Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors: A Complete Guide

The usability and functionality of the product are not only oriented to its product quality and feature but also depended on its application. Based on product application the lifespan, quality, function, and usability may be loosed.

So, before buying a product a lot of things need to know about it. One of them the most important fact is in which way you will use the product and where you will use it.

Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors. Here I will discuss the most out of steam mop and show whether it is suitable to use on the laminate floor or not.

Steam Mop

A steam mop is such type of mopping tool which has multi function-ability. Along with cleaning feature this tool also provides disinfect feature.

It also allows to its consumer a dirt-free process while cleaning. It is because steam mop does not use external water supply while cleaning. So, it’s an advantage for them who has children and do not like to use external water bucket while cleaning. Using an external bucket of water may accidentally mess up the floor.

Steam mop runs on electric power. It may become dangerous in the cleaning process where there is work with water and dirt. I think it’s a downside of the steam mop.

A steam mop cannot perform under different flooring. A steam Mop is the best suitable for sealed flooring. It cannot work on finished flooring. Besides steam mop cannot clean the floor thoroughly. The steam mop cleans light dirt like dust and disinfects bacteria, virus, etc. so, you need to clean your floor twice or more in a day when you will use a steam mop. So, a steam mop is best suitable for hospital and clinic.

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How To Use Steam Mop

Steam can only be usable on a sealed surface. You can’t use it on another surface. As steam mop runs on electric power you have to maintain a safety precaution. Also, steam mop does not require external water source so you need to add water before use it. Then wait a few moments till its temperature rise up to 120 degrees.

Before using it makes sure you have installed a clean pad. Do everything cautiously to avoid burns and injury.

As steam uses a small water tank in its body, so it only can mop a little room at a time. Here you need to be alert and you have to make sure that you do not use the mop while the water tank becomes empty. As, when there will be no water in the tank the mop head will be messed and get damaged.

Besides, when you will change the cleaning pad make sure that you unplug it.

Now, you are all set to use a steam mop on the different sealed floor like tiles granite, marble, vinyl, etc.

But a hundred million questions are: can I use a steam mop on a laminate floor?

The short answer to the question is no.

Finding the reason for this answer you have to know how does a steam mop work and the characteristics of laminate.

How Does A Steam Mop Work

A steam mop is powered by electricity and uses water. There is a water tank set on its body. Using electric power, the heater of the mopping machine heats the water. When the water vaporized, the vapor transfer through the steam jets to mop’s microfiber pad. The steams which produce from the mop and passes through the steam jets ended up at the microfiber pad and loosen it. Then the dampened pad uses the steam to clean the surface. It uses vapor and absorbs dirt.

Mentionable steam mop usually keeps attached to steam jets. However, the best steam mop contains 15 jets attached with the mop head.

The function of the traditional mop is not likely to the steam mop. The traditional mop has a lot of disadvantages. This type of typical mop can’t clean the surface completely rather it keeps residue of the dirt. While a steam mop is different. Using steam, it cleans the surface.

As steam mop achieve intense heat and temperature using electric power, so it can easily kill the germs as well as bacteria up to 99.99%.

Like the traditional mops it never generates bad smell while cleaning because it uses hot steam.

Usually, best steam mop provides two headed pads which allow the cleaning process smoothly by approaching in two different way. One of the heads of the best steam mop usually clean hardwood flooring like laminate, vinyl sheet while the other one clean slightly more abrasive head for tough and scrubbing tiles.
Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer flooring which made of hardwood. Laminate flooring consists of four layers. Here is a list of four-layer given below:

  1. Back layer: This layer protects moisture and balances the floor.
  2. Core layer: This is the most durable layer. It protects from indentations.
  3. Design layer: This layer contains a photograph which intensifies the appearance of the laminate.
  4. Wear layer: It is the top layer and made of aluminum oxide which protects from strains and surface burns.

Laminate is extremely durable for its multi-layer construction.

But laminate can’t tolerate high moisture and when it comes to the moisture as steam it gets hampered then.

Though steam is capable to clean the laminate flooring it will create a bad impact gradually and damage it.

Why You Can’t Use Steam Mop on Laminate floor?

I have given you a short answer ‘no’ before picking how a steam mop works and characteristics of laminate.

Yes. You can’t use a steam mop on laminate flooring. It is because laminate flooring is made of treated wood having an aluminum layer which doesn’t allow hot steam. If you use it on laminate soon it will show you bad impact and damage the material of laminate.


Those who have laminate flooring and a steam mop have still a solution. If you can’t leave your mop then you have to use it carefully. You should not keep your mop head at a place more than a moment. Regularly change the water tank. Don’t let any moisture remains at the floor after using it.

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