The Hidden Mystery Behind How To Use A Belt Sander

Wondering how to use a belt sander? Well, while a belt sander is a woodworking device whose work is to sand or smooth wood for finishing, you can also use the sander to smooth or around the edges. The device is, and if you don’t use it correctly, you might damage your wood or even cause serious injury. The following are steps that you need to follow to use a belt, Sander, correctly!

Prepare the wood

Take a piece of wood that you want to work on and clean it up with a dry rag to remove any excess dust or grime. If the wood has nails, take a claw hammer or pliers and remove them to avoid damaging the shape.


Once your wood is neat with no dirt or other objects, place it securely on the workbench making sure that the side you want to sand is facing up. Safety first

Secure the material you wish to sand to the work surface using clamps to prevent the wooden material from slipping when sanding it. It is also advisable to wear safety goggles at this step to protect your eyes from the wood dust that fills the air. Also, put on headphones to protect your ear-drums from the loud noise coming from the machine.

Check and then start the belt Sander

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Before using a belt Sander, you need first to check the machine to make sure it is in the right condition. Make sure that the belt isn’t worn out and that it is right for the job. Once you are sure that everything is fine with the machine, turn on the machine while still holding the machine away from the wood. Turn it on to greatest power several times to make sure that the machine is perfect.


By checking the machine’s condition, you are less likely to experience any mechanical failure in the middle of your project.

Start sanding

Start the machine by turning on the motor while still holding it away from the wood. Make sure that the machine is at its full speed before working on the wood. Begin sanding with a coarse belt and then close sanding with a higher grit.

Start at the back side of the Sander and then gently place the belt on the wood. Make long and even strokes along the grain. Put a moderate pressure to your Sander but avoid pressing it too hard as that can gauge the board.


For better detailing, Switch the belt out and start sanding the piece of wood again. This time around, use a higher speed and power to help the belt spin faster as it will sand a lot finer.


By helping the machine spin faster, you can sand off the grooves from the grain, which leaves behind a very smooth surface and a subtle luster.

Finish up

Once you finish sanding the board or any other piece of wood, it’s time to check the ventilation bag. Once it is full, then remove the bag from the machine, empty it, and then re-attach for the next task. After that, switch off the sanding belt with a finer grit to repeat the sanding process and finish your work!

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After you finish sanding, your piece of wood is now very smooth and ready to complete your project.

Well, there you have it! Sanding is an integral part when it comes to woodworking as it makes woodworking a lot easier. While it may sound hard, once you master the trick, you will get a beautiful luster, and you can work more neatly.

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