How Much Is A Farmhouse Sink? – Does and Why it Vary?

Farmhouse sinks are a symbol of beauty, regardless of their types, shapes, sizes, and brands most of the cases. They can change the whole interior of a kitchen if appropriately chosen. But what to pay instead – how much is a farmhouse sink?

We can not give a specific response to this question. Generally, apron front sinks will make you spend more than a couple of hundred bucks from your bank, sometimes more than that if quality is better. To get an ideal model for your kitchen or bathroom, you should allow even if it costs some amount more than you assume.

How Much Do Farmhouse Sinks Cost?

Farmhouse Sinks Cost

As mentioned above, the price starts from a couple of hundred bucks and increases for some reason. Size, design, sink material, brand, model, manufacturing zone are the key variables that play the role of such variance. So, we cannot tell you exactly how much do a farmhouse sink cost. Instead, we would try to give an idea of different price ranges calculated based on sink materials.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials for any sink, so for the farmhouse sink. Being steel, they are sturdy, heavy-duty, and durable. But you might not like the fact that they are loud to use. But the most significant selling point for the steel -made sinks is their lower pricing range, making them affordable for all. 

You can buy a reliable stainless farm sink at around $200, which may increase up to $500 or a couple of dollars more for the excellent models. Depending on some other issues or any other worth-mention feature, the price might even cross $1000, which is exceptional for a stainless steel apron front sinks. 


Fireclay (clay made) apron sinks are best known for their eye-catching designs. They are a symbol of beauty and aristocracy, which is their top-selling point. They do not produce loud sound while being used is another important thing. But they mean to be more weighty, and are prone to chip if substantially hurt.

You have to spend quite a high amount for a beautiful and large-size fireclay sink. Generally, you can get it at a price of not less than $1000. Based on their designs, size, and other things, the price may even go close to $2000.


Copper is a material used for making the vintage farmhouse sinks. Many of the hand-made farmer sinks are built from copper. They are strong, durable, and heavy-duty. They can cost an amount ranging from $500 to $1000.


Porcelain farmhouse sinks can be made of solid porcelain or another material coated by a porcelain layer, the later one of which is more durable. They are good-looking, large, low-noise producing sinks. You can use them for both – kitchen and bathroom. They come in drop-down, undermount, and apron-front designs. 

Coated porcelain farmhouse sink may cost around $500 or some more, while the pure porcelain sink price might go something around $1000. It varies over their size, designs, and features.

Cast Iron

Cast iron farm sinks are made of durable iron alloy along with a porcelain enamel coating. They are durable, heavy-duty, and come up with an aristocratic outlook. Most of them are expensive, with a minimum $1000 price point. The emerald cast iron sinks, among them, are quite costly. They are a beauty, and might make you invest even an amount up to $3000.

Where to Buy Farmhouse Sinks?

You can buy your desired farmhouse sinks from online retailers like Amazon, eBay, WalMart etc. If you want to buy after watching the sink in your eyes, you may go to the sanitary & house improvement shops close to your home. Even you can buy directly from the manufacturers’ selling facilities. It entirely depends on your decision and suitability.

Last Words

There are a good number of alternatives out there when it comes to deciding which farmhouse sink you should buy. As you have a budget, you already know how much you should spend at least, buying the most suitable sink should be easy. The entire process depends on your taste and discretion. So, we suggest you do some analysis before purchasing a sink. Don’t forget, it is a significant investment, and you won’t do it often.

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