Dyson V8 Absolute Review: The Absolute Reason to Go Cord-Free

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, going cord-free is a good thing.

 It vastly reduces the effort that you have to throw into cleaning your place.


For starters, with a cordless vacuum, you won’t feel that you are on a leash.

You don’t need to deal with cords that constantly pull you back, tangle to your furniture, or make you trip and fall several times during a single cleaning session.

There’s more.

A cordless vacuum takes away the constant headache of looking for power outlets here and there, unplugging and replugging.

These are naturally more compact and tidier units and are much easier to store.

With all these perks to offer, the reason why cordless vacuums have not already taken over the world is their limited suction power and battery life.

This is the precise reason why many of us still root for corded vacuums, don’t we?

Dyson has set its mind in finding a solution to this and have come up with some really neat and sophisticated cordless units in recent times.

Yes, we are talking about the Cyclone V series, and you are reading an all-inclusive Dyson V8 Absolute review. We have paid a tribute to the Dyson V11 before. Check it out if you are eyeing that unit as well!

So, let’s cut the CORDialities short, and jump to our findings on the Dyson V8 Absolute. 

At a Glance: The Dyson V8 Absolute

  • Type: cordless stick and handheld, bagless
  • Recommended Surface: Hard floor, Carpet
  • Run time: 40 minutes
  • Power: 22 air Watts normal; 115 air Watts maximum
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Container capacity: 0.54 litres

Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum Review: A to Z

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum is a nifty unit that comes with an ergonomic design and a handful of thoughtful key features.

Here are the absolutely great things that Dyson offers in its V8 Absolute.

Dual Tier Suction:

This cordless stick vacuum has a 2 tier suction in place. Use the switch on top to toggle between the ‘regular’ mode and the ‘max’ mode.

The ‘regular mode’ is great enough to perform your regular cleaning chores. The 22 air Watts power ensures fabulous suction and the handy tools carry out immaculate cleaning.

The ‘max mode’ turns your Dyson V8 Absolute cordless stick vacuum cleaner into a powerhouse. With a power of 115 air Watts, it is your go-to for heavy-duty cleaning.

Easy Transformation from Stick to a Handheld:

Transforming your V8 Absolute from a stick to a handheld and vice versa is a matter of seconds.

The handle can be easily detached and reattached. Likewise, the tools conveniently fit into place. There is almost zero lag time involved in the process.

HEPA Filtration:

The High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter traps 99.9% allergens including dust and dander from your environment, rendering the air you breathe safe and clean.  

This is especially important for households that have pets and people who are prone to allergies.

The HEPA filter and other filters of Dyson V8 Absolute are washable. You can reuse them over and over again, and will never have to worry about replacing them.

Convenient Docking Station:

A wall-mounted docking station charges your V8 and holds it when it is idle. There are additional hooks to house a few Dyson v8 Absolute attachments.

However, you won’t be able to hang all the V8 attachments on this dock. We hung the most frequently used tools to the charging dock and kept the rest inside a closet.

Great Accessories:

  • A Direct Drive Head: sinks deep inside high pile carpets and brings out hidden dust and debris.
  • A Fluffy Roller Head: specializes in hard floors and picks up anything from fine debris to coarser ones.
  • A Combination Tool: comes with an additional brush that you may or may not choose to use depending on the surface you are working on.
  • A Crevice Tool: to clean all the nooks and crannies.
  • A Mini Motorized Tool: That takes care of spots like car seats, upholstery, and stairs.

Power and Performance:

Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner has tremendous suction even in the ‘regular mode’.

We tested its capabilities on three different floor types including laminate floors to see whether the great Dyson v8 reviews are indeed true.

On a hardwood floor, the V8 with its fluffy head managed to pick up 98% of rice and 99% of kitty litter and cereals on one go.

When we removed the fluffy roller and replaced it with the direct-drive head, the efficiency decreased.

Word of advice, never use anything but the fluffy roller for your hard flooring.

We then tested it on the carpet and found a similar performance although it struggled a bit with rice, picking up about 95% of them all.

We then used the unit for a thorough clean-up of our apartment. We used all the tools and ran the V8 on high pile carpet, hardwood floor, the stairs, and some dark nooks and crannies.

It picked up almost everything on its path and we could complete cleaning without needing to send it to the dock for a recharge.

As far as the performance is concerned, we are joyous with the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum.

Ease of Use and Maneuverability:

Dyson V8 Manual Absolute is a simple vacuum stick.

Getting started is easy with the handy Dyson V8 absolute manual book and you can start cleaning with it the minute you are done charging it up for the first time.

Unlike uprights, most of the weight will be concentrated around the grip of your hand and you will feel more in control.

Lightweight vacuums are lifesavers, especially for the elderly.

With a weight of 2.6 kg, the V8 Absolute is one of the lightest stick vacuums ever. Moreover, you won’t have to factor in the weight of the cords ( coz there aren’t any!). This gives your V8 impressive maneuverability.

Emptying the bin is a ‘non-touch’ process. Simply pull the evacuation trigger and dump all of it away.

However, one thing that many Dyson V8 vacuum reviews point out is that the trigger doesn’t have a lock. We had to keep pulling the trigger throughout and it was tiring.

Battery Life

The battery life could be a major setback of a cordless vacuum. Ergo, we paid extra attention while evaluating the Dyson V8 battery.

Dyson claims that V8 Absolute has a run-time of 40 minutes. We ran it and found the 40-minute claim to be true when it operates without the power-head.

With the fluffy head and the spinning brush head, it runs for 30 minutes and 25 minutes respectively.

When you employ the maximum suction mode, the run time drastically reduces to 7 minutes. Although 7 minutes with the maximum power setting is good enough for a thorough clean.


We were impressed by how quiet the V8 absolute really is.

In the normal mode, it creates a hum equivalent to 73 dB when measured from a 3 inches distance. This is lower than its cousin Dyson V10 and much lower compared to a regular hair dryer.  

The Price Tag:

Dyson V8 Absolute best price lies in the medium tier. While it is more affordable than the V10, it is pricier than the V7 and V8 Animal.

What we gather from Dyson V8 Animal reviews is that buying the Absolute variant with a few extra bucks is wiser.

Dyson V8 Cordless Reviews: What Users Think!

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Bagless stick vacuum is big, both online and offline.

The number of Dyson v8 cordless vacuum reviews has already crossed 1800 on the Dyson site and newer reviews keep flooding the Amazon every day.

Most users recommend it to their friends!

Here’s an excerpt from a user review:

“Very pleased with this purchase. It took me over a year to pull the trigger on a good vacuum and this Dyson it is 100% worth the money.” – Amazon User

Testing the Dyson V8: What We Think!

After a long day of testing the V8 Absolute, we have jotted down our opinion on this amazing cordless unit into two groups:

What We Don’t Like About Dyson V8 Absolute:

  • Dyson V8 Absolute price is a bit higher than the sticks of other brands.
  • The trigger doesn’t have a lock.

What We Love about the Dyson V8 Absolute:

  • No restrictive cord or heavy cylinder.
  • Great cleaning performance.
  • Highly maneuverable.
  • Doesn’t need plugging and unplugging from one outlet to another.
  • Rather quiet.
  • Amazingly lightweight and compact.


Dyson creates magic with its cord-free units, there’s no doubt that.

The V8 Absolute is a great product from the company and stands at a medium price point. It cleans houses spick as a span and is a great value for money.

So, if you are going for a cordless, go for the Absolute.

Satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed!

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