ILIFE A4 vs A4S: Which of These Robot Vacuums Should You Buy?

What if we told you that there is more to the world of decent robot vacuums than merely the Sharks and the Roombas? 

For starters, there is the Bissell SmartClean 1974 Robot that we talked about a while back. And then, there is the latest talk of the town, the ILIFE series

The ILIFE series succeeded in creating a buzz in the vacuum market for two reasons. Firstly, the manufacturers are tirelessly adding new products to the market. Secondly (and this is the more important part), ILIFE robots promise premium cleaning performance at just a fraction of the price of their higher-end counterparts.

For instance, take the ILIFE A4. Even though it is equipped with features quite similar to the Roomba 700 series, you can get it at only a quarter of the price. 

We are not saying that ILIFE outsmarts the pricier candidates. But hey! Why not go for something that does the job without breaking your bank?  

So we tried out the two siblings in the ILIFE family, the A4 and the younger kid the A4s. Skim through this ILIFE A4 review to know which one of these two deserves your money. 

The Robots in the Ring

ilife a4 vs a4s
Robot Vacuum CleanerHighlightsRatingShop
ILIFE A41000 pa strong suctionMotorized brush with a wide cleaning path180-200 sq. cm coverage on a single run90 mins of run timeCan be pre-scheduledRemote control with LCD screen for easy operation8.6Check Price
ILIFE A4s2nd generation algorithm3 stage cleaning system5x greater suction power than the A4Up to 140 minutes of uninterrupted run timeMini room modeHEPA filtration systemCan be pre-scheduledRemote control with LCD screen for easy operation8.8Check Price

The ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: What are We Looking at?

With a sleek design and charcoal grey finish, the ILIFE A4 appears to have a balanced demeanor. Nothing too fancy, yet not bland either. 

The first look at this robot tells you that this is a decent piece of equipment and is here on business. 

Core Features:

  • 1000 pa strong suction
  • Motorized brush with a wide cleaning path
  • Anti-collision system sensor to detect roadblocks
  • 180-200 sq. cm coverage on a single run
  • Can be pre-scheduled
  • Remote control with LCD screen for easy operation

The ILIFE A4 robot vacuum cleaner has a low profile. Therefore, this can easily slide underneath any furniture.

The upper surface of the disc has a simple one-button interface. The same button acts as the battery indicator. 

The undersurface reveals a bristled motorized brush. The bristles are dense and kinda hard. This gives the A4 great agitation over the cleaning surface. 

The good thing is, this added agitation makes the A4 work wonderfully over rugs and carpets. The downside is that it may turn out to be a bit harsh on sensitive flooring.

You can pre-schedule your A4. The unit comes with an easy-to-operate remote control with a user-friendly LCD screen. 

You can schedule your ILIFE A4 smart robotic vacuum cleaner in standard military time. 

This means that if you want your cleaning done at 1:30 pm the next day, you can simply pre-set it at 13:30 instead of calculating the hours left before 1:30 pm. See what we mean? Life is easier that way. 

The A4 comes with a HEPA filter. Ergo, this little robot doesn’t only clean your rugs and floors but gets rid of the allergens in your environment as well. 

Robot vacuums with HEPA filters can be lifesavers especially if you have pets in the house or are particularly prone to catch allergies.

The HEPA unit that comes with the A4 is not washable though. You have to replace it once every 6 months of regular usage.  

What’s in the Box of ILIFE A4?

The ILIFE A4 doesn’t come alone. Here are what we got:

  • The ILIFE A4 Robot
  • A Remote Control with Batteries
  • A Charging Station 
  • 2 Extra Side Brushes
  • A Robot Cleaning Brush
  • An Extra HEPA Filter
  • A User Manual 

Things We Like about the A4 ILIFE Vacuum Cleaner

  • A decent vacuum cleaner with an affordable price tag
  • Adept at cleaning both bare and rugged floors
  • The dirt bin is easy to remove and empty
  • The highly bristled motorized brush gives extra agitation
  • Less than 3’’ tall and gets under low furniture
  • Does not bump into walls

Things We don’t Like about the A4 ILIFE Vacuum Cleaner

  • The navigation system is weaker compared to the pricier options in the market (Hey! We are not complaining….)
  • No virtual wall

ILIFE A4S Robot Vacuum Cleaner: What to Expect?

