10 Best Vacuums for Long Hair: The Chartbusters Reviewed

Raise your hand if you didn’t know that the market value of household vacuum cleaners exceeded USD 20 billion in 2019. 

We are talking USD 54.8 million or more every day for 365 days! 

Moreover, this figure is expected to increase in 2020 and subsequent years. And then, we have not even taken into account the commercial vacuum cleaner market. 

As unfathomable as it may seem, the vacuum cleaner industry really is magnanimous. 

Needless to say, since its birth in 1860 when it was only armed with a rotating brush for gathering dust and bellows (yes, bellows!) for generating suction, the vacuum cleaner has come a long way. 

Nowadays, we have an array of vacuums to choose from- upright, canister, pneumatic, robotic, cyclone and what not! 

Even though having different variants to meet specific cleaning demands is undoubtedly a great thing, a wide range of products on the menu often makes choosing the right one a challenging task.

Treading into the world of commercial vacuum cleaners and singling out the best commercial vacuum for pet hair isn’t on our ‘To-do’ list today. We’ll stick to the household ones, particularly the machines adept at removing long hair from your home. 

With this in-depth review and buying guide, bring home the best vacuum for long hair and you won’t have to feel guilty about your hair fall anymore. 

Furthermore, your long-furred Frodo won’t have to wag his tail to make it up to you when you sulk while cleaning after his shedding ( chances are, he won’t realize that and keep wagging his tail anyway).

So, let’s get straight to our chartbusters- the best vacuums for hair!

Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Long Hair

With innovative design and supreme performance, these 10 have earned a place on our list of the best vacuum cleaners for hair removal in 2020. 

They are all different in terms of genre, brand, features, size, and price tag and much more, with only one thing in common- they handle hair, both yours and your pet’s, like a pro!

01. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum

Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet...
  • Shark's original full-sized Powered Lift-Away. The pod detaches to...
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter trap over 99.9% of...
  • Large capacity with full-size performance for a whole-home clean


  • Extremely powerful suction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good with stubborn pet hair
  • Gets under low furniture with ease
  • The HEPA filter captures 99.9% of dust and allergens


  • Pricey
  • Heavy to maneuver

What We Found Out:

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum is a transformer. With the push of a button, it remolds from an upright into a handheld vacuum. 

This one is specially designed to get rid of pet hair and dander, hence the name ‘TruePet’. But don’t get misled by its name if you don’t have a pet! 

If you have long hair and you keep finding them settling anywhere and everywhere around you, this may just be the right machine for you.


  • Bagless vacuum
  • HEPA certified filter
  • Convenient fingertip controls
  • LED lights on the nozzle and handle


  • Hard Floor Hero
  • True Pet Motorized Brush
  • Pet Multi Tool
  • Storage caddy

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright is a beast when it comes to sucking up long human hair and pet hair alike. Some users find the suction so strong that they claim that it can even suck up small rugs. 

But we can’t really complain about that, can we? 

After all, a wise guy once said, “A good vacuum really sucks.”  

Even then, we would have appreciated if it had a suction release valve on the handle.

Moving on to the other features of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet. The HEPA filter with a sealed air system is a highlight of this machine. It traps 99.9% of dust and allergens from your home environment, leaving high-quality air for you to take in. Ergo, it is a good vacuum for allergy sufferers. 

The accessories are pretty handy too. 

You can use the Motorized Brush to target all your pets’ fur buried deep underneath your carpets and upholstered furniture. Use the Pet Multi Tool for more delicate surfaces such as the drapes.

The Hard Floor Hero lives up to its name. It rotates 180 degrees so that you can easily clean around curved furniture. You can also purchase additional equipment for your vacuum from a wide range of tools that Shark offers.


The setup process of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright is fairly easy, but the instruction manual doesn’t explain how to use the tools. This can get a bit inconvenient for the first time users.  

There are fingertip controls on the handle that makes it easy for you to switch among the different floor types- hard floor, low pile, and thick carpet. A word of advice here, while cleaning over lightweight rugs keep the machine on the ‘hard floor’ mode. This is the least powerful suction mode that will not suck up your rug but will clean it just fine!

There are LED lights on the nozzle and handle that illuminates dark corners when you clean them.

What We Think: 

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet is one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners available out there.

It is great for removing pet fur, long hair, and dust from hardwood floors, thicker and larger rugs, as well as upholstery. It is too powerful for smaller lightweight rugs but we have already told you the secret to solving that problem.

Overall, we think this is the best bagless vacuum for pet hair!

02. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright...
  • Buy Bissell, save pets Bissell donates up to 10 dollars to the Bissell pet...
  • Triple action brush roll + scatter free technology maximize pet hair pickup...
  • 27’ power cord automatically rewinds for quick and easy storage. Cleaning...


  • Affordable
  • Swivel Steering
  • Thoughtful Features
  • Retractable Power Cord
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to push on shag rugs
  • Specializes in removing long hair


  • Suction power is lower than expected

What We Found Out:

Bissell is well reputed for manufacturing great vacuums at affordable prices. The Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is just that.

It is armed with a wide range of thoughtful features that make it a pro at removing hair from surfaces. It is not a surprise that many users regard it as the best vacuum for long hair removal

Do we agree?

Let’s do some digging.


  • Bagless, upright
  • Advanced triple action brush roll
  • Multi-cyclonic technology
  • Scatter free technology
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Height adjustment
  • Swivel steering


  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Pet Multi Tool
  • Pet Corner Brush

The list of features that Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum brings with it is quite long. You can rest assured that none are redundant. 

The Advanced Triple Action Brush Roll is designed to do 3 things- Loosen, Lift and then Remove dust, debris, and hair from a surface. This feature enables this vacuum to pick up even the longest hair from both hardwood and carpet. Ergo, we agree on the point that this is the best vacuum to pick up long hair.

Another noteworthy feature is the Multi-Cyclonic Technology. This simply means that when dirt, debris, and hair are picked up by the machine, they undergo a spin in a circular motion. 

This separates the dirt from the airflow and also keeps it away from the motor. This way, the filter also doesn’t get clogged.

The accessories that come with the Cleanview Swivel Rewind contain a Pet Multi-Tool and a Pet Corner Brush. The Multi-Tool erases unwanted long hair strands while the Corner Brush acts on hairballs in corners. 

Even though these are pet tools, they work on long human hair with equal efficiency. 


User-friendliness is another vital category the Cleanview Swivel Rewind excels at. 

The automatic cord rewind relieves you of the menace of dealing with long cords. Just push a button and the power cord will automatically retract.

With the Height Adjustment feature, you can adjust the brush roll depending on the type of floor you are dealing with. There are 5 different floor options!

This feature lets you determine how much contact the brush will make with the floor. This is a blessing for the ones who worry about scratches on their hard floor. 

Many users find themselves annoyed when their vacuum cleaners scatter dust and debris on the floor instead of picking them up. With the Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright, this is not going to be an issue. The Scatter Free Technology takes care of that!  

This device is easy to assemble. Dust cup has a good capacity and is easy to empty. With a lightweight and swivel steering, it is easily maneuvered. 

The filter is washable, hence reusable. Washing it isn’t hard either. Just rinse it under running tap water and you should be done.

The only thing that did not live up to our expectation is the suction power. It is nowhere close to that of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet and similar devices.

What We Think: 

We have just one thing to say about Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright- this is a supreme quality vacuum cleaner that cleans dirt and dust like a piece of cake. Its hair removal capability is matchless. 

We, therefore, pronounce this as the best vacuum cleaner for human hair as well as the best upright vacuum for pet hair! It deserves this praise.

03. Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Bagged...
  • FilterBag volume - 6 litres. 1, 200-W Miele-Made Vortex Motor, providing...
  • Made in Germany, the Dynamic U1 Power Line is tested for up to 20 year’s...
  • Maximum air filtration with an Air Clean Sealed System and HEPA Air Clean...


  • Supreme quality
  • Follows floor contour for optimal cleaning
  • Automatically adjustable suction
  • HEPA filtration cleans 99.9% allergens
  • Odor control
  • Swivel Steering
  • LED Headlights


  • Expensive

What We Found Out:

Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is an elite in the world of bagged vacuum cleaners. It is the best heavy duty vacuum for pet hair in our listicle today! 

This German-made masterpiece boasts some pretty great features. Above all, the cleaning performance is impressive, which ideally should be the most important concern when choosing a vacuum cleaner.  


  • Exclusive electro brush
  • Automatic suction adjustment
  • 2 level HEPA filtration with odor control
  • AirClean bag with quick seal flap
  • Swivel steering
  • Auto adjustable vacuum head
  • LED headlight


  • Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Tool 

The ElectroBrush boasts an ability that we don’t get to see often. It can follow that contour of the floor.

Why is that necessary?

Knowing the contour of the surface enables it to detect anything that is not a part of the floor, thereby picking up the most minute debris and hair strands. This feature alone takes the cleaning performance to a new level. 

The vacuum is intuitive. It automatically adjusts properties like the suction power and height of the vacuum head. There is a dedicated motor for creating suction. As a result, the suction is strong. 

