Dyson DC59 Review: The A to Z

Gone are the days when you used cordless cleaners for a quick cleanup. Nowadays, these put up some serious competition against the corded ones. 

To prove our point further, we’ll be talking about one such stick cordless vacuum that picks up after your mess with utmost dedication.


Its efficacy has made it a favorite for many homeowners and given promising results for everyone! 

Our Dyson DC59 review talks about the features and tools of this machine in detail, making it easier for you to analyze. 

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Why Does Dyson Top the Others?

Before moving onto our Dyson DC59 Stick Vacuum review, let’s talk about why this company should be trusted. 

With an experience of over 15 years, Dyson has always made the promise to serve its consumers better. Starting from its air purifiers to its vacuums, all its products are built to last.

Similarly, this particular cleaner by Dyson has been known to grab attention with not only its beauty but also its performance. Its attention to detail is perfect for small homes rather than for commercial purposes. 

So, if you’re someone who has taken an oath to keep your cozy home looking its best, then the Dyson DC59 will help you keep up! 

Is a Stick Vacuum Any Good?

Stick vacuums are not usually made for cleaning large homes in one go. More often than not, they are for those days when you need to do an on-the-spot cleaning and don’t feel like taking out your bulky vacuum. 

We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it’s good or not. Here are four benefits you get with these sleek beauties:

Size & Weight:

A stick vacuum might be big in length but when it comes to width, it represents exactly what its name says” a stick! This makes it easy to store anywhere you want. 

Moreover, the slender exterior makes it lightweight as well. You can easily move it around without having to put too much of an effort. For the elderly and people vulnerable to back pains, this is good news!

Utilize the full length of the vacuum for simplicity in cleaning! You do not have to bend over to reach any surface. Be it your sofa or your floor, the stick vacuum will reach there with utmost comfort.


If you look at a bulky vacuum, you’ll know that it is not ideal to reach all places. With a stick vacuum, you can just grab and go anywhere! It’s flexible and fast, which makes it agile. 

You don’t need to worry about finding a power outlet either. Be it your kitchen or your car, this baby will be with you all throughout! 


When looking for vacuums, many people tend to look for ones that make less noise. Vacuums have a tendency to block out any other sound when it starts working. A stick vacuum, however, doesn’t have any such inconvenience. 

It makes less noise than others, making it perfect to use even when guests are around. Honestly, you could vacuum with this without interrupting the sleep of a baby! 


Corded vacuums have the hassle of finding a power outlet. Besides, the long cords are easy to trip over and cause unprecedented injuries. Electricity has its own set of safety precautions. 

When using a stick vacuum, none of these mishaps occur. All it needs is a charge in its battery and it’s ready to be used! Say goodbye to stumbling over cords and hello to a safer home! 

A Quick Summary

We all know the trouble of dragging our bulky vacuum to clean up spots in specific areas. The Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner eases you of that by being cordless and lightweight. 

Once you’re done powering up this bad boy, use the buttons to gear it up! With the exceptional suction power and the Dyson DC59 accessories, it’s nothing less than a traditional vacuum. Hover it around any surface, taking in the debris as you walk with it! 

If you’re scared about all the complicated buttons, don’t be. All the Dyson Digital Slim DC59 reviews will tell you one thing: using a machine has never been easier! It only has two buttons: one for the power trigger and the other to empty out the trash bin. 

After you’re done cleaning the house, remove the parts, and clean the machine up as well. We’ve discussed more about this later. For now, know that the cleanup will be as easy as 123! 

Most people talk about the hassle of holding the trigger button all throughout the cleaning session. If you think about it, this option saves battery life, making your routine longer! While the vacuum is not in use, the power doesn’t run, helping save its energy. 

Another drawback that we’ve picked up from many of the Dyson DC59 Animal reviews is that long strands of hair get entangled in the brush. That is a problem with many automatic cleaners and the best way to avoid it is a quick sweep to shove away the hair from the cleaning path. 

Since we’re talking about mopping out the hair, here are three of the best mops for all kinds of hair: 

  1. Unikon Sticky Mop
  2. Evriholder FURemover
  3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2200Pa 

Going back to our priced vacuum:

All in all, the features match up to what you would expect from the  Dyson DC59 price. A convenient vacuum cleaner to fit right into your small and cozy homes, keeping it clean at all times is just what it is about. 

Tools Included:

  • Mini motorized tool.
  • Crevice tool.
  • Wide nozzle. 
  • Pet hair tool.

Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 29.2 x 10.7 x 6.1 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 A battery required
  • Voltage: 110-240 volts
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • User Manual: Included

Reasons to Buy It:

  • Powerful suction to clean all kinds of debris.
  • It can be moved easily for several cleanups throughout the day. 
  • Easy to operate.
  • Cleanup after use is fairly simple. 
  • Docking station for charging.
  • It has a good reach. 

Reasons to Avoid It:

  • No option for the automatic trigger to hold down. 
  • Long hair gets tangled in brush. 
  • Short battery life when used with maximum power. 

Look at the Dyson DC59 More Closely

Now that you’ve grasped the basic idea of what to expect from it, let’s move on to the detailed review on the Dyson cordless DC59. 


Like most vacuum cleaners, this one also comes with a few accessories to make cleaning efficient. All of these run on the same suction power to ensure the best results. 

If you have a toddler at home, you’ll know the kinds of dirt you see are crazy! The Dyson DC59 always got your back for all kinds of messes. Use the deluxe-sized brush to help you clean all of this from the floor. 

Once you’re done with the floor, switch the brush head with the mini motorized tool to get started on the carpet. When you power it on, you’ll notice the bristles cling on to each band of fiber, taking out all the gunk! A good deep scrub is just what your carpet needs with all the dirt roaming around. 

Did we mention the corners? Don’t worry, unlike us, the Dyson DC59 won’t forget about them. It has the amazing crevice tool to reach all the nooks and crannies of your house, freeing them of germs! 

The crevice tool is a worthy accessory to clean your car as well. The thin body of the vacuum is perfect for sticking in your car and sucking out all the bits of food you’ve carelessly left behind! 

For a household with pets, it has a special pet tool. Cats and dogs can be a handful when it comes to shedding and this baby takes care of the fur effortlessly! 

Battery Life:

The Dyson DC59 battery lifespan has been questioned many times. Some complain that it doesn’t last long enough while others defend that by saying what we’re about to tell you. 

It lasts for about 20 minutes if put on low power settings. When using the MAX mode, it’ll die on you after 6 minutes. 

Why you ask?

This particular stick vacuum was made for the purpose of daily cleaning in normal-sized homes. For us, it worked well in a three-bedroom apartment with a living and dining room when we used it in the lowest setting. 

A small suggestion would be to use the highest power only when deep cleaning a small area. 

So, if you’re someone looking for a cleaning session for a mansion, then this might not be the vacuum with the ideal battery span. 


A sleek and elegant exterior with the capability of fitting in any space is what describes the Dyson DC59 perfectly. For smaller homes, tiny vacuum storage is all that is needed to tuck this beauty in. 

It was made to fit in for everyone and its design provides just that. 

Answers to Clear Out Common Confusions 

We picked the three most asked questions from all the Dyson DC59 reviews and answered them for you. Read on to get your queries cleared! 

01. How to Clean Dyson DC59?

A machine that is so easy to use must be reasonably simple to clean as well. All you need to do is take out the filter and give it a quick rinse. A simple wash with soap and water should be enough to free it from the dust particles trapped in. 

The trash bin can also be snapped out and emptied. For the brush heads, you might need to give a little push with a flathead screwdriver. You’ll need to clean these more often than not if the vacuum is being frequently used in a house with furry friends. 

02. How Long Does the Battery Last?

The normal floor tool at the least power setting will make it last for up to 20 minutes at an end. On the other hand, the different attachments you use will determine the longevity of the battery-run. 

For example, the motorized brush heads will require more power than usual. This is because they need to clean out gunk from deep within the carpet. Also, when you’re using the MAX power, the battery is likely to drain out within 6 minutes of use. 

03. Can I Fit the Charging Base inside a Narrow Space?

The charging base is around 3 and a ½  inches wide and 11 and 1/16 inches long. A gap of about 4.5 inches should be sufficient for the docking station. Nevertheless, the main space issue to be concerned about would be the size of the vacuum.

While it’s slim for use, it has a width of 6 inches at its widest point. Ergo, a slot of about 7 inches should be enough to fit in the base as well as the vacuum.

On the other hand, the docking station is not essential when it comes to charging. The charger is separate and you can charge the Dyson DC59 without the dock as well. 

Is It Worth The Price? 

The Dyson DC59 is a supreme choice for anyone looking to clean their cozy house. It has all the benefits starting from storage to compatibility with all surfaces, making it one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners out there! 

If you’re still confused about whether to get it or not, we would say don’t wait around! Jump on to it and put your trust in this dynamite! 

Let us know which one of the features in our Dyson DC59 review caught your attention! 

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