How To Reset Shark ION Robot: The Life Hacks Every Ion Owner Should Know!

Ever felt that your cutest Shark Ion robot has been possessed?

We kept having this eerie feeling when our little Shark robot started turning around in open space one day. Then there were days when it would start cleaning on its own or keep bumping into walls like Little Dobby.

We learned the hard way that there’s nothing eerie or spiritual about our Shark Ion Robot RV750.

It has only got a lot on its mind and needs some simple troubleshooting hacks and reset techniques to come to its senses.

So, how to reset Shark Ion Robot?

We have pulled out extensive research, troubleshooting our Shark Ion, helped some neighbors with this, and now, have sat down to lay the plan out to you in easy steps.

There are simple troubleshooting steps and resets. Then there is the master troubleshooter- the factory reset.

The trick here is to identify the issues and solve them with the simplest solution first. If the Shark Ion robot vac continues to misbehave, we can go for the factory reset and wipe its memory clean.

What is a Factory Reset?

Factory reset or hard reset is a feature that reboots a device and brings it back to its original settings, the ones that it left the factory with before coming to you.

This removes robot data, including Wi-Fi credentials, maps, schedules, settings and preferences, 3rd party speaker connection, and almost every other thing from your device and app.  

Ergo, after a hard reset, your Shark Ion Robot’s memories with you will be wiped clean.

There there, no need to sob ( wink! )

Rebooting is a good thing because a clean slate removes a lot of software problems from your device and makes it almost as good as new.

Your little Shark Ion won’t behave all ‘possessed’ and you can make new memories with it in no time.

When do You Need to Reset Your Shark Ion Robot?

Hard resetting or rebooting your Shark Ion is not something you do every day.

Consider starting afresh with this troubleshooting feature only if other hacks have failed or you are in one of the following scenes.

Scene 1: When You are Planning to Sell Your Shark Ion or Transfer the Ownership to a Friend:

Before handing your Shark Ion robot vacuum cleaner to a new owner, a hard reset or reboot is a must.

Otherwise, it will mess up with the new Wi-Fi network, cleaning schedule, and other preferences and the new owner isn’t going to be too happy about this!

Scene 2: Your Shark doesn’t Connect to Your Wi-Fi Network

If your newly purchased Shark Ion does not seem to comply with your Wi-Fi network, make sure that you are using the frequency recommended by Shark. 

You can also reset your router and see what happens.

If you have already done this to no avail, it’s time for a factory reset.

Scene 3: You are Facing Software Issues

When your Shark Ion behaves oddly, for instance, fails to find the docking station, starts cleaning up at odd times, skips schedule, or starts spinning round and round, the problem is with the software.

And yet again, if simple hacks didn’t work out for you, go for a factory reboot.

Scene 4: You Have Tried Everything Else

When your robot vacuum cleaner isn’t functioning properly and you have tried everything including turning your device over to detect any mechanical problem, following the error guide in the user manual and abiding by tricks you learned from friends and blogs, a factory reset is your last resort.

A hard reset is the last and most effective troubleshooting feature of any device including your little Shark.

The Stepwise Guide to Reset and Troubleshoot Shark Ion Robot 

Now that we know the deal with a device reset, and when to go for it, ‘how to reset Shark Ion robot?’ is the question that remains.

Here is a stepwise guide explaining how to do this.

The Simpler Hacks You Must Try Before Going for the Hard Reset

Problem 1: The Vacuum Starts Cleaning at Odd Times:

If this is happening with you then your robot vacuum cleaner has messed up with the schedule. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Get into the app and clear the existing schedule.
  2. Check the clock to make sure that it is showing the right time. If not, reset it.
  3. Now, set your preferred schedule.

Your Shark Ion, will not start squiggling all over your house at 3 am anymore.

Problem 2: Your Vacuum Cleaner Leaves Dirt and Debris on the Floor:

This is more likely to be a mechanical problem.

  1. Check the brushes to see if they have worn out.
  2. If so, it’s time to replace them.

Problem 3: Your Robot Vacuum is Not Docking to the Charging Station:

The most common reason why robot vacuums fail to dock is that they cannot recognize the docking station properly.

Before taking any drastic measure or going for the final reset, try these steps out:

  1. Confirm that your docking station is not placed in a hard to reach area or somewhere dark.
  2. Place it on a hard, even surface.
  3. The docking station should have its back against a wall.
  4. Remove any object standing within a 1-meter radius on each side of the docking station.
  5. Now, plug in to see what happens.