This bagged vacuum sports HEPA filters strengthened by an odor control and an AirClean Bag with a Quick Seal flap. All these together erase 99.9% allergy particles from the air, never allowing them to return!

There are three additional tools- a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery tool.


There are undoubtedly lighter machines on this list, but the swivel neck steering prevents it from giving you a bulky feel. The hose is longer than the ones usually found in canisters giving you more ease of mobility. 

The LED headlight illuminates its way in the most notorious corners.

What We Think: 

Bagged vacuums are always great on carpet. The Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline gracefully agrees and improvises. In the world of bagged vacuums, this is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair on carpet.

This device however not only reigns over carpets. It reigns supreme! 

We conclude that the Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline is the best bagged vacuum for pet hair. 

04. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright...
  • Strongest suction of any vacuum. Suction tested to ASTM F558 at the cleaner...
  • Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home - Our vacuums and...
  • Engineered for homes with pets: With features and tools that dig out dirt,...


  • Powerful suction- the strongest Dyson offers
  • Tangle-free turbine attachment
  • HEPA filter
  • Certified asthma and allergy friendly
  • 5-year warranty
  • Large capacity bin


  • Expensive
  • Heavy 
  • Noisy

What We Found Out:

The best Dyson vacuum for pet hair is the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright. Outside the world of Dyson, it has conveniently made its mark in the best vacuum for pet hair reviews.

What’s so special about it?

Let’s find out.


  • Upright, stick vacuum
  • HEPA filter removes 99.9% allergens 
  • Self-adjustable tangle-free nozzle
  • Tremendous suction power
  • Bin can be emptied with the push of a button
  • Instant release wand to reach toughest parts of the house
  • Long power cord
  • Lifetime washable filters


  • Combination Tool
  • Stair Tool
  • Tangle-free Turbine Tool
  • Additional Dyson Tools

These features and accessories coupled with an impressive design make Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright a real attraction. There is a catch- the price tag. On the bright side, Dyson puts a 5-year warranty on the table, adding to its appeal.

This device is a must-have if you have a loved one with asthma or allergy issues. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 with a really effective HEPA filter, has earned a seal of approval from The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America!

Moreover, the filters are washable and reusable for life, relieving you of the burden of replacing filters every once in a while.

The suction power, as we keep mentioning is another matter of pride for this device. The manufacturer has built it with the highest suction capability it can offer. We wouldn’t be bragging if we claim this one is the whizz-kid of Dyson.

The auto adjustable nozzle and the quick-release wand ensures premium performance. With the instant release wand, you can clean areas that are otherwise hard to reach. It gets under low furniture easily!

The tangle-free brush roll picks up pet hair cozily while not getting tangled itself. 

Pet hair isn’t the only area of expertise of Dyson Ball Animal 2. It removes even the most unseen fine strands of human hair from all surfaces. This makes it the best vacuum for long human hair in addition to making it the best vacuum for long dog hair.

In addition to the regular accessories, this vacuum can be attached with all the additional tools Dyson offers for purchase. We don’t feel those are really necessary, though.

Even then if you go for Dyson Ball Animal 2, you can check them out and see if you fancy any one or more.


It is a bit on the heavier side, but a swivel steering should make navigation easier.  The bin is large and can be hygienically emptied with the push of a button so that you don’t have to touch the dirt.

Along with performance, the brush roll ensures convenience as well. It is tangle-free. This is a blessing. You won’t have to worry about detangling the brush after every cleaning session!

There are a few things we don’t like about Dyson Ball Animal 2. 

Firstly, the assembling process is a bit tricky and time-consuming. The instruction manual lacks detail. Alternatively, there is an online tutorial that can make your life easier.

The next is the hum of the vacuum cleaner. It is a tad noisy.

The last thing we found standing in the way of convenience is that this device keeps clicking in and out of its upright position automatically. This may be a problem as many users prefer to have control over it via the foot lever. 

What We Think: 

With a supreme cleaning performance over any kind of surface especially the hardwood floor and a commendable ability to pick up both animal and pet hair alike, plus considering the features it comes with, we conclude that:

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum earns the title of our:

  • Best stick vacuum for pet hair on hardwood floors


  • One of our best vacuum cleaners for long human hair!

05. Eureka NEU180B Lightweight Powerful Upright

Eureka NEU180B Lightweight Powerful Upright,...
  • 【Lightweight & Portable】This 10-lbs Eureka powerspeed upright vacuum...
  • 【Powerful Multi-surface Vacuum】With five height adjustment settings,...
  • 【Extra-large Dust Cup】With a 2.6L dust cup, this bagless vacuum...


