5 Reasons to Buy Dyson Cyclone v10: The Ultimate Review

Today, you’re going to enter into the world of comfort cleaning! 

You might have heard of the Dyson v10 motorhead and its amazing features. But, now it’s time to introduce the final boss in this series!

Here comes the Dyson v10 Absolute to leave you in awe with its capabilities! 

Everyone who has purchased this has only thrown praises at it. Many of the professionals have also used this only to find out it’s way better than the previous ones they used. 

All these might not be enough to convince you and so our Dyson Cyclone v10 review talks about this dynamite in detail! 

Read through it to find out if this is the one you’ve been looking for! 

Why Dyson?

A lot of homeowners have said that Dyson appliances made their lives way easier. Their wide range of every product is what keeps its customers’ satisfaction at peak all the time! 

With over a decade of experience, Dyson knows what it’s doing. Starting from convenience to versatility, they’ve never failed to impress. Once you get hold of a Dyson vacuum cleaner, we assure you, you’ll not go back! 

Is Dyson v10 Better Than the Rest in the Line?

The Dyson V-series has been quite popular for a long time. The v6, v7, and v8 have all left its customers praising them with their limited potential!  

A newer version obviously means more features and convenience and the v10 is all about that. There are slight variations in their battery life, suction, tank capacity, and a few other aspects. 

We believe that the Dyson cyclone v10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner was updated keeping the ease of use in mind. You couldn’t rate it as better, per se, because the previous versions did what they were made for. 

That being said, this is an ideal vacuum for anyone with a mission on keeping their house clean at all times. From food particles to pet hair, the v10 absolute has it all covered for you! 

Dyson Cyclone v10 Absolute- An Overview 

For the busy people trying to get a hold of their schedule, here’s a summary for you. Skim through to get a basic idea of what this vacuum can do! 

What’s in the Box:

  • Mini motorized brush.
  • Bare floor brush. (Soft roller head)
  • Carpet cleaning tool. (Torque-drive brush roll)
  • Combination tool.
  • Wide nozzle tool.
  • Soft dusting brush.
  • Crevice tool.
  • Power plug.
  • Wall mount.
  • User manual.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions9.84 x 10.08 x 49.17 inches
Weight5.88 pounds
Suction power140 AW
Tank capacity0.2 gallons
Motor spin rate125,000 rpm
Charging time3.5 hours
Run time60 mins with non-motorized tool;
40 minutes in low suction;
20 minutes with medium suction;
10 minutes with high suction 
Cleaning pathwidth9.84 inches
Battery1 lithium polymer battery


  • Gives cleaning results better than many corded vacuums.
  • Ample suction power to suck in all kinds of debris. 
  • Handy tools for all surfaces.
  • Ideal for stairs and pet homes.
  • Easy to maneuver. 
  • Sufficient dirt tank capacity.
  • Good run time. 


  • No way to lock the trigger in while in use.
  • Battery cannot be changed. 
  • Expensive.

Look at What the Tools Can Do: 

Our entire Dyson v10 review talks about the fantastic performance it provides. You’ll probably start yawning if you read its praise that much! Ergo, here we explain the power of the attachments and what they do. 

Bare Floor Brush:

A unique brush that is friendly to the floor and monstrous to the dirt on it! It’s made of a soft material that refreshes hardwood floors in one go. 

The best part about it is that it gives a somewhat polishing effect while getting rid of the debris, thanks to the delicate rolling pad! You can be rest assured that it will not show any force, ensuring a scratch-free cleaning! 

Torque Drive Brush Roll:

This one does use more force than the previous brush. That’s only because it gets the stubborn dirt on your carpet. With the power of the Torque-Drive, all the hidden gunk will come out without any question! 

Additionally, this brush can be used for hard floors as well. It’s mainly for those lazy days when you don’t feel like altering the attachments and would rather just use one for all! 

Mini Motorized Brush:

This tough competitor to the full-sized brushes is mainly used for specific areas. The small yet powerful rotary brush will reach in places where the bigger brushes can’t reach. Don’t doubt its performance because it’s as good as any large brush! 

Crevice tool:

A well-known tool in taking out filth from all the corners. Attach it with the handheld vacuum for easier access to the hard-to-reach areas. Don’t worry about what it can pick, cause it’ll leave you surprised! 

One unique use of this is for your car. Carry the lightweight Dyson v10 to your driveway and let it do its magic in taking out all the gunk from the vehicle interior! 

Combination tool:

As you might have guessed from the name, this has two tools in one. The first is the slightly wider version of the crevice tool and the other is a stiff dusting brush. 

It can be used for more sensitive places. We would suggest using this with lamp sheds or curtains, to guarantee that they don’t tear up while cleaning. With the combination of v10’s suction and the stiff nylon bristles, it can suck out any dirt! 