Most users have found it to be an effective solution with their robot vacuums able to identify their stations properly.

Problem 4: Shark Ion is Not Charging:

Most often, this problem arises when the charging contacts become dirty.

These contacts are located at the undersurface of a robot vacuum cleaner, and it is natural that with all the cleaning around they become soiled.

Here’s how to clean the charging contacts:

  1. Wipe the contacts with a dry cloth.
  2. If they are too dirty, you can use an abrasive pad or steel wool. Keep in mind, do it gently, and don’t scour.

Problem 5: Shark Ion is Not Moving Normally:

Again, this may be a hardware problem. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the power of your Shark Ion.
  2. Turn your robot vacuum upside down.
  3. Check the wheels, especially the front directional one. Often cables, strings, and hair get tangled to the wheels and cause your device to limp.
  4. Remove the first caster wheel from its housing and clean it with a brush. Now, reattach it.
  5. Rotate the drive wheels, dust them with a brush and cut away any tangled hair.

This should be good enough to solve the problem.

Problem 6: Your Robot Keeps Bumping into Walls:

If your robot vacuum is bumping into walls, chances are, it has gone into the escape mode.

Most of the time, you don’t need to do anything about it. It passes soon enough.

However, if you continue facing this issue, turn the power off and on.

Even then if the issue persists and you find your robot bumping around mostly when it is trying to find the charging dock, follow the steps we laid out in Problem: 3.

Problem 7: Your Shark Ion Robot Vacuum is being Extra Cute and Turning around in Circles:

This happens when something is up with the Navigation Algorithm. Your robot rotates in open spaces because it tries to cover more area.

If this keeps happening then do this:

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Use a clean and dry cloth to dust off the bumper lens.
  3. Press the bumper back several times and check that it moves freely.

Your problem should be solved. To keep away from troubles like this, cleaning the sensors regularly is a good idea.

Problem 8: Your Robot Stopped in the Middle of Cleaning:

This can happen if your Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner is in the error mode.

Chances are:

  • Your Ion has a dead battery
  • Your Ion has its brushes clogged with debris and high pile carpet fibers ( high pile carpets can be a nuisance for little robots. These devices handle high piles well!)
  • Your Ion is facing a threshold taller than ¾ inches and cannot run over it.

For a dead battery, recharge and make sure that it is always fully charged before a cleaning cycle.

For a tall thing getting in the way, remove it or move the device on the other side of the threshold manually.

For clogged brushes, follow these easy steps:

  1. Empty the dustbin and clear the debris.
  2. Remove the brush roll and clear debris stuck around it. For hair and fiber, cut your way through but make sure you don’t end up damaging the brush in the process.
  3. Restart your robot.

The Final Hack: How to Factory Reset Shark Ion Robot

Factory reset or hard reset may sound like a complicated deal, but it is the easiest, really.

There are 2 ways in which you can hard reset or reboot your Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

The Recommended Factory Reset Using the Shark Ion App:

Before resetting in this way, you must be aware that this will delete:

  • App data
  • Cloud data
  • Any account association
  • Maps
  • Schedules
  • Wi-Fi credentials
  • Language selections
  • Time Zones
  • Current third party speaker connection

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open the Shark Ion App.

Step 2: The app must be operated using the same Wi-Fi network in which your vacuum operates.

Step 3: Go to the ‘Settings’ and you’ll find the ‘Factory Reset’ option. Tap on it and voila, you are done.

Hard Reset Using Your Robot:

If you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network, don’t worry, you can do the factory reset manually.

In this case:

  • Your app data is preserved.
  • Your cloud data is preserved.
  • Your account association stays intact.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Turn your Shark Ion upside down

Step 2: Locate the on/off switch

Step 3: Turn it off by long-pressing the button for 10 seconds.

Step 4: Wait for another 10 seconds and long-press the device on.

The reboot is complete.

Hear Us Out before Clicking the Link

No matter how convenient our Shark Ions are or how cute they look when they are at work, things may turn south at any time. These are machines after all.

Now that you know how to reset Shark Ion Robot and bring it back on track, eerie gut feelings and frustrating vacuuming sessions shouldn’t be a problem at your house anymore.

Let your age-old robot vacuum behave all good and new and clean your place squeaky clean.

You deserve it!


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