  • Ergonomic
  • Light as a feather
  • Extra-large dust cup
  • Affordable
  • Handy accessories
  • Onboard storage spots for all the tools


  • The upholstery brush is not motorized
  • Doesn’t reach under couches and low furniture
  • The bare floor mode is noisy

What We Found Out:

The Eureka Neu180B Lightweight Powerful Upright really means it when it claims to be ‘lightweight’ and ‘powerful’. With a weight of just about 10 pounds, it is surprisingly a mighty machine. 

It comes with some pretty impressive features and accessories at a lucrative price tag. 


  • Upright, bagless
  • 2.6 Litres dirt cup
  • Washable filter
  • Height adjustable floor head
  • Comfortable D-shaped grip handles


  • Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Tool

Even though the  Eureka Neu180B  is specifically designed for tackling pet hair, it cleans human hair as effectively. The highly powered motor and accessories together with its price, make it ideal for homes struggling with hair shedding but are on a tight budget. 

This upright vacuum comes with a wide upholstery brush, which may not be motorized, but picks up embedded pet hair with finesse. 

The floor head is height adjustable with 5 different floor options and has a wide cleaning path. The wand is long and narrow. This makes it easy to slip it into tight crevices. The crevice tool and the dusting brush enhances the vacuuming process further!


The Eureka Neu 180B Lightweight is extremely easy to move around. Moreover, comfortable D-shaped handles make the cleaning experience more pleasant! 

The machine offers an onboard storage spot for all three of its tools. In addition, there are rear hooks to keep the power cord damage free.

Speaking of the power cord, it is quite long- 25 feet to be exact. Conversely, though, the hose of this device is rather short.  

The dirt cup has a huge room, which means that frequent trips to the trash can won’t be necessary. 

The filter is washable and reusable. Just like the Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright, you won’t have to spare any effort into cleaning the filter. It just needs a thorough rinsing under tap water before it is ready to be used fresh!

What We Think: 

Upright vacuums are generally perceived as heavy and hard to navigate. The Eureka NEU180B proves this wrong. 

With great usability comes great performance as well. This vacuum cleans hardwood, carpets, rugs, and tiles equally easily. 

We think the Eureka NEU180B Lightweight Powerful Upright is the best affordable vacuum for pet hair!

06. Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum (NV42) for Carpet and Hard Floor with Anti-Allergy Seal

Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless...
  • Dust cup capacity - 2.6 quarts. Never Loses Suction
  • Lightweight and Maneuverable
  • Superior Carpet & Bare Floor Cleaning


  • Large 3-quart dirt cup
  • Long hose
  • Long power cord
  • Reasonably priced
  • HEPA filter
  • Strong suction
  • Effective accessories


  • No swivel steering
  • No headlight
  • Easily tips over due to a high center of gravity
  • No storage for attachments

What We Found Out:

If your home is mostly about carpeted floors, look no further than Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum. Carpets, even the plush ones are bound to fall in love with this one! Many reviews chime that this is the best vacuum for hair on carpet.

So, does that mean it doesn’t clean hard floors well?

Not necessarily.

The Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum is sort of a jack of all trades and a master of all. Calling it the best Shark for pet hair, or any hair for that matter, isn’t an exaggeration! 


  • Strong suction
  • HEPA filter removes 99.9% allergens
  • Long power cord and hose
  • Washable and reusable filters


  • Crevice Tool
  • Brush Tool
  • Pet Hair Power Tool

The Pet Hair Power Tool of Shark NV42 picks up a lot of pet hair from upholstery and stairs. At the end of your first vacuuming session, you won’t believe how much pet hair has been accumulating on your upholstery.  

The performance is similar over the bare floor and superior on the carpet, although mentioning this is sort of redundant by now.

You will find the hose and wand quite efficient in cleaning large bits of dirt. Speaking of the hose, it is really long! 

The power cord is conveniently long as well, although it is not retractable. So you better watch your steps! This device is a bit power-hungry, something you will disapprove if you adore energy-efficient appliances. 

The dirt cup is large which saves you visits to the trash can. The HEPA filter erases almost all allergens from the air, earning it the ‘anti-allergy seal’ that Shark adds to its name! 

In addition, the filters are washable and reusable. You should wash the primary filter once a month. The HEPA filter, on the contrary, doesn’t need cleaning often!


Surely we have been telling you about the performance of Shark NV42 over the carpeted floor. What we saved for this usability section is this word of advice- don’t expect the cleaning to be an easy task!

