Cleaning Made Easy: Multi-Purpose Bissell CrossWave Surface Cleaner Review

If so, you’re not alone. We understand how keeping your house spotless can be troublesome. 

All those tools and solutions that you need to get out of the storage. Going over your house multiple times to make sure there is no spot left unchecked. It can take hours to get stuff done!

Don’t you just wish there was one device that could do all those tasks and actually do a good job? 

Your wish has been granted! We bring to you, the Bissell CrossWave!

This device, according to several Bissell CrossWave reviews, is a revolutionary floor and carpet cleaner that vacuums and mops at the same time! It makes cleaning a breeze and an absolutely satisfying experience, leaving you feeling accomplished and content.

Do we have your attention? Then, jump right in!

Why Should You Get the Bissell CrossWave?

There are several reasons to get this gorgeous machine. Almost all Bissell CrossWave professional multi-surface cleaner reviews will tell you that it’s not just a great looker. The device can work like a pro to help you improve your cleaning routine!

Saves Your Time

The Bissell CrossWave allows you to clean multiple types of surfaces in your house with one device, reported by some Bissell wet dry vacuum reviews. It also mops and vacuums at the same time, using the rotating brush to direct debris and liquid towards the suction for more efficient cleaning.

So, instead of making several rounds with different gadgets and equipment, pick up the CrossWave to make life easier!

Cleaning Up Made Simple

When using the CrossWave, you don’t have to clean the dirty tank after every use when you’re doing a general vacuuming of your house. However, the brush does need to be washed out from time to time so you’re not left rubbing smudges over the same spot.

Don’t worry though, there’s a quick and easy method to overcome this hassle. 

You simply pour clean water into the holding chamber of the storage tray and let the machine run for 10 to 15 seconds!

Help Save Homeless Pets!

A bonus benefit that comes with the purchase of the Bissell CrossWave, is that the earnings for this product are spent in saving homeless pets!

Not only are you getting a magnificent device for your home, but are also saving an animal to find a forever home! 

You can even recommend the new parents of the animals to keep their homes clean with the Bissell Pet Pro All-in-One Cleaner!  

Review of the Bissell CrossWave 

It goes without saying that the Bissell CrossWave is truly a revolutionary invention. Combining the tasks of vacuuming and washing into one simplifies our lives but ten-folds! 

The Bissell CrossWave uses its Dual Action brush to sweep up debris and push it towards the suction making it faster and smoother than other regular vacuums. Mud, dirt, and every other debris don’t stand a chance against it!

Its best feature is its ability to mop and vacuum at the same time, though, because it puts an end to the annoyance of cleaning up spills that contain both solids and liquids, like say an upturned bowl of cereal. The CrossWave cleans it all up, leaving no spot untouched!

It can also wash area rugs! All of this, using only one device and in a few minutes! But can it really do all that without any drawbacks?

Several Crosswave Bissell reviews on the internet have talked about its limitations.

For one, the size of the debris can vary the performance of the CrossWave. Debris that is larger than the gap in front can slow it down. This is definitely understandable.

Another issue is with sticky spills such as honey requires you to go over the area multiple times to remove it. However, when you’re done, it leaves no residue at all.

For rugs, if there is debris, it’s a good idea to go over it with just the vacuum first. This removes them instead of letting it mixing with the solution making a worse mess. Then, simply trigger the solution to wash the rug, and give it a new life!

Things We Love about It

  • It vacuums and mops at once.
  • It’s quick and effective.
  • It easy to set up and maneuver.
  • It works over multiple types of surfaces.
  • It supports the Bissell Pet Foundation.
  • It doesn’t cost too much to maintain. 

Things We Don’t Love about It

  • It’s expensive.
  • It’s not effective over some carpets.

Why We Still Recommend It

Despite its drawbacks, almost all the reviews of Bissell CrossWave will agree that it’s an extremely effective device.

It cleans up better than most standalone vacuum cleaners and requires less strength than a mop. Use them both together, and you’ll have fun cleaning!

It’s a convenient device- easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to store. We’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy and hassle-free cleaning tool.

Buying Guide: Exclusive Features of the Bissell CrossWave 

Here are some features that the Bissell CrossWave has that you should know to make full use of the device!

