How To Shine Laminate Floors- A Step By Step Guide

We all love laminate floors.

We love it because it’s durable, price-efficient and has a wide range of color combinations. Moreover, laminated floors need low maintenance compared to other types of floorings.

But there’s a catch-

The laminate floor tends to lose its shine over time.

This happens because of all the dirt and grime that builds up on it with time.

Now, how to shine laminate floors naturally?

A good cleaning can bring the luck back on your floor. And your floor will look good as new just in a snap.

Guess what!

We’re here to guide yours through this step by step cleaning method.

Cleaning The Laminate Floors

How to Shine Laminate Floors

The best part of cleaning laminated floors is-

You cannot wax it or use any soap-based stuff on it. If you do, your floor will become even more dimmed.

So, let’s begin with the cleaning process-

Step 1: Remove the Dirt

At the first step, you need to remove the dirt from your floor. For this, you can use –

A vacuum cleaner will make your work a lot easier. But there’s a chance that you’ll damage the floor.

To avoid that, you can take some precautionary steps-

  • Use a hard floor attachment. This will avoid scratching the laminated floor.
  • Don’t even think of using a vacuum with a beater bar. This will surely scratch your floor.

On the other hand, you can use the mop. Although this will eat up a lot of time, your floor will be completely safe.

Step 2: Get your Cleaner Ready

Have you ever noticed a haze that forms on laminated floors?

Well, wrong cleaners are the culprit behind those hazes. Soap and oil-based cleaners fall into this culprit category too.

To solve this issue, you need to choose the right cleaner.

To be clear, you need a floor cleaner that’s specially made for laminate floors. Or simply put, you’ll need a laminate floor cleaner.

However, if you have extra time and energy to spend, you can make a homemade cleaner.

Here’s how to prepare it

1st step: Take a spray bottle

2nd step: Put half a cup of white vinegar inside the bottle

3rd step: Take half a cup of rubbing alcohol and put it inside

4th step: Pour half cup water inside the bottle and mix everything.

Step 3: Start Spraying

Now, it’s time that you started using that cleaner. At first, find out a section that can be covered with your mop without moving your feet. To be more specific, stand at a place and turn with your mop at hand. See the area that you can cover by standing and turning like this.

Now, start applying an even and thin layer of the cleaner. Remember, laminate isn’t supposed to get wet, so don’t Flood your floor with the cleaner. Also, don’t clean your laminate floor with a mop and bucket. This will make the floor too wet.

Step 4: Keep wiping

At this step, wipe the whole area with a microfiber mop. See in which direction your floor has grains on. Get a clean and flat head microfiber mop and start cleaning along with the grain.

Remember that the floor surface should look a bit damp. Not wet. Also, never use a sponge or string mop on your floors. Because there is a high chance that these tools will leave streaks and make your floor too wet.

Step 5: Take One Step at a Time

Once you’re done with one section, then select another area. Follow step 3 to choose another area. Then repeat all the steps in that area.

Keep doing this and you’ll be done in no time.

Step 6: Let it Dry

After you finish spraying and moping the whole floor let it dry.

It usually takes thirty minutes to air dry a floor completely. During this time, don’t let anyone step on the wet floor. Or else, your shine might get weakened and your whole effort might go to waste.

Step 7: Do Some Buffing

After your floor dries up, start checking. See if any part isn’t reflecting properly. Or any part that still looks a bit dull. If you find any spot, then you’ve got some more work to do.

Take up a dry and clean microfiber cloth and start rubbing those areas. It’s possible that you’ll get your shine back in no time.

Extra Tips For Shine Laminate Floors

  1. While vacuuming or sweeping don’t forget area like wall corners and underneath the furniture. Dirt and hair can slide across laminate flooring. So, if you clean only the visible areas, air might push that dirt onto the floor. Thus, you have to sweep all over again.
  2. If you’re using the homemade cleaner and if you have a problem with vinegar smell, then there’s a solution to that. After applying the cleaner, you can sweep your floor with warm water. Dip your mop into a bucket of warm water and sweep through the floor.
    *Don’t forget to soak up the extra water as soon as possible.
  3. If you prefer the smell of ammonia rather than the smell of vinegar, then you can make a cleaner with ammonia. Mix up one-part ammonia with three parts of water.

End Note:

Laminate floors are super cool, and they project a posh look within a low price. To keep your laminate floor super cool, you can clean regularly, use floor mats at the entrances and clean spills as soon as possible.

Follow this method to clean in the most efficient and effective way. After the cleaning, you can see the changes with your own eyes. Moreover, a cleaned laminated floor will give you a great walking experience.

So, don’t wait anymore. Pick out the necessary materials and start cleaning your floor.

Good Luck.

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