This vacuum cleaner shockingly lacks a swivel steering, therefore, pushing it around will require some work. Since it pulls up a lot of hair, it is advisable to check the beater bar and the hose for blockages on a regular basis.

A long power cord makes it easy to use over a large area keeping it plugged to a single power outlet. The super-long hose and a large capacity dirt cup add to its usability.

Overall, the Shark NV42 is quite a user-friendly appliance! 

What We Think:

Shark NV42 sucks like a hungry beast, leaving little to zero hair on the cleaning surface. It works on all other surfaces including the bare floor quite smoothly. But above all, It is an expert carpet cleaner. 

If you are storming the web with searches that sound like “the best vacuum for human hair on carpet”, or simply “best vacuum cleaner for hair on carpet” you’ll surely land up with the Shark NV42 along with a select few!  

07. Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner BH50020PC

Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: At 10 pounds this vacuum cleaner is easy to clean effortlessly
  • MULTI FLOOR CLEANING: Easily transition from carpet to hardwood floors
  • WINDTUNNEL TECHNOLOGY: Creates channels of suction to lift and remove...


  • Super lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Good suction
  • Reclining design makes it easy to reach under low furniture


  • Recharge time is awfully longer than the actual run time

What We Found Out:

Hoover Linx Signature BH50020PC is just what cordless stick vacuum cleaner should be- lightweight, ergonomically designed, and easy to use. This stick vacuum is sleek, good looking, and will occupy small storage space. 

Don’t let the weight give you a wrong impression though. The Hoover Linx Signature is quite powerful, more than its Linx predecessor. Many will agree that this is one of the best Hoover vacuums for pet hair.


  • Cordless
  • Stick vacuum
  • Multi-floor cleaning
  • Windtunnel technology


  • Removable Lithium-ion battery with a separate charging unit

The greatest feature of Hoover Linx Signature, apart from its weight, is its absence of cords. A cordless vacuum is more portable and user friendly than the best-corded ones. Steer your vacuum cleaner anywhere without it being held back by a leash!

The reclining design enables it to slip under low furniture easily. However, it may not travel that far down these areas as the large collection area may get the device stuck!

WindTunnel Technology creates a strong suction, equipping this light device with sufficient power. 

The Multi Floor feature allows you to switch between two different floor types- carpet and hard floor. We found the cleaning to be equally effective on both. 

It picks up hair skillfully – both human and pet hair alike.  

It struggles a bit with flat items such as shreds of paper. In terms of performance, the Hoover Linx Signature BH50020PC can give its counterparts, such as the best Dyson cordless for pet hair, quite a competition! 


When you get rid of cords, naturally, you’ll have to deal with batteries. This unit comes with a removable Lithium-ion battery and a charging dock. You can either charge it separately in the dock or directly from the vacuum cleaner! 

Getting the battery to charge itself isn’t the tedious part though. Waiting for it to be charged completely is. It takes 3 hours to be fully charged which is a lot longer than its run time- 15 minutes.

Apart from making you wait while it charges itself, the Hoover Linx Signature won’t give you any other issue to sulk about. This one is easy to handle, easy to move around, and easy to store. That’s a lot of ‘easy’ over there.

What We Think: 

The Hoover Linx SIgnature is our best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair. It is more suited to small to medium households and apartments than its larger counterparts. 

Ergo for a small to medium living space, this one is the best vacuum for pet hairs!

08. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister...
  • Dust cup capacity - 2.5 liters. Ideal for quick and efficient cleaning
  • Convenient for home and auto
  • Includes blower port


  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Reaches underneath furniture 
  • Handy accessories
  • Great for cleaning stairs


  • Noisy
  • Unimpressive on carpets

What We Found Out: 

Canister vacuums are well known for their ability to get into hard to reach areas. The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner will, therefore, give you a good reach!  

Even though canister vacuums struggle to keep up their charm when compared to uprights and the new generation robots, the Mighty Might is an exception! 

With a lightweight structure and some quality accessories, it succeeds to make its place among the top 10 best vacuum cleaners for hair removal!


  • Extension Wand
  • Deluxe Floor Brush
  • Bare Floor Nozzle

There is no contradiction that the Mighty Might is indeed quite mighty. It removes dirt, debris, long strands of hair and fur pretty well from tile and hardwood floors. 

It goes a notch further on stairs. If there was a category for the best vacuum for stairs, we surely would have recommended Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G.

The problem, however, presents if your home is mostly carpeted. In contrast with Shark NV42, the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G is not meant for carpets and rugs. Here, the performance is nothing but unimpressive.

