be able to reach some tight spots, corners, under beds, and around sofa legs, with no trouble at all! 


Your house is unlikely to have the same type of flooring all over. You may have tiles in one spot and wood in another. You may even have linoleum in your kitchens. A lot of the times, mops, and solutions that work over one type of flooring do not bode well with others.

Make sure that your mop is compatible with all kinds of surfaces. Many of the mops on the list above are great for all surfaces, most commonly for wood and tiles, but some even extend to ceramic, glass, and concrete too!


We know your budget is a huge issue when it comes to investing in something you’re not used to. We made sure to include a wide range of prices at which these amazing spray mops can be found.

On average, the prices of the mops are around $28. Even so, you’ll find a few of these on this list that are as low as $20 and as high as $50. It’s only a matter of the features available. Often the maintenance cost may increase your spending in the coming years, say to replace the batteries or cleaning pads.

Whether you want to get the best on the market or just wanna try it out, this list offers all.

Cleaning Solution:

The best thing about spray mops is that you don’t have to change your cleaning solutions when you switch from a traditional mop and bucket. Whether it’s your favorite store-bought or a specific homemade one, you can use this in your spray mop too!

With the exception of a couple, all the spray mops mentioned in this article are compatible with any solution use with them.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

You may understandably have some questions regarding the best reusable spray mops and their uses. We have gathered the most common ones to help you out!

01. How do I clean my house with a spray mop?

To use a spray mop, fill up the water container with your solution, store-bought or homemade, and use the trigger on the handle to spray it on the area in front of you. Run your mop over it a couple of times then move to another area.

Another recommendation is to start from the corners of the room farthest from the entrance, and making your way back. This would help you avoid stepping over the damp floors and leaving footprints or even having some kind of accident!

02. Why do microfiber pads work better?

The magic of microfibers is revealed in its name. They are made from the tiny fibers that attach to smaller specks of dust and particles, that normal fabrics are not able to do. The more fibers there are, the better they work!

The dirt is easily trapped in the cloths and remain there until washed, which makes it ideal for cleaning.

03. Should I vacuum my house before using a spray mop?

A lot of people choose to not vacuum their houses before they use a mop, and it’s not recommended. The mops are great for sticky floors, light dust, and wet messes, but you should always go over the area with a vacuum cleaner first.

Cleaning up larger debris and dust from the floors helps you avoid streaks when you run over them. It also prevents your mop from getting dirty quickly. Though it makes the whole process longer and more annoying, it helps you keep your house clean for longer.

04. Do wood floors require special care?

If you’re using mild solutions, you don’t really need to stay extra careful of wooden floors. It’s not ideal to use a damp mop over wooden floors too frequently, though.

In fact, you only need to do it twice a month at max.

You can use any mild cleaning solution of your choice, just like the ones you use over other types of floorings. However, you can also use homemade solutions made of vinegar and warm water, with a few drops of essential oil for a lovely smell, which is pretty effective as well!

But there’s more! You can actually even use dish soaps and detergents in your spray mops as well. They won’t damage your container, nozzle, or cleaning pads at all!

To Sum up

Don’t tire yourself out by dragging a heavy bucket of solution around. Spray mops are clearly the better choice and a long due upgrade you should make. It’s not only good for your physical health but also easier to use and maintain.

It’s able to clean your floors more thoroughly, trapping the dust in. It also does not reuse your dirty water and instead sprays from a completely separate reservoir. This keeps your water clean and rids the floors of germs. Basically does a better job.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits a spray mop has from this best spray mop reviews and the amazing ones available at such great prices, what are you waiting for?

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