Coredy R500 Review: Cracking the Code to Effortless Cleaning

We don’t like spending much time on cleaning. How about you?

The endless runs over the house to get rid of dirt and hair all over, only to strain our body is not something anyone is fond of. 

Thankfully, the world is slowly transitioning into the world of robots and vacuum cleaners aren’t left behind either. When we talk about robot vacuums, not mentioning the Coredy Robot Vacuum would be a sin! 

Our Coredy R500 review dives deeper into the reasons behind hundreds of users recommending this.  

Let’s get started! 

Coredy Robotic Plus- What’s There to Like?

The R500 is a robot cleaner that makes your cleaning sessions easy by doing all the work for you. Its state-of-the-art features along with the ability to pick up both wet and dry mess are what make it ideal for any household. 


The convenient settings on this, like the 3-in-1 sweep, 5 cleaning modes, and proper sensors, make it perfect for picking up every last bit of dirt. Rest assured, you can relax while it gives your house a fresh look! 


We all know the trouble of cleaning under our furniture with the traditional vacuums. Fortunately, the R500 Robot has a sleek design making it ideal for reaching under places you couldn’t have before.

Value for Money:

When you’re purchasing the Coredy R500 Plus you might feel that it’s too less, compared to other robot cleaners. And once you notice how effective it is in keeping your house clean you’ll realize you don’t need to spend heaps on professionals anymore. So, in the end, you’ll believe that it’s worth more than what they charge you! 

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 2.76 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Max suction power: 1400 Pa
  • Dust bin capacity: 500 ml
  • Climbing magnitude: 0.64 inch
  • Power source: 2600 mAh Lithium-ion battery

Points For:

  • Cleans all sorts of mess: Be it a wine spill or bits of food, this one picks it up. Thanks to its wet/dry feature it doesn’t get choked up over anything!
  • Great for all surfaces: The witty vacuum easily tracks carpets from floors and lifts itself up to get started on them.
  • Relatively quiet: Your baby can sleep in peace while this vacuum does its job cause it’s as quiet as a ninja! 
  • Runs for a long time: You can clean your entire house and still be left with a little charge at the end.  
  • No more allergies: Coredy Robotic Vacuum doesn’t only keep your house clean but it also frees it from all the allergens, and dander.

Points Against:

  • No map navigation: Unlike many high-end robot vacuums, this one doesn’t have the option of setting up cleaning areas. It could get lost in a big house but you have the remote to keep it in control.
  • Small bin: Compared to the run time, the dirt tank is pretty small. Although, this is not a complete deal breaker since we’re getting to clean for an extended time. A little compromise for longer convenience! 
  • Tangled hair on the brush: Most vacuums don’t do so well with long hair and this little guy is no exception. However, Coredy does give you a cleaning tool for the hair and we wouldn’t complain about this anymore! 

At the end of the day, with the Coredy Self-Charge Robotic Vacuum, you don’t need to worry about running multiple swipes throughout the day. It uses its modern capabilities to pick up every last bit of dirt from your floor. 

If you’re someone who’s inherently lazy like us, you should consider buying this right away! 

Coredy R500 Robotic Vacuum & Mop Review

What are the best features of a Robotic Vacuum and how are they helpful for you? Find all the answers below in our detailed Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner R500 review.

An All-Rounder:

We’re not gonna talk much about what the vacuum can do. Like most robot vacuum cleaners, the Coredy R500 Robot also uses high suction to take in all the debris from all kinds of surfaces.

It also comes with two brushes that rotate around the sides. This helps in the sweeping action that the company promises. For all the fine dust particles lying around, this must be a nightmare! 

What really sets this one apart is the mopping feature that comes in the form of a cloth to be attached to the main unit. For all of us clumsy ones who spill our drinks everywhere, the R500 will be there to swab it up! In fact, the pet owners would definitely have a need for this because of all the urine and vomit the babies leave behind. 

Automatic Recharge:

When Coredy says automatic it means completely auto! You don’t even need to worry about charging it manually because it finds its own dock when it’s low on energy. 

Apart from that, if you feel that your house has had enough of cleaning, click on the HOME button on the remote to return it to its original location. This is a great feature for when you want a spot clean up done. 

Different Cleaning Modes: 

You’re dancing around your home, with a drink in your hand and whoops! You spill it on your carpet. Not to worry because you won’t need to call the Coredy Robot to clean your entire home, operate the remote to get spot cleaning done! 

Unlike many traditional vacuums, you can use the brushes on either side of this to get the edges cleaned. If you’re not satisfied with the normal power this charmer has, then turn on the Max power to get on with some deep scrubbing! 

Neither want a full house cleaning nor a spot cleaning? For these in-between sessions, R500 Robot Vacuum has the single room cleaning! Furthermore, you can always use the controller to manually clean your house when you need that feeling of a leader! 

Away from all of this comes the convenience of marking the obstacles you want it to avoid. Use the boundary strips to set the territory of cleaning. 

No Harm Done:

The Coredy R500+ has bumper rings to stop it from injuring itself. After all, who would want dents and scratches on this beautiful black beauty?! 

If you’re worried about the stairs, don’t be. It’s equipped with an anti-drop technology, helping it to locate higher grounds and move back because it’s not suicidal! 

Battery Life:

Time to dive into the topic we’ve been dying to mention! While most cordless vacuums don’t give you much cleaning time, this one has 120 minutes of run time on normal mode. All the Coredy R500 Plus reviews will tell you that there’s nothing more deadly than a long run time and cordless convenience! 

If you’re someone with a mansion, we don’t think it’d get better than this! Your days of gunk will be cleaned quickly and without any interruptions from low battery. 

Simple to Use:

We wouldn’t deny that it comes with a lot of different settings to look into. However, once you start using them, you’ll quickly realize that they do exactly what the label says and there are no complications at all.

Even then, there’s a complete user guide and also a quick start manual to help you learn all the functions. We admit it takes a little bit of time to get used to, but once that’s done, you’ll feel like an IT expert! 

How Easy is the Maintenance?

You’re obviously wondering how easy would it be to clean such an efficient vacuum? Even if you’re not, we’ll still tell you! 

  1. Flip it over.
  2. Locate the filter right below the brush.
  3. Tug it out. 
  4. Press the orange latch and let the smut flow out. 

For a full view on how that works, click here

Before You Leave

If you want an impeccable house without having to get a body ache the next day, then the Coredy Robot Vacuum Plus is definitely the one for you! Its modern qualities along with the shiny black exterior is not something you’d wanna miss out on. 

Are you still going to be backdated and use traditional vacuums? Put your trust in the robots to see how easy life becomes! 

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