The 3670G has passed the test of time. This canister vacuum has been a favorite of many users for years. 

In spite of that, some users felt disappointed when they replaced their old Mighty Might with a new one. They observed that the new materials are cheap and the machine has degraded in terms of quality. 

Just so you know, we won’t truly be able to comment on that since we didn’t try comparing an old Eureka Mighty Might with a fresh one. 

What We Think: 

This is the best canister vacuum cleaner for picking up hair!

It works wonders on stairs, hard floors, garage and inside vehicles. It doesn’t like working on carpets and rugs. Only go for this canister vacuum if your home is mostly about hard floors.

09. Shark ION Robot Vacuum WIFI-Connected, Voice Control Dual-Action Robotic Vacuum 

Shark ION Robot Vacuum R75 with Wi-Fi and...
  • THREE BRUSH TYPES. ONE POWERFUL CLEAN: Tri-Brush System combines side...
  • COMPLETELY INTEGRATED IN YOUR HOME: Shark ION Robot senses ledges and...
  • CLEAN FROM YOUR PHONE: SharkClean app lets you start and stop cleaning and...


  • Intuitive app
  • Quiet
  • Intelligent Cliff Sensors
  • Good at cleaning dense masses
  • Won’t ram your furniture
  • Works with Alexa and Google Home


  • Not one of the best vacuums for animal hair
  • So so cleaning performance
  • Lacks basic features such as edge cleaning and manual control
  • Insufficient Cleaning TIme

What We Found Out:

The Shark Ion RV750 is a robotic vacuum. We found this bot to be really cute. You will operate it using a straightforward and easy to use application. The bot will be connected with the app via WIFI

The Shark Ion RV750 is the first Shark of its kind. Shark has tried to pour all its wisdom to this device. As a result, the Ion RV750 does succeed to shine in some aspects. But ‘some’ not ‘all’ is the catch here.


  • User-friendly app
  • Alexa and Google Home compatible
  • Find My Bot feature
  • Smart sensor technology
  • Magnetic Bot Boundary Strip
  • Multi-surface brushroll
  • Dual side brushes
  • Automatic mode selection

We’ll focus on the praiseworthy features first. 

The Shark Ion is blissfully quiet. Your ears will never know when it is at work. A soundless experience is something human beings do not get to enjoy when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Thankfully the new generation robot vacuums promise mankind with just that. 

The Shark Ion, especially, is very particular about keeping its mouth sealed. You cannot help but love the little bot for this.

Then comes the app. It is user-friendly and intuitive. You won’t need any instruction manual or video tutorial to get used to it. 

Smart Sensor Technology is another thing that we adore about this botvac. It consists of proximity sensors that prevent the bot from bumping into walls and furniture, thus keeping both itself and your valuables unscathed.

The Magnetic Bot Boundary strip is more thoughtfully designed compared to its contemporaries.

WithThe ‘Find My Bot’ feature you can ping your miniature Shark so that it doesn’t get lost in the abyss you call home. 

Well, that’s about all we like about the Shark Ion RV750. In terms of cleaning performance, we can’t really claim that this is the best robot vacuum for long hair or the best cordless vacuum for pet hair. Many times, it fails to pick up 100% of the hair and debris scattered over a surface on a single go.

It does suck up as much as it can on its path, though. The Multi-surface Brush Roll removes most of the hair, dust, and dander, while the Dual Side Brushes do the cleaning in the corners and edges.

We found the automatic mode selection feature ineffective.


The Shark Ion RV750 is the easiest botvac to operate. The setup process doesn’t require any effort. You won’t need to look into the web to figure out how to start cleaning with it. The app and the device itself is really simple.

The bot takes about 4 hours to charge up to 100%. Each cleaning cycle lasts 1 hour, although many find this duration insufficient. 

Most reviews agree that it is a bit ‘clueless.’ We share that opinion. Each time the botvac gets stuck and you have to move it, it registers a new cleaning cycle. It may prove to be annoying for many, but we didn’t find it bothersome!  

What We Think: 

The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum WIFI-Connected, Voice Control Dual-Action Robotic Vacuum has made it to our top chart of the best vacuum cleaner for long hair majorly because of a few great qualities such as the ease of use, an attractive price tag, and smart features. 

In terms of cleaning performance, we do admit that it could do better. 

It may singularly not be the best robot vacuum for long hair, but it surely is among the great ones.

