Hurricane Spin Mop Reviews: Read This Before You Buy

When it comes to cleaning, the most efficient way is to mop. All we can imagine how a mopping looks. Yes, you are thinking right, sloshing around the home with a bucket and a sponge. Nowadays mopping is not so tiring and time-consuming. Yeah, I know mopping is not a cleaning way with fun but it can be. With the right tool, mopping can also be fun. You just need a spin mop to clean your home.

Here we’re giving hurricane spin mop reviews to make your mopping experience fun and easy. Hopefully, the hurricane 360 spin mop reviews will clear all your confusion about spin mop.

How Does The Hurricane Spin Mop Work?

When we think about it the first question comes to our mind is about the working functionality of the spin mop. It is quite simple. First, you need to do spray a cleaning solution on your whole floor. Give it some time to let it sit on the floor. It will make easy to remove the stubborn dirt. Now take the mop bucket and fill it with clean water. 

If you want you can add some cleaning solution on that water, this is optional. Now dunk the head of the mop in that water. The mop head will soak some water from the bucket. Place the mop head in the spinning attached which is located on the top of the bucket. When you step on the foot pedal it will start the spin. This spin will rinse the mop head. As much you spin as much it will get dry. Rinse the mop accordingly depending on your floor type. For a tile floor make the mop bit moisture, for hardwood it should be nearly dry, laminate and vinyl floors are good with a damp mop.

Hurricane 360 Spin Mop and Bucket Reviews:

The days are long gone when mopping used to be a time-consuming and so tiring task. When we think about mopping a floor we can picture a bucket with dirty water and a muddy sponge. The work used to be very difficult and stressful. But now Hurricane Spin Mop is here to makes mopping simple and fun.

It has always been a great hassle to clean under the furniture area. This area is very hard to reach. But with Hurricane Spin Mop this is not the scenario. You can clean those areas very easily using this convention method. The Pivoting head of the mop can easily go to those areas.

When cleaning a narrow area like beneath the furniture, behind the toilet this Pivoting head comes very handy. The mop head can be easily angled to reach such areas. 

There was a time when people suffer a lot from hand joint pain due to mop pressuring. But these days are now long gone. Drying mop becomes very easy nowadays. The spin system one the bucket dries the mop very easily without any effort of yours. You just need to press the foot pedal by your feet and it will start spinning. 

As you are using your feet so no extra effort is needed that means you won’t suffer from any pain. One can do all these very comfortably. The lightweight bucket is also very easy to move with. The hurricane 360 spin mop reviews 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon. In this portion of hurricane 360 spin mop and bucket reviews, let’s explore and understand the features more it elaborately:

360-Degree Rotating Mop:

hurricane 360 spin mop reviews

Hurricane spin mop has a mop head that can rotate 360 degrees. This rotating mop head delivers a very powerful centrifugal spin. Due to this, it becomes very easy to dry the mop. You’ll get the full benefit of a rotating mop head when you’ll clean beneath the furniture. 

For this rotating mop head, it becomes very easy to clean the cabinet and hard to reach spaces. You can angle this rotating mop head low, for this reason, you can reach those surfaces very easily.

Mop Head:

hurricane 360 spin mop and bucket reviews

The mop head of the Hurricane spin mop is constructed with microfiber. So, you can well imagine the quality of the mop head. This microfiber head can pick up 10times of its weight. An amazing thing about the head is its leaves no water on the floor to set it up. It soaks the excess water from the floor. 

The mop head wrings by itself. In past days we need to rinse the mop then wring it to the sink but now you can do this on Hurricane spin mop without any extra effort. 

The quality of the mop head is so good that you can even wash it on the machine. So, you’ll also get a long-lasting mop head. You can even replace the mop head very easily as it is removable.  Dry mop head is also useable on the bare floor to clean dust and pet hair.


Hurricane 360 spin mop and bucket feature very durable construction. It has a handle of stainless steel and a frame of aluminum. The durable construction makes it ideal for frequent use and it is also good for deep scrubbing. The hurricane 360 spin mop and bucket are more durable than any other spin mop on the market at this price range.


You can clean any type of floor using this spin mop. No matter how dirty the floor is it can clean it very effectively. You can even use it to clean the bathroom, kitchen and your room as well. It provides a gentle deep clean. That means it will clean all the dirt from the floor very gently without damaging the surface.

Ease of use:

Your motto is to mop the floor without any struggle. That is why the spin mop should be very easy to use and move. It only weighs 2 pounds so you can easily move it around. It has an arrow printed to show the cleaning direction. Following this, you can easily clean your floor.

  • Flexible structure.
  • Easily reach hard to reach the surface.
  • Microfiber mop head.
  • Flexible and durable handle.
  • Centrifugal spinning technology.
  • Machine washable mop heads.
  • Lightweight and User-friendly.
  • Superior cleaning experience.
  • Easy to use.
  • Mop head is quite small.

Tips To Use Spin Mop:

The mop should be in an upright position while rinsing or spinning it. For a tile floor make the mop bit moisture, for hardwood it should be nearly dry, laminate and vinyl floors are good with a damp mop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are spin mop usable on any floor?

Yes, you can use it on any floor. The mop is enough gentle to use it on any hardwood floor.

Can I use a spin mop on my bathroom and kitchen?

Yes, you can. But make sure to wash the mop head after using it in the bathroom as there tends to have many germs.

How often should I wash the mop head?

You should wash the mop head after every use.


In this hurricane spin mop review we tried to cover all its features and working techniques. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand the spin mop better. It is way better than any other cleaning process and you are getting it under a very affordable price, the spin mop worth a try. 

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