5 Brilliant Ways To Use How To Use A Jigsaw

A jigsaw is a popular and versatile power tool that everyone should have in his or her workshop. Whether you are dealing with woodworking or trying to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you will need to make some curves, and that is where the jigsaw comes in. While a circular saw or a table saw is not able to make curvy cuts, the main work of a jigsaw is to cut curvy lines in various materials including plastic, wood, laminate, tiles, and even metal. If you are wondering how to use a jigsaw, the article has everything about that.

Choose the right blade

 Jigsaw blades come as a package and specify the type of material that the blade is ideal for cutting. For example, the blade may determine wood or metal on the label. For a clean and accurate cut, pick a blade with beautiful teeth. Fine-toothed blades come with more teeth on the blade per 2.5 cm (1 inch).

Also, make sure you choose a blade that fits your jigsaw when it comes to size.


Choosing the right jigsaw blade is essential when it comes to a smooth and safe sawing.

Consider your safety when working

Never ignore eye protection. Make sure you wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from metal or wood particles. If you are using an electrical machine, keep the cord away from the cutting path to avoid tripping as that is dangerous. You can also consider investing in a headphone to protect your ears from the noise that comes from the cutting.

Safety comes first and if you want to avoid any hazard, always take safety measures. It’s for your good.

Adjust the jigsaw blade speed

You can easily adjust the speed of the blade with the use of a dial located in the front of the machine above the blade. The blade will move faster when you set the dial to a higher number and so to keep the speed low, dial a lower number first until you get confident enough when using the machine.

High speeds are dangerous since it becomes hard to control the machine in case of a mess up. To be safe, keep up a lower speed until you get used to the machine.

Draw the line you wish to cut with a pencil

With a compass or a triangle, trace the line that you want to follow with your machine. When cutting, you should follow the outside of the line to avoid accidental over-cut.

With a line mark, you can make precise and smooth cuts!

Position the jig saw’s shoe firmly

The shoe, which is a flat base that extends a few inches in the front, sides as well as the back, needs to remain flat on the material you wish to work on. However, don’t allow the saw blade to touch the material before running the machine.

When the machine remains firm on the material, you are less likely to make the wrong cuts.

Guide the blade through the material

To cut smoothly, begin at the edge and slowly push your blade through the material.  As you start, move slowly and make sure you cut along the line you wish to cut. Keep the blade’s base plate flat against the material to make sure you make a straight line. Guide the saw until you cut through the material completely.

Never force the jigsaw through the material you are cutting to avoid breaking the blade. Leave the machine to do the work.


Using a jigsaw is not as hard as most people think. Just make good use of the above tips and make those smooth and precise curves for your project!

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