Dyson DC65: Vacuum Cleaner that Makes Cleaning Easy

Do you have an obsession with keeping your house squeaky clean at all times? Are you yet to discover the perfect vacuum cleaner for that?

Behold the Dyson DC65 Animal that has been known to give results as stunning as the sunset! From homemakers to the skilled cleaners, every user has recommended this for the finest outcome.

To know all about this fantastic machine, keep scrolling! 

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Dyson DC65 Animal: A Short Glimpse

Dyson has taken a vow to make its vacuums the best of the best for making cleaning effortless and the Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum does just that. This upright vacuum cleaner works with many useful features to pick up debris for multiple surfaces!

Look Inside the Box:

  • Instant release wand.
  • Floor nozzle. 
  • Stair tool.
  • Combination tool. (Dusting brush and crevice tool)
  • Tangle-free turbine tool. (picks up threads, dental floss, and hair)
  • Soft dusting brush.
  • Dyson DC65 Animal complete manual.
  • Warranty card.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: 10.7 x 11.5 x 36.4 inches
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Cord length: 35 feet
  • Hose length: 14 feet
  • Warranty: 5 years

Why Should You Go for This?

Suction Power:

Do you often feel that your vacuum doesn’t provide enough suction to remove all the dust lying around? Then the Dyson DC65 suction power will leave you regretting why you didn’t know this before! 

It works with a Radial Root Cyclone Technology that enhances its performance by rapidly giving out the maximum suction power. Its unique ability to conserve air pressure and decrease irregular air motion assists in taking in particles as small as 0.5 microns! 

Great for Pet Hair

The most useful attachment of Dyson DC65 is the Tangle-free Turbine Brush. We tried it on dental floss, hair, and threads, and surprisingly, it took in all of them without complaining! 

Pet parents know what this brush is worth! It’s no mystery that our furry babies love shedding all over the house. Unlike many tools that tend to get tangled up with long hair, this brush takes care of it all without getting intertwined. 

Value For Money

Your first thought upon purchasing this would be “is it worth the extra money?” We’ll guarantee that it is! 

The attachments that come along with it are great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces like floor, rugs, and upholstery. Not only does it leave an ultraclean house, it stays with you for a long period of time, ensuring that your money doesn’t go to waste!


  • Great for all kinds of debris: We’ve tried this on wood dust, rice grains, food particles, and even some Cheerios! To our surprise, it picked every one of them without complaining. 
  • Easily shifts between floor and carpet: When using the floor nozzle, you’ll notice an active base plate with it. This goes up and down, eliminating the need for manual height control when traveling from bare floor to carpet.
  • Closed air system: We talked about its auto height adjustment feature but what we didn’t mention was that it helps keep the suction focus in one area. The air stays trapped in, guaranteeing no dirt goes out! 
  • Handy tools that take care of many materials around the house: The Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes with four different attachments for greater purposes. We’ve discussed more on this later, but for now, they work round-the-clock to clean every inch of your house! 
  • Easy to move around: The vacuum might be heavy but the ball technology neutralizes that con. It’s used for easy maneuvering over any surface with just a twist of the wrist! 


  • Not effective for high pile debris: We did say we tried it on Cheerios, but the DC65 Animal had a little trouble with it. On the first sweep, it didn’t pick up all of them but rather scattered some around. Although, a second take on it sucked it all up! 
  • It doesn’t stay upright on its own: Once you’re done cleaning and you shove the handle back up, you’ll notice that it falls down even after the clicking sound occurs. What you have to do is push the whole vacuum forward, when the rear wheels come down, till you hear a click!
  • The filter takes around 24 hours to completely dry off: The filters on it don’t need to be washed that often but when you do, it’s a game of patience! 

All in all, we can confidently say that this beauty got everything you desired. Its versatility, high suction, and potential to stay beside you through long cleaning sessions make it one the best buy vacuum cleaners in the market!

Don’t wait around till this baby runs out of stock. Grab it now to get an immaculate house within minutes! 

