Bissell Big Green: The AWESOME Solution to Cleaner Carpets

A carpeted floor is always fancy to look at and be in. But, it also comes with the continuous fear of getting it spotty.

Be it our own clumsy selves or our kids and pets, having a carpet at home is equal to having a nervous breakdown every five minutes! 

To put an end to our misery, Bissell came up with their Big Green Carpet Cleaner. From homeowners to professionals, everyone has only chanted praises for this vacuum! 

Find out why everyone adores this cleaner in our Bissell Big Green reviews! 

Quick Two Minutes Read- An Overview of the Big Green 

Bissell Green Carpet Cleaner is the ultimate steam cleaning machine for carpets. It maneuvers over your rugs, embracing them, giving them a tough scrubbing to destroy all the smut and germs! In one sentence: It’s a nightmare for grime! 


The parakeet-like green exterior along with the strong build will make you believe that it’ll last long. If that’s your thought at first glance, be rest assured that the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine will keep up with that! 

It’s made up of the finest materials to give you a vacuum that you don’t have to replace every two years. Besides, it’s weight is ideal for keeping it standing without tipping over at any time.

Ease of Use:

The Bissell Big Green Professional is very heavy and there’s no way we’d say otherwise. Luckily you only have to move in one motion, except if you leave out a spot. 

Nevertheless, large rear wheels make it easy to move around without stressing out your back. Besides, the combined reach of the hose and cord is good enough to not have to budge the vacuum every once in a while. 

Value for Money:

We don’t know about you but we hate having to spend heaps on professional carpet cleaners. Keeping a rug clean is not an easy job and having an investment as good as the Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine 86t3 is a money saver! Its fantastic results are just like the professionals, making it worth every penny. 

What We Like:

  • Makes carpets as good as new: There’s no doubt that the steaming feature keeps the rugs clear of dirt along with the germs.
  • Ample amount of suction: The suction is so powerful that it eliminates odor along with the smut.
  • Takes out stains: Not only does the Big Green take out the gunk, but it also removes the sign of any blemishes on the mats.
  • Can be used on soft surfaces: Cleaning spots from stairs and upholstery has never been easier, thanks to the tough stain tool
  • Pet hair: While most steam carpet cleaners get tangled in hair, this big baby picks them up without complaints. 
  • Quicky dry: It doesn’t take long for the freshly cleaned carpets to dry up, leaving you more time to enjoy the warmth.
  • Large capacity water tank: You can get done with your whole house before having to empty the tank or fill up a solution because of the XL capacity. 
  • Easy to use: The instructions and the clearly labeled buttons are a savior when it comes to operating this machine. 
  • Easy to set up: A three-year-old could assemble this since it practically requires no construction. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • No water heater: You have to manually input hot water because there’s no inbuilt heater in it. However, the vacuums with builtin heaters cost more and so this one is just saving you costs. A little inconvenience for more savings! 
  • Small hose: The hose is only 9 feet long, making it short when trying to reach all the way to the top of the stairs. You might have to move the vacuum more when you’re using the extended hose for a spot cleanup. 
  • No edge cleaning tool: While the carpet corners can be easily cleaned with the attachments, the absence of a crevice tool can be an issue when cleaning sofas. 

Why We Recommend It:

Now that you know all the pros and cons of the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86t3, you can be the judge of it. Nevertheless, allow us to tell you that this will give you exceptional results that will keep you reaching out for more. 

Besides, Bissell is a name you can trust given their decades of experience in this industry. They’ve always promised to make household chores easier and this machine just lives up to that promise! 

We don’t know what you’re waiting for but if we were you, we’d rush to get it before it runs out of stock. 

Why Have a Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner?

Here’s our own Bissell Green Machine review. Check out what we absolutely love about it! 

Product Specs:

Dimension20.5 x 11 x 42.5
Weight53 lbs
Cord length25 foot
Hose length9 foot
Tank size1.75 gallons
Power rating12 amps
Cleaning reach (width)10.5”
Warranty5 years

Deep Cleaning:

Here’s a picture of a carpet after just one swipe with the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. Bissell suggests going in a backward and forward motion with this. Although, if a single strike can clean that well, we’d maybe skip on the double movement! 

Warning: it’s awfully disgusting to look at what it picks up! BUT, that’s just proof of how well the Bissell Big Green Cleaning Machine performs. You’ll notice heaps of grime, dust, hair, and every other little grain you never knew existed in your carpets.

It’s no surprise that the Big Green picks up every last bit of embedded dirt, given the powerful suction 12 amps, and the rotary bristle brush.  You know those week-old coffee stains that you tugged at with fail? This one will get that cleaned as well! 


It doesn’t only look and feel big, it works big as well! The tank capacity of this Big Green Machine is 1.75 gallons, making it ideal to clean your entire house. 

There’s also a separate canister for the solution you’ll be pouring in. First, fill in the tank with water till the mark and then mix in the cleaning aid. Since it has a huge potential, you won’t be needing much of the cleaning agent for an entire house. 

If you’re looking for a replacement in the cleaning agent, here are the top three:

  1. Bissell Deep Clean Pro
  2. Bissell Big Green Commercial Cleaner
  3. Bissell Pet Stain & Odor Remover
  4. Bissell Clean & Refresh
  5. Bissell 2-in-1 Antibacterial Carpet Cleaner


First, the machine sprays on the solution to the area. Next, it uses its supreme suction along with the heated water to give your carpet a hot steamed bath! 

Who could deny the magic of steamed cleansing? It instantly takes out the dark patches like a wizard using his wand! Although, those week-old coffee stains might need one or two more extra scrubs along the way. 

For Stairs:

Not only does it make your carpeted floors as good as new, the Bissell Big Green 86t3 goes up to your stairs to clean them up! It comes with a tough stain tool and the entire 6 inches of this is dedicated to make the steps shine. 

Remove the extended wand from the canister, attach the tool, and stretch it till the end to start off. The tool uses the same suction power as the main brush, working hard to remove the gunk from your carpeted stairway! 

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Say Goodbye to Dirty Rugs! 

Now that you have all the insight on the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner, it’s time to gift your carpet some dirt-free days! 

Did our Bissell Big Green reviews miss anything? 

Or, do you have a particular trait that you absolutely love about this one? 

Either way, let us know in the comments below! 

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