Do Mosquito Killers Really Work? A Complete Guide to Mosquito Killers

Mosquitoes can be such an annoyance, especially at night. They can ruin your night simply by their constant buzzing in your ear. But then, a solution has been made, mosquito killers. These are also known as mosquito repellants. This work, or at least claim to, kill mosquitoes. But the question remains, do mosquito killers work?

To answer this question, we have to consider how they work. First of all, there are many different types of mosquito killers. They may include traps, the salves, and even mosquito sprays.

So how do mosquito killers work?

Most mosquito traps work by luring the mosquitoes. They mimic human breath, causing the mosquitoes to come close to them. They then trap the mosquitoes and leave them to die from dehydration. Different brands have different methods of killing them.

The ointments or mosquito repellant creams work by releasing a vapor. This vapor blocks the mosquitoes’ sense of smell. Since the mosquitoes rely on their sense of smell, blocking it means they can’t find their prey. They use a substance called DEET (diethyltoluamide) or icaridine. DEET is the best mosquito repellant out there. It can stay active for up to 4 hours once applied. It can be harmful in high quantities, so you will need to be careful when using it.

You can use natural essential oils like citronella. These oils are less harmful to your health, but they are not as reliable as DEET. Now by blocking the mosquitoes’ sense of smell, the creams help protect you from their bites. Just be careful how much you apply and how long you let it stay on your skin.

How about the mosquito coils?

How about the mosquito coils

They work in the same way as the cream. Their constituents include pyrethrum powder paste. This paste is dried, and once burned, it releases a smell that repels the mosquitoes. It is made with fireproof material so that it doesn’t burn anything near it. You suspend the coil on some support. You then light the coil and let it do its work.

The mosquito coil is handy in most areas of the world. They can burn all night long so you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes during the night. The only disadvantage is that they release a pungent scent. It is this scent, however, that repels the mosquitoes. The other drawback is that they produce a lot of smoke. This means that if you want to use the coil, you will need to be in a place with excellent ventilation. If you are able to withstand the two factors, you can use the mosquito coil to your advantage.

Another kind of mosquito killer you can use is the mosquito spray. These sprays have the added benefit of acting as bug spray. This means that they don’t kill only mosquitoes but also any other types of bugs. Some bug sprays work as mosquito repellant creams. They block the mosquitoes’ sense of smell, causing them to be uninterested or disoriented. This blockage means they won’t have your scent, and so won’t attack you.

The other kind of mosquito/bug spray is insecticides. Basic science teaches us that the sprays contain pyrethroids. The pyrethroids are chemicals, synthetic chemicals. They work by infecting the central nervous system of the mosquitoes. They also affect the peripheral nervous systems. This attack causes tremors, paralysis, and the mosquitoes deaths once they come into contact with the mosquitoes.

The downside of using this spray is that it can affect other kinds of insects, even harmful ones. The sprays can also be detrimental to the environment, including the air and other animals. The sprays have a disadvantage in that they also kill their eggs. Killing the larvae prevents the formation of new mosquitoes, so that solves your mosquito problems.

Another type of mosquito killer/repellant that is available is the electronic mosquito repellents. These repellents, however, have been under scrutiny. This is because many people claim that they do not work. Is this true?

The electronic repellents were a groundbreaking new idea introduced to the world. They don’t produce any smell or smoke. The perfect solution, right? The electronic repellants work by releasing an ultrasonic sound at a high frequency. It mimics the sound of bats. Since bats eat mosquitoes, this causes the mosquitoes to run or fly away.

Another way they are said to work is by mimicking the male mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes tend to turn away from male mosquitoes once they mate so that they will turn away from them. But is all this a myth? Most people claim that the electronic mosquito repellants don’t work. Other people, on the other hand, argue that the EMR’s work. Try them out and see how they will work out for you.

Other mosquito-repelling or killing methods include the mosquito nets, which are by far the most effective. You can put nets on your windows. The nets will prevent mosquitoes from entering your house, therefore, reducing the chance of mosquito attacks. You can also use the traditional mosquito nets. Hang them on your bed and have a mosquito-free night.

You can also do other things to reduce mosquito attacks. Cut the grass around your house to a considerable height. Do not leave any stagnant water. These are some of the things that can reduce the influx of mosquitoes around your residence.

Do They Really Work?

Now to answer the question asked at the beginning, do mosquito killers really work? Well, that will depend on the type of mosquito repellent you will choose. Most of the mosquito killers, like the bug sprays and the mosquito traps, are quite useful.

You can also use mosquito repellents. These will not kill the mosquitoes but will make sure that they do not attack you. This method will ensure that you do not get bitten by mosquitoes. They might, however, be harmful to your skin.

Final Words:

So, in conclusion, look for a way to kill or repel mosquitoes that will not cause any harm. This harm might be to yourself or the environment. Use repellents that will not harm you or create any damage to you or your family, and you will be good to go.

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