Dyson DC65 Animal Review- A Look at Its Performance

When we first got this, we didn’t think it’d give us anything new. Once it came into use, we realized why it’s one of the best-rated vacuum cleaners! 

Easy to Assemble:

Right off the bat, it’s fairly easy to set up just by looking at the parts. Nonetheless, refer to the Dyson DC65 Animal complete manual for zero mistakes. There’s no hassle of charging, so after assembling, get straight to cleaning your house!  


To start off, the floor nozzle is great for picking up large amounts of dirt in one swipe on the floor. Dyson understands how troublesome it is to shift from floor to carpet and hence included the adjustable axle for easy shifting! Along with that, the brush has been redesigned and given stronger bristles to help the toughest scrubbing deep within your carpets.

Stairs are a tough place to reach, especially with a heavy upright vacuum. Thankfully, you can simply attach the stair tool to the stretchable hose and extend it all the way to the top of the stairs. The bristles on this are closely attached to ensure edge-to-edge cleaning, making your steps shine! 

The combination tool and soft dusting brush can be used to swab sensitive surfaces. Starting from glass countertops to laptop keyboards, these handy gadgets are great for scratch-free cleaning!

We’ve already talked about the Turbine brush, although, we didn’t mention the burden it can handle. This has been used in a household with two dogs and three cats, all with a shedding problem, and it wiped off any existence of the furs lying around! 


Have you had trouble moving around heavy vacuum cleaners? We wouldn’t disagree, that with a weight of 24 lbs, this one is also quite heavy. Yet, we would say moving it around is a breeze all thanks to the big ball we talked about before! 

Besides, we found the clean reach to be quite useful since you can place the vacuum at one end and extend the hose to polish to quite some degrees! The handle is also ergonomic and long enough to move around without bending. 

Design & Switches Explained!

A well-built, shiny, silver of the Dyson DC65 Vacuum is what will strike you at first sight. It has a long handle with the first break at the purple cyclones and the next one at the ball. 

At the front of the vacuum, just below the handle, you have the on/off red power switch. Beside it, there’s a grey button used for turning the brushbar on/off. These two are placed in a favorable position so that you don’t have to crouch to get access to them! 

If you go a little further down, you’ll find a red button that’s for releasing the dirt tank! Around the back, there’s a small hangar-like structure to wrap the 35-foot cord. A quick turn to the left or right is enough to take the cord off of there. 

Keep the Expert With You Longer

We already mentioned how effective it’s in trapping all mini dust particles, but that comes with the price of cleaning more filtration parts. 

For the ultimate clean house, the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner has two filters and a canister for taking in dirt prisoners! Below, we’ve explained the cleaning of all parts: 

Dirt Tank:

  1. Locate the red button near the handle.
  2. Press it down to take the bin off the machine. 
  3. Place the canister over a trash bin.
  4. Use the same red button to release the bottom hatch and let the gunk flow out. 
  5. Shake it a little to completely remove all the dirt stuck in it.


The Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum comes with two filters. The first one is at the top of the dust canister. To clean this:

  1. Disconnect the canister in the same method as before.
  2. Pull on the little clip at the end of the handle.
  3. Once the top pops off, take the filter out to rinse it. 
  4. Let it dry completely and put it back in for the next use.

Friendly tip: Dyson recommends replacing the filter every three months. In case you’re using the vacuum more frequently, it’s best to check it before that time frame. 

For the second one, that’s inside the ball:

  1. Rotate the blue cap on the side of the ball to unscrew it.
  2. The whole side of the ball comes off to reveal the exhaust filter.
  3. Turn the filter counterclockwise to lift it up and rinse.
  4. Similar to the premotor filter, let it dry before affixing it again. 
  5. To attach: Rotate it clockwise to get the little arrows on it to line up and fix the side of the ball back. 

Final Verdict

For us, this Dyson vacuum is a complete package. Built with state-of-the-art features, it fits right into your home, making its place to your list of favorites! 

From the way, it fights against any kind of gunk to its durability, we would recommend this for anyone looking for a complete package! 

In case our Dyson DC65 Animal Complete review left you with any questions, let us know in the comments below. If not, share your thoughts about it! 

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