Bissell Crosswave Troubleshooting: 6 Key Solutions

Imagine being able to vacuum and mop with eh the same device and at the same time! The Bissel Crosswave makes that dream a reality.

This multi-surface floor cleaning tool not only is ideal for different types of floors but it can also be used on carpets and rugs. 

We love this for its versatile functions with a simple user-friendly design. Instead of using three different gadgets to vacuum, sweep, and mop, Bissell Crosswave makes it possible to do it all in one.

But what to do when this exceptional gadget is troubleshooting? Most people who use Bissell for the first time face issues. 

They end up thinking it’s the fault of the product but maybe it’s just user errors. Nonetheless, we have gathered some common Bissell Crosswave problems and some guides to solve them. 

Common Bissell Crosswave Troubleshooting Issues

bissell crosswave troubleshooting

Bissell CrossWave Brush is Not Turning:

This is a very common problem. You can follow our step-by-step guide to make your Bissell Crosswave Brush turn again:

  1. First things first, plug on the machine to an electric socket. 
  2. Select your cleaning mode depending on the type of floorings you have.  Bissel has two modes: Rug or Hard Floor. 
  3. Recline your machine as this activates the rush roll. If the brush roll does not turn on, then turn off the machine and unplug it. 
  4. Remove the brush roll by pulling up on the front. 
  5. Check the brush roll for dirt and debris.
  6. Chances are, at this point you will notice the brush is filled with debris and hair. Clean all the debris from the brush roll, brush gear, housing, and brush end. Take your time and make sure it’s thoroughly clean. 
  7. It’s ideal to test the brush by spinning it. Check and make sure there is no damage to the brush. 
  8. Reinstall your brush roll and plug in the machine again. This time your brush should start moving.

Bissell Crosswave Has No Power:

  1. This is another common issue that a lot of people face. If you plug in your machine and click on the power button but nothing turns on, then something needs to be done to fix it. 
  2. Ideally, there should be an LED light display that shows the battery condition and power. But if it’s visible, the handle probably needs a reinstalling. 
  3. Remove the handle by using a screwdriver. There is a circular area right on top of the water tank. Then gently pull up the machine by grabbing the handle. 
  4. Once the handle is removed, reinstall it and make sure it’s been securely set at the right place. 
  5. After this, turn your machine on by pushing the power button. By this time the Bissell Crosswave should have its lower back. If that’s not the case, try charging it until the battered sign lights up.

Bissell Crosswave Shuts off Automatically:

Bissell Crosswave can turn off for multiple reasons. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. If your Bissell machine is automatically shutting off, chances are the dirty water tank is full. Make sure to dispose of the dirty orange color water into the kink and clean the water tank properly. 
  2. After you are done cleaning, turn on the machine. 
  3. If the machine still doesn’t turn on, it might not be the machine that’s the issue. Sometimes if the brush is not in the right position, it won’t move. So recline the machine to activate the brush roll. 
  4. If you think the machine is shutting off due to the brush roll, then follow our previous instructions on how to fix it. 

Bissell Crosswave Has No Suction:

If your Bissell Crosswave has high or low suction that standard, there might be some hidden issue that’s causing it. Follow our steps to fix it:

  1. Take your Bissell off of the docking station
  2. Then remove the brush window by pulling up both sides.
  3. Clean behind the brush roll to remove dirt and debris from the suction pathway.
  4. You might find hair and pet hair on the brush roll. Clean it properly and let it dry.
  5. If the machine turns on after removing the brush roll and window, check for its suction.
  6. Place your hand in front of the suction pathway and check for it. If you can feel the suction, that means the issue was with old dirt and dust. 
  7. If you feel the suction is low, then you will have to clean the water tank.

Bissell Crosswave Max Is Leaking:

If your Bissell Crosswave Max is leaking, here’s what you can do to try to fix it:

  1. First, you have to find out exactly where the water is leaking from your machine. If it’s leaking from the water tank, it might be because the tank is dirty.
  2. Remove all the water from the back of your machine and turn the machine off.
  3. If the leaking stops after doing that, then it means there is a crack in the water reservoir. 
  4. If your tank is damaged, there is no other way but to replace it totally.
  5. If removing the tank doesn’t solve the leaking, look for cracks on the black cap and rubber gasket. Fill up the tank with clean water and then install the cap and the gasket properly. Don’t leave any gaps between them
  6. If the leaking stops after that, then it means the joints of the parts came loose. Now that the issue is fixed you can get back to your cleaning session!

Bissell Crosswave Pairing Issues:

If you are trying to connect your Crosswave with your device but it’s not working, there are some steps you can take:

  1. Check the Bissell Connect App and click on the menu. The menu is located at the left corner of the app.
  2. Choose “Account” from the menu and check if the app is the latest version. F not then download the latest from the app store.
  3. If this does not work, you have to reset your Bissell Crosswave Max.
  4. To do a factory reset, you have to hold the “Mode” button until you hear two beeps. 
  5. You might have to wait 10-15 seconds to hear the beeps and then close the app and reopen it. 
  6. At this point, you should be able to pair it with your device very easily. 

Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max No Spray:

If your Bissell Croswave has low or no spray, you can solve this issue by following these steps:

  1. Remove the clean water tank front the back of the machine and inspect it for cracks and leaks. If the tank si anyhow damaged, it needs an immediate replacement. 
  2. Check the rubber gasket and caps of the water tank for cracks. These cracks can be super thin for you to notice. So inspect thoroughly. 
  3. If you can’t find any leaks or damage, install the cap and gasket and place the water tank back in its place. 
  4. Put your Bissel Crosswave on the docking station and run the clean-out cycle. 
  5. If the machine cycles cubs properly, then take the machine off of the docking station and recline it. Then hold it down and press the trigger to check if the spray is working or not. 
  6. If the spray doesn’t work, then you need to remove the brush window by grabbing and pulling it upward.
  7. Then check the machine for clogs. Use a paperclip or something thin and pointy to remove anything that’s clogging the machine. 
  8. Then reattach the rush window and check the spray by holding down the trigger. 
  9. If the water flows properly, turn the machine off and reattach the brush window properly. Do this by pushing the window into place until you hear a click. 
  10. Your Bissell CrossWave spray should work normally now. 

Check this video for more information about bissell crosswave not spraying.

How to Use Bissell Crosswave Properly

How to Use Bissell Crosswave

Bissell Crosswave is a very easy cleaning device to use. It does not have too many complicated functions so you don’t need a lot of trial and error issues to operate it. It also comes with a nifty instruction guide. 

Bissell has two cleaning modes for hard floors and rugs. These two modes have different intensity levels. The buttons are right on the handle so you don’t have to bend or move in order to turn it on. 

Here’s how you Start your Bissel to mop the floors:  

  1. While the machine is unplugged, remove the clean water tank from the back side and fill it with water.
  2. How much water you will fill it with depends on the size of the floor you’re cleaning. For larger rooms, take more water.
  3. Replace the tan in its designated place again. 
  4. Plugin the unit and pick your floor type from the control panel.
  5. Press the trigger on the Bissell handle and wait 10 seconds for the water to start flowing. The rest is super easy. Start cleaning everywhere you want without too much hassle. 

As Bissell is very different from traditional vacuum or mops, the more you use it the better you will get at it. Bissell Crosswave makes cleaning simpler and faster, something we all desperately need.

Maintenance Tips for Bissell Crosswave

Just like any other household gadgets, Bissell requires certain maintenance to make sure it’s performing at its best level. Here’s what you need to do on a regular routine basis:

  • Change the filter on your Bissell Crosswave. You can also wash it after each cleaning session. The filter is washable so it’s environmentally friendly. 
  • You need to empty the water tank as dirty tanks can cause a lot of different problems as we have seen already. If you use your Bissell every day, try cleaning the tank once or twice a week depending on your water hardness levels.
  • The brush rolls need to be cleaned on a regular basis too. After each cleaning session, check the brush roll to remove any pet hair, strings, dirt from it.

    When everything is properly removed, dry the brush and store it in a cupboard. You can use scissors to cut through tangled hair in the brush roll. 

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Why Does My Bissell CrossWave Keep Turning Off?

Sometimes if the pressure is overloaded, your Bissell Cross Wave can turn itself off. It can also happen if there is nothing stuck inside the nozzle or the rollers.

To check this, simply turn off the machine and remove the nozzle. Then check inside the nozzle to see whether there is any debris or hair being wrapped around or not. 

With rollers, this happens quite often. Pet hair especially is a huge issue as it clogs the rollers and prevents them from moving around. So make sure to always keep your Bissell Crosswave clean.

02. How Do You Reset a Bissell CrossWave?

Sometimes the only way to fix an issue is to reset the whole machine. But some people find resetting quite intimidating and complex. Let us tell you the resetting system of Bissell Crosswave is really easy and fast to do. 

The reset button is on the lower back of the vacuum. When you find it, press the button and hold it down for 10 seconds. Then wait to hear two continuous beeps. You’ll hear the first beep after one second, and the other after a little longer. 

When you’ll hear two beeps let go of the button as your vacuum has been reset successfully. After a few seconds pass, plug in the machine again and turn it on.  

03. Can Bissell Crosswave be Used without Water?

Bissell Crosswave is a great floor cleaning device that makes it much easier and simpler. It is a water vacuum which means you need to add water to it in order to clean your floors.

You can not use the Bissell Crosswave without water as it is not intended to use as a dry vacuum. It is a simple machine that can do a very good job at removing any type of grime and dirt from the floors. 

04. Can I Use My Bissell Crosswave as a Vacuum?

Bissell Crosswave is essentially made to clean different types of hard floors such as concrete, tiles, hardwood, and other non-carpeted floorings. It’s an excellent floor cleaner as well as a good vacuum.

You can definitely use Bissell Crosswave as a vacuum cleaner for its high suction power. It will be able to clean your carpets and rugs pretty easily. So make sure to utilize it however you want. 

05. How Long Does It Take for the Bissell Crosswave to Charge?

The Bissell Crosswave is an excellent vacuum with longer battery life compared to other models. To fully charge this vacuum, you will need to charge it for up to 4 hours. 

It’s very obvious to tell when the Bissell is charging as there is a battery icon. The icon is on the digital display and it flashes constantly. When the machine charges fully, the flashing stops. 

06. Can I Use Vinegar and Water in My Bissell CrossWave?

You can use vinegar water to clean different surfaces. In fact, you can use pretty much any natural ingredients to properly clean your house.

We like to make our own concoction of 1:1:2 parts of vinegar, baking soda, and water. This creates a super abrasive yet affordable cleaner that can remove any stiff stains from the floor. 


Now that you know how to fix Bissell Crosswave’s troubleshooting issues, you will be able to enjoy this well-rounded gadget more. 

Its ability to mop, sweep and vacuum at the same time is a great feature especially for those who live in smaller apartments. Nobody wants clutter and tons of different tools when you can find them all in one place. 

We recommend Bissell Crosswave if you are someone who loves to do serious deep cleaning without spending too much time or effort.

So, did you manage to find a solution to your issue? If not then ask us in the comments down below. We will try our best to help you.

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