Soft Dusting Brush:

Similar to the stiff dusting brush, it’s also used for delicate surfaces. The one difference it has from the other one is that the bristles are softer. Hence, this is supreme for laptops, televisions, or other surfaces where you don’t want gouges.

The Reasons to Buy Dyson Cyclone v10

Finally, the main purpose of this article! Time for the benefits in our Dyson v10 review.

As Light as a Feather:

Stick vacuums are an absolute delight for people who don’t like the idea of heavy lifting. The Dyson Cyclone v10 Total Clean + Cord-free Stick Vacuum is less than 6 pounds, making it supreme for easy uplift. 

You can carry it with you to wherever you want and clean up that area within minutes! Besides, given the length, you can easily swivel it around with a twist of the wrist.

With the Dyson v10 Absolute, you get no backaches and body pains! It’s the ideal length and weight to make your cleaning sesh effortless! 

A Solid Jail for Dirt:

This vacuum is a godsend for people with allergies! Firstly, it has a built-in HEPA filter that traps in all kinds of dust particles and ensures that your air is free of allergens. Say goodbye to sneezing all throughout the mopping period! 

Secondly, it has a filter that matches the power of a hurricane! We wouldn’t be surprised since it has the name cyclone in it. With 14 concentric cyclones, it ensures that the exhaust air coming out is refreshed as soon as it enters the vacuum. 

Works in Your Comfort Zone:

If you were thinking that the weight of the Dyson v10 Total Clean Plus is its only convenience, then you couldn’t be more wrong. For starters, it’s very quiet compared to other vacuums in its range. While you’re working in a low power setting it’s almost as if the vacuum is trying to keep it low to let you dance to your music! 

Speaking of power setting, you can choose your desired one from: I, II, and Max. The first two options are best for floors while the highest power is for embedded dirt deep within your carpet. You can also use it to clean up gunk from the crevices. 

Moreover, this long cleaner might not be the best when you’re just trying to get a short distance cleanup done. Ergo, you can easily take out the extension wand and transform it into a compact handheld vacuum. Grab it and start cleaning your car without the vacuum poking you! 

Capacity as Large as Traditional Vacs:

This baby absolutely seals the deal over its ancestors with the largest dirt bin capacity. It has a capacity of 0.2 gallons, that easily matches up to many of the bulky corded vacuums out there. 

You can start off with your day-long deep cleaning session because this powerhouse isn’t giving up on you! A one-time emptying of the canister should be enough to last a full house cleaning.

Charge that Doesn’t Give Up:

Most cordless vacuums last merely half an hour or less. The Dyson v10 Total Clean surpasses all those and gives you uninterrupted cleaning for up to one hour! 

When you’re using a non-motorized tool, it’ll run for 60 minutes at one go. While the motored tools are in use with a combination of low power, the vacuum will clean for 40 minutes. Finally, the least run time comes with the Torque cleaner head in power II, i.e 20 minutes and 6 minutes in max power. 

All in all, no one usually goes for more than one hour cleaning the house and for that, it’s a good deal. Besides, most other cordless handheld vacuums lag behind when it comes to the battery run time of Dyson v10! 

First Clean the House, Next Clean the Cleaner

The Dyson Absolute v10 has a lot of parts to be cleaned. After you’re done with the house, one look at the vacuum can get you all confused as to where to start. To put an end to those confused faces, here is the detailed explanation for cleaning each part.


You know the svelte copper wand that extends the vacuum? The first step is to ensure that one’s clean. It’s also the easiest to take out so might as well start with that!

All you have to do is snap out the wand from both ends and use a brush or stick to poke all the way inside. This one usually doesn’t catch on to debris so it’s really not much of a hassle. Although, a small check never hurt anyone!


The motorized brushes have a small dent-like feature on each side of the axle. Use a coin to safely twist it open and take out the brush. Keep in mind to not use screwdrivers since Dyson doesn’t recommend that for its products. 

Once it’s out, the first step is to remove any entangled hair. Be it pet hair or human hair, take it out manually. Next, since the smut taken in is dry, use a brush to gently wipe off all the dust. 

You could always give it a rinse for a more thorough cleaning but a dust off is enough for when you feel slothful! The axle might also be a good part to clean since some of the dust might escape on it. 

Dirt tank:

Here comes the main cleaning: dirt tank! Tank cleanups can get quite messy if not done properly. However, with the Dyson Cyclone v10 it’s an absolute breeze! 

You’ll locate a big red switch underneath the bin. Push it down to open the flip of the lid and let the filth find its way out. It goes without saying but: make sure you hold the tank over a bin! 

The one problem you might face is the leftover clinging on the tank for dear life! To get those out, pull the bin with a small red switch on it. Once it’s out use something to poke out the dirt or, worst-case scenario, use your hand!  