10. Black+Decker Light Weight Black & Decker BDASV102 AIRSWIVEL Ultra Upright Cleaner

Black+Decker Light Weight Black & Decker...
  • Only 9.1 pounds for easy handling, carrying and storage
  • Swivel steering for ultimate maneuverability
  • Large dust cup capacity of 2 liter


  • Lightweight
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Long hose
  • Long power cord
  • Swivel steering
  • Patented AirSwivel Technology


  • Tends to clog

What We Found Out:

Most uprights have two motors. The Black+Decker Light Weight Black & Decker BDASV102 AIRSWIVEL Ultra Upright has one. 

For one thing, the machine itself is lightweight. Then, the makers decided to further cut down on its weight by keeping it single motored. 

Does that hamper its performance?

Not really. 

With a splendid suction power, the BDASV102 is equally good on carpet and hardwood. But is this the best vacuum cleaner for picking up human hair?

Combining its power with factors like price and portability, many think it is. 

We certainly agree it deserves a spot among our top picks!


  • Upright, bagless
  • Large, translucent dirt cup with a convenient ‘empty’ feature
  • Patented AirSwivel Technology to reach hard to reach areas
  • 30 feet long power cord
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Washable foam filters
  • Impressive suction


  • Pet Tool
  • Special Upholstery Tool
  • 3-in-1 Crevice Tool

Black+Decker Light Weight Black & Decker BDASV102 AIRSWIVEL Ultra Upright Cleaner is a complete cleaning machine. The brush that comes with the pet tool is great at removing pesky pet hair.  

The Crevice Tool will easily get into tight spaces. The special Upholstery Tool perfectly renders your couches hair-free!

We observed two setbacks with this one. 

Firstly it shoots around dust and debris around, before finally picking them up.

In the second place comes the inconvenience that it causes when it clogs. It tends to clog more often than its counterparts.


Although it is lightweight it is a large machine. Even then, portability is a strong suit of Black+Decker Light Weight Black & Decker BDASV102 AIRSWIVEL Ultra Upright. 

The handle is ergonomically designed. An elongated power cord allows the user to use the device across a large area of the house while keeping it plugged into a single power source.

The washable foam filters are usable for life. So there is little to no maintenance cost attached with the Black & Decker BDASV102 AIRSWIVEL.

What We Think: 

Black & Decker BDASV102 AIRSWIVEL is the best vacuum cleaner for long pet hair as well as human hair for medium to large households on a budget. 

The long slithering power cord may prove to be a bit overwhelming and you may sometimes face the issue of a clogged machine.

Buying Guide: What Should Your Vacuum for Long Hair Consist of?

The only thing you need to ask yourself before picking your kind of best vacuum cleaner for hair is this:

“What will my house agree with?”

For instance, a large house may comfortably fit a large vacuum cleaner. The same model would prove to be a bulky burden for a compact apartment.

Here is a checklist featuring factors that you and your household need to decide on before you make the purchase.

Type of Brush Roll:

A tangle-free brush roll is ideal for dealing with all sorts of hair and fur. Usually upright vacuums like the Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum and stick vacuums such as the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright sport this feature. 

In case you are wondering which to choose between an upright and a stick vacuum, here are some differences.

  • Stick vacuums are lighter, slimmer, and easier to carry around.
  • Upright vacuums draw more power than stick vacuums.
  • Upright vacuums are larger with a greater bin capacity.

Size of the Vacuum:

How big do you want your vacuum cleaner to be?

In small households, storage is an issue. Besides, a vacuum that looks like a beast isn’t even necessary in such a setup. 

Smaller and lightweight machines like the Eureka Neu180B Lightweight Powerful Upright are therefore more suited to small cozy homes and apartments. 

Conversely, larger homes need larger machines to take care of them. Vacuums like the Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner are cleaning giants that are great for large cleaning areas.

Weight of the Vacuum:

The weight of a device, naturally, increases with its size. We may not have a lot of objections with a large-sized device, but we don’t like pushing heavy machinery around.

It is wise, therefore, to avoid vacuum cleaners that are too heavy. Also, look for a swivel steering if your chosen one is on the heavier side. This will make maneuvering it an easy task. 

Most vacuum cleaners in our listicle have swivel steering. Black+Decker Light Weight Black & Decker BDASV102 AIRSWIVEL Ultra Upright is one of them.


Irrespective of whether or not you have a loved one who suffers from allergies, it is always advisable to go for a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filtration system. 

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum Cleaner proudly boasts its certification by the Asthma and Allergy Association of America. Not only this Dyson though, but most vacuums in today’s list also carry this feature. 

Another factor to consider while evaluating the filter of your desired vacuum is whether it is washable and reusable. Reusable filters mean that you won’t need to worry about replacing your vacuum cleaner filter every now and then.