 Vacuums and Cleans at the Same Time

Usually, during a cleaning process, you need to go over the house with a vacuum cleaner in order to get rid of the dust and debris first. 

The Bissell Crosswave covers two tasks in one round of the house: vacuuming and mopping. The  Dual-Action Brush Roll allows the device to suck up both solids and liquids, essentially doing two tasks at once and taking half the time!

Multi-Surface Cleaning Machine

This fine device can be used over multiple types of floors including hardwood, tiles, and area rugs!

You no longer need to run around with different types of solutions and equipment to clean your rugs and floors. 

Simply switch between the modes on the handle of the Bissell CrossWave. The solution that comes with it is also multipurpose, suitable for almost all surfaces!

Two-Tank System

The Two Tank System, mentioned in a lot of Bissell CrossWave professional reviews, allows for a simpler process of cleaning up.

All you need to do is fill up the clean water tank with water and add the Bissell CrossWave solution, that comes with the device, up to the lines indicated. This solution will be used when you press the trigger under the handle, as in switching to mopping mode.

The dirty water and debris, on the other hand, is going to be sucked up in another tank. This tank has a filter and strainer both, trapping the debris in the tank itself.

Since the two tanks never come into contact, you won’t have to worry about your clean water carrying dirt, undoing all your hard work by accident!

Quick Self-Clean Method

While it’s definitely required for you to clean the tanks and brushes separately from time to time, after using it over large spills, the brush can be cleaned without being removed as well!

The Easy Clean Storage Tray that comes with the device isn’t just to keep your CrossWave on when not in use. It also functions as a cleaning apparatus for the device. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Simply set the machine on the tray and fill it up with water. Recline the handle of the device while it’s in the tray and run the machine for up to 15 seconds. The machine will clean the brush!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Now that you know how to operate the Bissell CrossWave, you may have questions on how versatile or flexible the features are. We’ve looked through some reviews for Bissell CrossWave to come up with the queries most asked after by the customers and interested buyers. 

How do I clean the brush roll and tank?

As the filter is completely removable and small enough to be washed in the sink it’s pretty easy to clean. It’s a simple process of thoroughly rinsing with warm water before you click them back on. 

The brush roll and window are also detachable and should be washed under warm water. The brush roll chamber as well as the underside of the device should also be wiped from time to time. 

While it won’t cause much harm in the short term to let them be, it’s recommended that you do it frequently before the debris hardens and becomes more difficult to remove.

Do I need to use the Bissell Solution in the machine?

Because this device works on different types of surfaces, a solution that’s used to clean floors shouldn’t be used over another. For example, you wouldn’t use a harsh solution that’s for tiles over your rug, would you?

The Bissell Multi-Surface solution is formulated to overcome exactly that problem for this machine in particular. It works great on all materials, so you can get work done quickly and efficiently. 

There are other options available as well, such as the Pet Pro, Hard Wood, Clean Rug, and Deep Clean that may include different brush rolls.

However, if you’re in a bit of a tight spot, there are DIYs available on the internet to make your own solution. It’s not as effective, not recommended, and may damage the machine.

Can I use Bissell to clean up after my pets?

The Bissell CrossWave actually has a device specifically designed to clean up after pets, called the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro.

According to several Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro reviews, this device has some altercations in the design that makes it more suitable for cleaning up after pets. This includes a special multi-surface solution that also removes odors as well as a special strainer in the vacuum to catch fur.

Does Bissell Have Any Cordless Option?

Actually, yes!

Bissell has come with an upgrade of the CrossWave called the Cordless Max. This has the same suction power and performance as the classic CrossWave, but without the hassle of cords. 

Just grab your Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max from it’s charging station – which comes along with the purchase, and use it as you regularly would. 

Without the worry of tangles and coiling for storage, life is much easier with the CrossWave Cordless!


So now that you know all there is to know about the Bissell CrossWave, we hope we’ve made it easier for you to decide. It was made keeping the difficulties of house cleaning in mind since we can all relate to how tough and time-consuming it can be. 

Grab one if you’re on the lookout for a new cleaner because this beauty will be there to stay for a long time!

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