Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer Reviews in 2021

Carpets give a very pretty and sweet look to our floors. But they get dirty very often and if you fall something on it, it becomes very hard to remove. So, cleaning the carpets is not a pretty job. With a regular vacuum cleaner, it’s become very hard to clean the dirt and strain from the carpets. There have been many signs of progress in the field of cleaning. Now many types of carpets cleaner are available on the market. We’ll discuss one of the finest carpets cleaners of all here. 

Today we’ll give you hoover power scrub deluxe carpet washer reviews in depth. We’ll try to cover all the details and information about the hoover fh 50150 model. Hopefully, hoover fh50150 carpet basics power scrub deluxe carpet cleaner reviews will clear all your doubts and confusion. 

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer fh50150 Reviews

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer Reviews

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Product overview:

Not all cleaners are good on carpets. It is very hard to remove hard and stain from the carpet. Not every vacuum cleaner can do so. To clean the carpet properly you need special tools for carpet. Hoover power scrub deluxe carpet cleaner is an ideal cleaner to clean the carpets. 

A powerful cleaner is needed to clean the carpets effectively. Not every cleaner will provide this power to clean the carpets. Hoover fh50150 carpet cleaner will do that with ease. Without causing any damage to the carpet properly and the carpets will shine as new.

Some cleaner uses steam to clean the carpets but hot steam can damage the fiber of the carpet even the pad as well. Instead of steam hoover fh50150 carpet cleaner uses a chemical solution to clean it. With the help of this solution, it can remove dirt and strain from your favorite carpets or rugs in no time.

The mystery of the cleaner high performance is its spinning scrub brushes. It has 5 spinning brushes for effective cleaning. These brushes spin at 360 degrees for effective cleaning and as they are more in number so you also get a large area covered.  Due to these spinning brushes you can easily get rid of dust, stains, mite, dog excrement and other dirt as well. In this stage of hoover fh50150 carpet basics power scrub deluxe carpet cleaner reviews we’ll explore more details about this carpet cleaner

Design and size:

We need to carry a cleaner often and for that, it has some handles to carry it. Using those you can carry even very easily wherever you need. For this, it is very easy to carry the cleaner upstairs as well.

The brushes and nozzles of his cleaner are removable. That means this can be easily replaced if needed. And it becomes very easy to store and clean the machine due to these removable parts.

It has an indicator that alerts you when the water of the tank is less. So you can refill the tank quickly. It is in that manner that you can easily refill the water and cleaning solution. 

Spin scrub Brush System:

Brush System

It has multiple spin scrub brushes for deep cleaning. These brushes rotate counter-clockwise and perform a deep cleaning to the carpets. It is so powerful that it can easily remove any type of strain even wine strain too. 

A pet generally does a lot of messes on the carpets. These are very hard to remove. With hoover powerful brushes you can clean that very easily. These brushes are quite exclusive not seen in every cleaner. The brushes make it a unique and powerful cleaner. 


It weighs less than 19 pounds. So, this powerful hoover fh50150 carpet cleaner is quite lightweight as well. That makes it easy to move which is very important for a cleaner. Free movement is very necessary for an effective and smooth cleaning experience.

Smart water tank:

A smart water tank means the machine has separate water tanks for clean and dirty water. So, the dirty water doesn’t mix up with the clean water and you always get a convenient carpet cleaning.

Automatic mixing detergent:

For convenient cleaning, these features help a lot. You just need to give the detergent. The machine itself took the right amount of detergent and makes a balanced solution. So, you’ll always get the best cleaning solution and the best carpet cleaning.

Rinse mode:

Due to this mode, you can rinse the carpet very easily. You just need to switch between cleaning mode to rinsing mode. After that, the cleaner will remove the entire left cleaning chemicals out of your carpets.  Simply you can clean your carpet with soap; the machine will apply water on it and help you to get rid of the soap from the surface. 


The cleaner uses heated forced air to clean the carpet. The air is applied while you rinse the carpet. Hot air vaporizes the water, as a result, it dries faster. Generally, four hours needed to dry a carpet but on this machine, it dries long before that time.

Cleaning performance:

Easy Cleaning

Hoover fh50150 carpet basics power scrub deluxe carpet cleaner has a dual V-shaped nozzle. These nozzles are specially designed to provide powerful suction so that you can get rid of stubborn strain. Some strain is hard are very hard to remove from them these V nozzles provide a great suction power and you can easily clean them.

In every home or apartment, there will always be some spots there are very hard to reach. And these places get very dirty as well but cleaning them is very hassle. This cleaner has a crevice tool to get to those tiny spots and clean them. So, now you can easily very easily those areas with the help of this cleaner. 

Accessories and attachments:

  • Stair Tool.
  • Upholstery Tool.
  • Crevice Tool.
  • Sample Bottle of Solution.


In the upper portion of hoover fh50150 carpet cleaner reviews, we talk about its features lets know about what the purchasers think about the cleaner. Hoover carpet washer reviews very well on amazon by its consumers because of its high performance. Everyone praises its suction power and cleaning modes. According to the consumers under this budget, this is one of the best you can get.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to store.
  • Separates water tanks technology.
  • 20 feet power cord.
  • Efficient cleaning.
  • Long hose.
  • 360-degree rotating spinning brushes.
  • Automatic mixing detergent function.
  • Faster dry technology.
  • Easy rinsing mode.
  • Well designed.
  • Sometimes the water tank leaks.
  • The water tank is not so large.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions):

1. What is the ideal way for suitable carpet cleaning?

Answer: many people scrub the carpet as a suitable cleaning process. But this is not right because this could damage the carpet fiber and even the pad as well. To remove stains from the carpet gently try to remove it with a cleaning solution. Make sure that you are using a balanced solution to clean the carpet wrong concentration of water and chemical can also cause damage to the carpets.

2. Does hoover fh50150 clean on the forward and backward pass to save time

Answer: This machine is very effective it has a trigger that you hold down to put cleaning agent and hot water down, the agitators work in both directions as well as the suction of the cleaning agent and water. The best results are to put down the agent on a couple of passes over the same area then move over to the next area. 

When it’s all been wetted then goes back and sucks up and finally, it has a rinse feature that you can use over the area and a final suction and then it ready to dry. We like the machine.


The hoover power scrub deluxe carpet washer fh50150 is a very good cleaner at affordable prices. For regular carpet cleaning, this cleaner is one of the best on the market. You can trust this cleaner it will not disappoint you at all. Hopefully, hoover power scrub deluxe carpet washer reviews will make it easy for you to choose your next carpet cleaner.

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