The best vacuum for long hair is invariably the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Therefore, always look for a device that comes with innovative pet accessories. The Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum by Bissell surely beats others in this respect.

Suction Power:

A tangle-free brush roll may effortlessly pick up hair from your floor, but pulling it into the abyss of the vacuum is what a suction does. If it is not powerful enough, the hair will clog the vacuum’s tube and ultimately affect the overall efficiency and cleaning performance of your vacuum. 

Ergo, choose the one that really sucks!

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright guarantees you the strongest suction ability among the best lot.

Power Cord:

This is another feature you need to give a thought before you set out to buy your vacuum cleaner. 

Corded or Cordless? Sort that out first. 

A cordless vacuum cleaner is much more ‘free’ to move around. A cordless vacuum such as the Hoover Linx Signature BH50020PC runs on battery power so you won’t need to look for a power outlet all the time. 

However, bear in mind that a cordless vacuum has a shorter run time as the battery drains really fast.

A corded vacuum may make you feel like you are being held off by a leash. Many a time, you won’t find a power source anywhere near your cleaning area. 

Therefore, if you go for a corded vacuum, make sure the power cord is long enough just like the Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum. This will enable you to cover a large area without plugging your machine on and off several times. A word of advice: make sure not to trip over!

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Vacuums for Hair

01. What is the difference between a regular vacuum and a vacuum for hair?

Vacuum cleaners for hair, mostly known as pet vacuum cleaners differ from a regular one in design and suction power. 

From head to toe, a pet vacuum cleaner is constructed keeping stubborn hair in mind. Here is how pet vacuums differ from regular vacuum cleaners:

  • They have greater suction power.
  • They contain high-efficiency allergen filters.
  • They feature motorized brush rolls for easy removal of pet hair.
  • Each comes with unique features designed to clean households with pets.
  • Accessory packs include pet-related tools especially for above-floor surfaces such as the upholstery.

If you don’t have a pet but have to clean a lot of hair strands scattered all over the place, we recommend you use a pet hair vacuum, and not a regular one. 

Regular vacuum cleaners cannot cope with a lot of hair. Consequently, hair messes up the beater bar and clogs the device in different places making the cleaner inefficient.  

02. How often should I vacuum?

This depends on how quickly your home gets filled with hair. This will depend on several things including the number of pets you have, how much each pet sheds and how much hair fall you suffer from.

The general rule goes like this-

  • In the case of a single pet that sheds moderately, you can vacuum as rarely as once a week.
  • With multiple pets or pets that shed a lot, vacuum once every other day.
  • During spring and fall, cats and dogs shed more frequently. Vacuum twice as that of your regular frequency during these seasons.
  • During tick and flea season vacuum your house every time after you bring your pet from outdoors so that you don’t get infested. 

03. Can a vacuum for pet hair help with my allergies?

Yes, it can.

A pet hair vacuum removes the maximum amount of pet hair dander from your environment. This vastly improves your allergy symptoms.

Most highly reviewed pet hair vacuums have multi-level filtration systems like the HEPA. This traps allergens in such a way that, once they are picked up, they don’t float their way back into the air you breathe.

04. Can a vacuum cleaner for hair remove odor from my home?

All vacuum cleaners for hair are not equipped to remove odor from your surroundings. Some are. You will have to specifically look for this feature when you eye a pet vacuum.

The Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner has this feature.

05. How much effort do I have to put in the maintenance of a vacuum for long hair?

Not much really.

You will just need to do some basic chores that include:

  • Emptying the dirt cup when full.
  • Replacing the bag if it is a bagged variety.
  • Occasionally clean parts like the brush roll and hose.
  • Rinse the filters under running water if they are washable.
  • Replace the filters after a time interval if they are the replaceable ones. 

Endnote: Love Thy Vacuum

Just because nature abhors a vacuum, you don’t have to!

Thanks to the brains behind the magnanimous vacuum cleaner industry, gone are the days when mankind had to detangle their homes using the vacuum cleaner and then detangle the vacuum itself with bare hands.

The era of intelligent appliances is here. The time to love them is now! 

We hope with this article we succeeded to bring your best vacuum for long hair a step closer to you.

Before we part ways, here is a fun fact:

Only Frodo to Blame?

The best vacuums for picking up hair are never marketed under the label “vacuum for human hair.” 

Even though they are equally efficient with both fur and human hair, they always go by the name- pet vacuums. 

Whenever you hit the web with a search that reads “best vacuum cleaner for hair human”, you’ll always land up with pet vacuums as a result!

Why don’t we share the blame for the shedding with our old Frodo? Who knows?

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