How to remove Vinyl flooring from concrete easily – The Complete Guide

Removing of vinyl cover from the floor is not a difficult task but surely it’s a time-consuming task. So, before you get started to this massive task, make sure that whether the vinyl cover is definitely unusable or too old.

It is because sometimes, a new floor can be suitable to lay over the old one. After completing observation if it appears positive, then you can go through the later of the article.

Remember you don’t need to be a pro to complete this. So, you need not be tensed. Just sit back to the monitor and you will be relaxed after learning this.

Tools And Material

Here is a set of the tool given so that you don’t have to think much about it.

  • Utility Knife: This knife is best for cutting various things for utility purpose. Utility knife which has a lock system and integrated interchangeable blade will do a favor for the job.
  • Heat Gun: Heat gun is considered as a universal tool. So, you should keep it on your toolbox not only for flooring removal jobs but also you can use it on lots of purposes.
  • Prybar: Prybar is essential for prying and pulling off baseboards and trim.
  • Wood Block: A wood block is a tool for increasing force on a certain thing. It works as a lever allowing extra leverage with your force.
  • Five-In-One Tool: If you decide, you will not use any chemical for scraping the floor away, and then this tool is perfect for you.
  • Commercial Adhesive Stripper: It not likes a tool, its chemicals to remove glue from the floor at the final stage. If you want to remain untangled in this stage-surely you need this. It will give you hand from doing the job manually.

Now you are well equipped to do the work. 

Vinyl flooring is two kinds. One is Sheet vinyl and another one is Vinyl tiles. Here I will say how you will do the job for these two vinyl cover.

Sheet Vinyl

Step 1:

Removing baseboard from the edges of the floor is your first work. It is because baseboard sticks the edges of the flooring.

Firstly, you have to put the wood block just a few inches above the dashboard. Then put the prybar on the meeting place of trim and wall.

Now using prybar you have to apply force. Before that set wood block under the prybar. It will increase your force and help to pry away the trim. In this stage, you should use hand gloves.

You also have to be cautious when you pry the trim away. Massive force or yanking may damage the trim. If you are not willing to re-use the trim nevertheless you should not break the trim because it is much easier to pull away entire trim rather than the broken trim.

Step 2:

In this step, you have to cut out the center of the floor.

You need a utility knife now. Using utility knife you have to cut strips through vinyl about 6 inches apart. Keep doing this from one wall to the opposite wall.

Step 3:

Now heat the strip with a heat gun. The heat gun will soften the adhesive. When it soft enough you will use a knife under the adhesive and pry away from the floor. When the piece that you are prying will enough to grab onto, then pull it slowly keeping pace with the heat gun spraying.

Step 4:

In this step, you don’t need to do anything new, you have to do just the previous thing that has given on the top. Remove the incomplete portion of the flooring by cutting it into strips, prying and pulling.

Step 5:

This is the last stage. So you have finished pulling away all of the strips from the flooring. Now have look on the floor. You will see the glue on the floor. Definitely, you will not like it.

So, removing this glue from the floor you need to use a commercial adhesive stripper to soften the glue. The adhesive stripper will soften the glue and make it water soluble. Thus you can easily sweep away the glue.

Now you are all set.

Now simply collect the waste in a container and put it off safely.

Vinyl Tiles

Step 1:

Firstly, pry up a corner of the tiles with a putty knife. Apply enough force to pull it up. You can also use a heat gun to heat the tiles. It will soften the edge of the tiles. That way you will be able to pry.

Step 2:

Now, using a utility knife cut two strips through one of the tiles about 4 inches.

If you fail to find any tiles having a loose corner, heat the strip with the heat gun. Now use a putty knife to pry it up. If one is done then the work just nothing.

Step 3:

Now you have to work on the rest floor. Try pulling up each tile using prybar, putty knife and a heat gun. Here you can follow step 3 about sheet vinyl.

Step 4:

Now it turns to clean adhesive residue from the rest of the floor. Here you can commercial adhesive stripper to complete the work. The adhesive stripper will make the glue soluble in water.

When the glue will be soluble to the water you can easily sweep it away.

Done! Now make safe disposal of the waste.


  1. Use the heat gun safely. Make sure that the blowing air can not get in touch with your skin.
  2. Use prybar carefully so that by slipping, it can’t hurt you. 

  3.  Sheet vinyl is not recycle-able. So make safe disposal of it.

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