How to Remove Spin Mop Head: Your Hack to a Long-Lasting Mop

So you got yourself a spin mop. Great! But after a couple of uses, the mop head starts looking gray and…icky. You might think your only option is to get a new mop altogether. But you can easily remove the mop and replace it with another, or clean it before the next use.

And how to remove a spin mop head? That’s what today’s article will get into. And just in case you were looking for tips on cleaning your spin mop head, I’ll give you pointers for that as well!

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How to Remove a Spin Mop Head

how to remove spin mop head

Worried about spin mop head removal? The good news is that spin mop heads are super easy to remove and replace. You just need to concentrate and know what you’re doing. Be gentle with the removable components so that you don’t accidentally break anything. 

Once you know how to remove the mop head, cleaning this part of the mop will become much easier. And when in confusion, check out the spin mop replacement head instructions that come with the packaging.

To learn about removing mop head from the spin mop, keep reading the sections below:

How to Remove O-Cedar Spin Mop Head:

Here’s how to release spin mop head from an O-Cedar Spin Mop:

  1. Feel around the base of the mop for the part where the mop head connects to the broom handle.
  2. Twist the connecting part and rotate it in a clockwise motion to loosen the mop head.
  3. Once the connective section is loosened enough you will be able to separate the mop head from the rest of the mop handle with a gentle pull.
  4. You may also have to hold the mop head steady with your foot, while you tug on the handle to separate the two parts.

How to Remove Hurricane Spin Mop Head:

This is how to take off the spin mop head from the Hurricane Spin Mop:

  1. Place the mop flat on the ground to make it easier to work with.
  2. Locate the connective joint that links the mop head to the handle.
  3. Rotate the joint clockwise to loosen the joint and tug the mop head away from the handle to separate the two.

How to Remove Clorox Spin Mop Head:

Clorox spin mops are almost a household staple at this point. How to remove this spin mop head for cleaning?

  1. Gently press down on the mop head with your foot to hold it steady while pushing the mop away from you.
  2. The mop must be positioned so that the disk attachment joint doesn’t twist or bend as you push the mop away.
  3. Pushing the mop while the mophead is fixed in place will separate the two.

Mop Head Care and Maintenance

spin mop head removal

Ever wondered ‘How to clean Vileda spin mop head? This section will show you how to end up with a clean and fluffy mop head that will look just as good as new.

To machine wash, use cold water and mild detergent to clean the mop head. You can also add bleach to remove mildew and stubborn stains. Don’t use things like fabric softener and aggressively wash on a fast cycle.

For hand washing, soak the mop head in a bucket of cool water and diluted detergent and/or bleach. Then, after a couple of hours, gently wring out the water before rinsing out the mop head thoroughly.

Never dry your mop head in a dryer. Air dry even if it takes much longer. Wait for it to dry completely before storing away or using it again.

Once you are clear about mop head care, let’s talk about spin mop head replacement.

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How to Replace Spin Mop Head

If you want to know how to change the spin mop head, these instructions will suffice. You can reattach or replace a mop head for most spin mops the same way.

  1. Get a mop head to replace your old one, if you aren’t attaching a cleaned one.
  2. Spread the mop head straight on the floor.
  3. Place the mop handle over the head so that the mop cap on the handle totally covers the mop head.
  4. Once the mop head is in place, use gentle pressure on the mop cap to join it onto the new mop head.

Any Questions?

Below you’ll find answers to questions often asking about replacing spin mop heads.

01. Where Can I Find Spin Mop Refill Heads?

You can find packs of spin mop head refills on Amazon at affordable prices.

02. Can I use Clorox to Clean My Mop Head?

Yes, using Clorox and other bleach products can help brighten your mop head, lift nasty stains, and remove the graying appearance from frequently used heads.

03. Can I Remove a Mop Head Without Breaking the Handle?

Spin mops are made with a connective joint that links the mop head to the handle. This means it will not break when you try to separate the two.

Final Thoughts

Spin mops are a blessing, especially when they come with a built-in wringer. These mops make cleaning easy and are pretty affordable. 

Removing and replacing spin mop heads ensures that each mop head isn’t too worn out and will last for a longer time. Knowing how to remove the spin mop head will make maintenance and care a breeze!

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