How to Remove Roller Brush from Shark Vacuum: No More Accidents!

Whether you have a traditional Shark vacuum or a modern cordless one, chances are that it has a roller brush. If your vacuum hasn’t been acting its best, checking up on this component is a good idea. 

But before you get there, you have to know how to remove the roller brush from the Shark vacuum.

This article will look into the role of roller brushes and how you can maintain them. And of course, you’ll learn how to remove and clean the Shark vacuum brush.

What Does a Roller Brush Do?

how to remove roller brush from shark vacuum

To start with, let’s figure out why vacuums come with a roller brush. A roller brush has rows and rows of stiff bristles that can get in between the fibers of a carpet. They are also called spin brushes. 

Some roller brushes also come with beaters that can agitate the carpet to loosen up debris and dust.

The loosened dirt can then easily be sucked up by the vacuum. So roller brushes are a pretty important part of any vacuum, especially if your home has lots of rugs or carpeting. However, these brushes can damage or scratch some hard floors.

Because of this, many higher-end upright vacuums have an on/off switch for the brush roll. This is a great idea, especially if you have mixed floors.

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Removing the Roller Brush from Shark Vacuums

shark rotator brush roll replacement

This section will show you how to remove brush from Shark vacuum models. Whether you want to know how to remove brush roll from Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro, or how to remove roller brush from Shark Cordless Vacuum, this will help you out.

Before we begin, make sure you have these steps checked off:

  • Make sure your vacuum is switched off and disconnected from the power.
  • Place a garbage bag or old bedsheet on the floor if you are working indoors.
  • When in doubt about different parts, check your Shark instruction manual.
  • Before you start, gather tools like gloves, a screwdriver, and a small handheld brush.

Here is how to take the brush off Shark vacuum, regardless of the make and model:

Removing the Brush Roll from a Shark Rotator Vacuum Cleaner:

If you have a Shark Rotator brush roll not working, you may need to take it out for closer inspection. This Shark vacuum has a wide cleaning head but is a little complicated when it comes to the removal and cleaning of its roller brush.

  1. Start by collecting a coin or large button. You will need this later.
  2. Open the back of the vacuum to access the part where the brush roll is located. To learn how to take the bottom off a Shark vacuum, check this out.
  3. The hose access port has a hidden screw. Use the coin to turn two screws clockwise next to the hose port.
  4. Then, lift the hose port cover to locate the screw deep within.
  5. Set the unit right side up without separating the two parts of the vacuum.
  6. Carefully disconnect the connector on the wire under the Shark vacuum brush roll indicator, which will allow you to take the vacuum apart.
  7. There is a clear cover over the brush roll that is screwed on. You will need to unscrew it.
  8. After removing the cover, you can gently take the brush roll out.

Removing the Brush Roll from a Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner:

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away remove brush roller process is pretty straightforward. This is simpler and faster than removing the brush roll from the Rotator vacuum:

  1. Separate the head from the rest of the unit and turn it over for a clear view of the screws.
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove the four visible screws over the brush area and the two next to the bigger wheels.
  3. Then, pop out the two small wheels and remove the two screws beneath them. There are two more screws hidden in the crevices beside the two larger wheels.
  4. After you’ve loosened the roller brush compartment, flip the head over and carefully separate the two halves, without breaking the wire connection.
  5. Take out the roller brush from the compartment, and clean it as best as you can. 

Removing the Brush Roll from a Shark Rocket Cleaner:

These steps will work to brush roll from a Rocket vacuum. In addition, you can follow these basic steps to remove the roller brush from Shark Duo and Pet vacuums.

  1. First, disassemble the Shark vacuum head.
  2. Examine the head to find the release buttons on each side to release the cover.
  3. There is a tab next to the roller brush that you can use to easily slide the brush out of its compartment.
  4. Gently pull the roller brush from its slot without damaging it.

Cleaning a Shark Brush Roller

clean shark vacuum brush

If you have a ‘Shark vacuum brush not spinning’ kind of problem, it may be that there are lots of hair and dust bunnies tangled in it.

This section is for people if they have a Shark navigator brush roll not working issue, but will also apply to all vacuum brush rolls.

  • If there’s a lot of hair stuck to your brush, use a small pair of scissors to trim away the tangles. Gently pull the tangled, knotted hair out of the bristles.
  • Use your fingers to remove dust bunnies.
  • If your brush roll has a lot of hardened dirt, you can soak the brush in some diluted detergent or other cleaning solution.
  • If it isn’t too dirty, use a soft, damp microfiber brush to wipe down the brush and remove any remaining fine dirt.
  • Let the brush dry completely before replacing it in your vacuum.

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Below you’ll find answers to questions I get asked a lot about removing and cleaning Shark vacuum brush rolls.

01. How Do I Get a Shark Navigator Clean Brush?

To get a clean Navigator Brush, take out the Brush Roll periodically and give it a thorough cleaning. You should remove any hair, dust, or debris tangled in the bristles and clean any fine dirt trapped within the brush.

02. How Do I Know If It’s Time for a Shark Rotator Brush Roll Replacement?

If your vacuum isn’t picking dirt from carpets, it is a sign that something may be wrong with the brush roll. Also, if the bristles on the roller brush are torn or damaged, it means you need to replace them with a new one.

03. Can I Find a Shark Navigator Brush Roll Replacement Online?

All Shark vacuum replacement parts can be found online, at places like Amazon, eBay, and even Facebook marketplace.

04. Why is Shark Duo Clean Roller Brush Not Spinning?

Your Shark vacuum roller brush may not be spinning because there is hair tangled among the bristles. Removing any trapped dirt will get your brush spinning and moving once again.

Final Say

So there you have it. You now know how to remove roller brush from Shark vacuum, no matter the model. While going deep into the vacuum interior can be a little intimidating, it really is as easy as pie. 

After doing it a few times, it will feel as natural as the act of vacuuming. You don’t have to let hair-tangled roller brushes get you down!

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