Unlike the brushes, this one needs rinsing. Hold it under a sink or wipe it with a soapy sponge to make it as shiny as a new pin! 


You’ll notice a small attractive looking purple cap on the top of the vacuum. That one is the filter that traps in the dirt. With all the hard work it does, it’s essential to give it a good bath too!

This is probably the easiest to open since all you have to do is twist it and it’s out! Once open, rinse it under cold water to wash off all the grunge on it. And that’s it you’re done! 

Before attaching the filter, always let it dry out first. Use a towel to dry or let it sit and sun-bathe on its own! 

It’s best to remember that after several washes, the filter does need to be replaced. When it takes its last breath, click here to get it replaced. 

Pro tip: Maintenance is the key to make your vacuum last longer. Always clean the parts right after use with utmost care. If the Dyson v10 is being used more frequently, give it a deep cleaning every once in a while! 

Dyson v10 Comparison with v8

Though from the same company, these two vacuums have been arch-rivals! Many times, a lot of users have compared which one is better between the v10 and v8. Below is a quick contrast of two of the best vacuums in the market:


Dyson v8 AbsoluteDyson v10 Absolute
Wall mountYesYes
Combination toolYesYes
Crevice toolYesYes
Torque-Drive brush rollNoYes
Mini motorized toolYesYes
Soft brush rollYesYes
Direct Drive brush rollYesNo


Dyson v8 AbsoluteDyson v10 Absolute
Dimensions 9.9 x 8.9 x 49 inches9.84 x 10.08 x 49.17 inches
Weight5.75 pounds5.88 pounds
Run timeUp to 40 minutesUp to 60 minutes
Recharge time5 hours3.5 hours
Battery2800 mAh2600 mAh
Dustbin0.54 liters0.77 liters
Power115 air watts151 air watts

From the above comparison tables, we can conclude that the two fireballs differ slightly in dimensions and each has one brush the other doesn’t! Moreover, the v10 is better in terms of tank capacity, run time, and power. 

All in all, the one thing they both don’t compromise with is an immaculate house! 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below we have answered a few common questions asked by many users. Read on to get your queries cleared as well

01. What’s the Difference Between Dyson v10 Absolute and Dyson v10 Motorhead?

The common misconception that many people have is that the three models of Dyson v10 only differ in size. In fact, their difference in size is almost negligible. Below is a table stating not only the variation in Absolute vs Motorhead but also between these two and Dyson v10 Animal.

Dyson v10 AbsoluteDyson v10 AnimalDyson v10 Motorhead
Weight5.9 lbs5.9 lbs5.5 lbs
Dirt tank capacity0.76L0.76L0.53L
HEPA filtration✔️✔️✔️
Run timeUp to 60 minutesUp to 60 minutesUp to 60 minutes
Docking station✔️✔️✔️
Soft brush✔️
Crevice tool✔️✔️✔️
Combination tool✔️✔️✔️
Mini motorized brush roll✔️✔️
Torque Drive cleaning head✔️✔️
Direct Drive cleaning head✔️
Mini dusting brush✔️✔️

All three of the vacuums have a powerful motor with equal suction power. They’re also the ideal handheld vacuums for long day cleanups, thanks to the 60 minutes run time. However, the motorhead falls back in terms of dustbin capacity and a few attachments. 

The only aspect, other than color and price, that the v10 Absolute and Animal differ in is the soft roller cleaner head. We could say that the Animal is the same as Absolute within a modest price.

02. Will the Dyson v10 Work with v8 parts?

While the machines have similar attachments, their parts aren’t interchangeable. Even though they look the same but the numbers on them differ. Hence, you might be able to swap the brushes but they won’t work as intended.

Moreover, the company says that switching parts can damage the integrity of the machine. The two-year warranty that they give does not cover this! 

03. Can I Clean my Dog’s hair with Dyson v10 Absolute?


With a suction power that good and the different attachments, you can easily trust this baby to pick up hair.  Be it in the corner, car, or right in front of your eyes, it will suck in the debris for you!

Although, keep in mind that if your dog sheds a lot, the tank will fill up faster than you expect. You’ll have to empty it more if you’re going for a full-fledged cleaning!

04. Can I Replace the Tools for My Dyson v10?

Yes, most of the parts of Dyson v10 can be changed. The only thing that cannot be changed is the battery since it’s enclosed inside the vacuum. Click on the following links to get your desired parts. 

Notice that we included the replacement for the battery as well. While a normal user cannot change it, a quick visit to a specialist might help in altering it! 

Happy Cleaning!

To conclude, the Dyson v10 Absolute is the game-changer in the world of vacuum cleaners! It’s versatile, powerful, and long-lasting, making it a good investment for anyone. 

If our Dyson Cyclone v10 review did a good job in convincing you, then don’t wait around!. This dynamo is high in demand and you don’t wanna miss it! Get it now.

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