Can You Use A Shark Steam Mop on Hardwood Floors?

Living on a hardwood floor? If the answer is yes, then frequently taking care of your floor is a must-to-do the job.

Usually, the wood floor needs extra care. And the careering depends on the wood type. It looks a little bit complicated. Right?

No worries, the article is going to reveal your queries. So, sit back and read the article.

Answer to the question of can you use a shark steam mop on hardwood floors is yes and no. It depends on the floor is sealed or not sealed.

If the floor is sealed, then there is no problem. Otherwise, there is a problem. Not only the shark steam mop but also any steam mops need to avoid.

If you have a sealed hardwood floor, then move to the next section-

Shark steam mop for cleaning hardwood floor

So, you have a sealed hardwood floor. Right? If not, avoid using any kind of steam mop. It can fade away the color of your floor and the floor will lose its longevity. It is easy to use a shark steam mop for sealed hardwood floor. As the shark steam mop has a large water tank, so, you don’t need to refill frequently.

The given cord is near about 18 feet. I think this is long enough and you will not require changing plug often. With a single plugin, you can clean the whole floor. Since it is steam-powered, no harsh chemical is used. It is good for your health and the environment. And the steam is capable to eliminate germs. Thus, you will get a fresh, clean and healthy floor.

Cost-effective indeed. Because it is not using any chemical, only plain water is its ingredient. And the microfiber cloth pad is reusable. Just clean and reuse like your wearable clothes. The most interesting part is, you don’t have to wait for drying the floor. You will get a dry floor immediately after cleaning with steam mop. It is a great help for heavy traffic area such as a hallway. Shark steam mops are easy to assemble. Only 3 clicks and the mop will ready clean. Even toddlers can do the job.

Pros of the shark steam mop on the hardwood floor:

Lots of steam mop available from the manufacturer Shark. Every model has some unique features. So, I am here mentioning general pros of shark steam mop for a hardwood floor

Easy to use:

Shark steam mop designed to use easy, even your child can use it with ease. Adjustable handle and lightweight design make that easier to use.

Reusable pad:

The pad is reusable. That means you just need to wash after every use. After washing it will look new again and ready to serve for the next time.

Removable and large water tank:

The water tank can be refilled separately. You don’t need to take the whole mop to refill. Just take out the water tank and refill it from wherever you want.

And the tank is large enough to clean a large size room. So, you don’t require refilling the tank frequently. This is a time-saving feature indeed.

Long Cord:

The given cord is very long. The long cord has the advantage of reaching the corner with ease. Near about 18 feet long cord seems perfect, right?

You can clean the 250 square feet on a single plug in. So, if you have a house of 1000 square feet, then the cord needs only four times to plug in.

Never fall down:

You don’t need to hold the mop to keep it stand up. It is designed in such a way that it can stand up its own.

The benefits are you don’t kneel down to take and it will not create any mess on your floor.

Price-quality ratio:

Compared to other steam mops and their features, shark steam mops are competitive in regards to price. So, you can completely rely on their price for shark steam mop.

Our Top Pick (for shark steam mop): Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner

Our Favorite for shark steam mop: Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning

Attachments with the mop

While cleaning you may require additional attachments with the mop. That’s why shark included numerous attachments with most of the steam mops. You can tell it a complete set of cleaning machines.


Usually, shark steam mops have three settings for cleaning according to the cleaning type. Those are scrub, mop, and dust. You need to select one option from the three settings to clean.

Select the type you need to clean and get the result in front of you.

Faster to start:

It will take 0nly 30 seconds to start after plugging in the cord. An excellent feature to save your valuable time.

Cons of shark steam mop on the hardwood floor

  1. You need to push forward the mop to get steam out of it. Indeed, you will feel tired if you have a large floor to clean.
  2. You may face problems while cleaning the caked-on stain. In that case, you have to eliminate those manually.
  3. The given microfiber cloth that comes with the mop gets dirty easily. So, you need to clean the cloth frequently.
  4. Some models don’t have the option to set the steam level.

Wrapping Up

Using the steam technology to kill germs and clean floor may seem crazy to you. But this is the fact that it works and works perfectly. It was tested by Colloff MJ, Taylor C, Merrett TG. The research was taken on dust mites. They have found that it works better than another method of cleaning.

Another research was taken by Wood CL and his team in a veterinary hospital. You know, a veterinary hospital is a place where germs can build up quickly. Researchers found steam cleaning is effective there also.

So, there is no doubt about steam cleaning. And if it is a shark steam cleaner, then it could give you the maximum result with ease. For cleaning the hardwood floor and tiles, a shark steam cleaner may be the right choice.

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