How Effective Is Steam Cleaning: Is It Just Hype or A Great Help?

Many of us, specially detailers found revolutionary changes while detailing with a steam cleaner. But the question is, does it really kill germs while cleaning dust and debris from floor, carpet, etc.?

It is claimed by the manufacturer of steam cleaners that it does kill germs 99.9%. So, we make a deep study from various reputed sources for justifying manufacturer claim.

What we have found from the study?

Let’s get into details to explore how effective is steam cleaning

Study on House Dust Mites

The study was taken by Colloff MJ, Taylor C, Merrett TG. The goal is to control dust mites by using extreme temperature.

They use 8 treated carpet with some known dust mites and 8 controls. The study took 4 months to observe the result.

They took a sample before and after cleaning the 8 treated carpet. 

Result: Researchers found 5% level more effectiveness while cleaning with the steam cleaner.

So, they have concluded the research by stating that dust mites’ control with a steam cleaner is more effective.

Study on a Veterinary Hospital

Our pets could be a good carrier of microorganisms. So, what could be a great place to check out the effectiveness of steam cleaner other than a veterinary hospital? None.

To evaluate the effectiveness of steam to disinfect a veterinary hospital, Wood CL, Tanner BD, Higgins LA, Dennis JS, and Luempert LG 3rd took an experiment.

To get a perfect result, researchers took 5 types of surface from 18 test site. And then they have performed steam cleaning on the right side of each type of surface. Then they took samples from the treated and untreated area to compare.

Result: Researchers concluded by stating that steam cleaning could be a great alternative of chemical as steam cleaning significantly reduced numbers of bacteria from various types of surface in a veterinary hospital.

What are the advantages of a steam cleaner?

You will get some benefits compared to the traditional cleaning method. Those are-

Great for cleaning hard surface

A steam cleaner can give you maximum result if it is a hard surface. Steam cleaner’s high temperature has less effect on a hard surface but that high temperature can kill germs effectively.

And hard surface can dry up within a very short time. If you need to reuse the area immediately after cleaning, then there is no alternative to the steam cleaner.

Save money on chemical

Traditional cleaners need chemicals to clean. Those chemicals could harm your pets and children if they stay around while cleaning.

And you know, steam cleaners won’t require chemicals to clean. High temperature is the ingredient of these tools.

So, this is a really great option to choose if you own pets or have a child.

Other than that, as it is not using chemical, so, this is an environment-friendly cleaner.

Versatile to use

This only one piece of cleaning tool can clean your kitchen, furniture’s, doors, windows, carpet, and interior of your car, etc.

In a word, a single machine to clean your entire home. But you have to use the different attachment to clean different surfaces.

Maintenance is easier

Definitely, it depends on which steam cleaner you are using. There are some models that used re-usable filters or pads. You just need to wash the pads or filters after every use. This is definitely cost effective other than those cleaners that need to refill or require replacement pads.

Effective to clean

High temperature can kill germs easily. Though it has bad effects on some surfaces. That depends on surface type. You just need to avoid those types of surface.

Our naked eyes can’t see bacteria. To kill bacteria completely, the high temperature could be an option. As most of the germs can’t survive at high temperature.

So, a complete sanitation result is the output of steam cleaning.

What are the disadvantages of a steam cleaner?

It has limitations also. It depends on the surface types and other factors-

Too hot

The main mechanism of steam cleaner is its temperature. It is really too hot and can cause safety issues. And the user should aware of it to avoid direct contact with the steam.

As it is the main mechanism and without high temperature, you will not get a complete sanitary result. So, at first, you have to know how to use the cleaning machine.

Higher in price

A steam cleaner is high in price compared to a traditional cleaner. It is because of the manufacturing cost of the steam cleaner is higher.

But if you think for long-term use and effectiveness, then steam cleaner is the perfect choice from my point of view.

Long drying time for soft product

A soft product like carpet cleaning can take 24 hours to dry after steam cleaning. This is not convenient for the commercial area. But carpet cleaning is not done frequently. So, you can choose a weekend or a holiday to do that.

For deep cleaning and completely sanitary cleaning, you should do steam cleaning. So, choose the best time for commercial areas carpet of soft product.


You may now understand that how effective is steam cleaning.

But to get the maximum result the best steamer is necessary. Because the cheaper one can’t do the best for you.

Before purchasing a steam cleaner look for its specification to ensure that it can serve you properly.

There are steam mop, cylinder steam cleaner and hand-held steam cleaner types available on the market. Get the one that is perfect for you?

Steam cleaners are getting a popular cleaner for its performance. And it is an environment-friendly cleaner. So, there is no bad effect on cleaning with it.

There is no doubt regarding the effectiveness of steam cleaners.

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