The ILIFE A4s robot vacuum cleaner looks exactly like its predecessor, the A4. 

However, you can expect this unit to run some extra miles as the manufacturers have packed some handy upgrades in this robot vacuum. 

Core Features:

  • Programmed with 2nd generation algorithm for smart and efficient cleaning
  • 5x greater suction power than the A4
  • 140 minutes of uninterrupted run time
  • Mini room mode
  • HEPA filtration system

Two things set the A4s apart from the A4. Number one, the software. Number two, the added features.

A brushless DC motor makes the A4s more efficient and at the same time increases its longevity. ILIFE A4s robot vacuum cleaner reviews often mention the amazing durability of the product. The credit is largely due to this motor system. 

Then comes the motorized brush. This is almost the same you get in A4 except that the bristles are coarser here, adding to the agitation of the device. 

This unit can be pre-scheduled in a similar way as its predecessor. And the remote control that comes with the unit is universal for all ILIFE robots. 

The ILIFE A4s battery is the exact Li-ion unit that you get in A4. However, the A4s promises a greater run time.

Wondering how? Well, according to some ILIFE A4s reviews, the credit again goes to the energy-efficient brushless DC motor.

The mini room technology is perhaps the best feature of the ILIFE A4s robot. 

To understand the mini room technology, let us give you an idea of how the robots work.

Generally, the robot vacuums continue running until the battery goes down to 20%. Then the device looks for its docking station. 

Now, in small apartments, the entire floor may be covered before the battery goes down to 20%. In that case, the robot just keeps hovering on the same surface over and over again. This wastes a lot of energy.

With the A4s, small apartment owners can change the default mode to the mini-room mode. Cleaning goes faster and there is zero wastage of energy. 

What’s in the Box of ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

The A4s package is quite a generous one and contains:

  • The A4s Robot
  • A Charging Base
  • An Adapter
  • A Remote with 2 AAA Batteries
  • 1 Extra HEPA Filter
  • 2 Extra Side Brushes
  • A Brush Cleaning Tool
  • A User Manual

Things We Like about the A4s ILIFE Vacuum Cleaner

  • 30 minutes of extended run time than the A4
  • The energy-efficient mini-room feature
  • Affordable price tag, even with the upgrades
  • HEPA filtration system for optimal air purification
  • Improved navigation

Things We Don’t Like about the A4S ILIFE Vacuum Cleaner

  • The navigation system could be further improved
  • Could be a bit harsh on sensitive floors

ILIFE A4 vs A4s: The Head to Head Challenge

Although the A4 and A4s have a lot in common, there are some distinct features that set these two robots apart.

Choosing between the two could be a bit tricky. So we put the siblings into the wrestling ring to see who comes out as the winner.

Navigation of A4 vs. A4s:

The navigation system of both these robots could use some improvement. However, considering the budget price, we are not complaining. 

Both the units hover around until their battery goes down to about 20%. Then they adeptly find their docking station. 

However, compared to each other, the ILIFE A4s proved to be a better navigator than its earlier version.

Run Time of A4 vs. A4s:

The A4 has a cleaning cycle of about 90 minutes whereas the A4s can run for 140 minutes. 

Even though both are equipped with the same Li-ion battery, the upgraded motor system of the A4s allows for longer battery life.

Price of  A4 vs A4s:

Both the robots come at an amazing price point. ILIFE vacuum reviews invariably praise the value for money that these ILIFE units offer. 

Having said that, the ILIFE A4 is cheaper than the A4s.

Performance of A4 vs A4s:

We tested the robots in the ring with coarse particles, fine dust, and hair. 

Both the units picked up about 88% of the coarse particles in a single run. The side brushes, however, seemed to toss around the particles here and there.

When it came to fine dust, the side brushes of both ILIFE A4 and A4s did a better job. They impressively funneled the dirt.

When put against hair strands including pet hair,  the A4s was the clear winner. It picked almost all the strands on its path. No fuss, only hassle-free cleaning.

The A4 however, came out triumphant on heavily carpeted floors. Even though this is not a one-stop solution to clean carpets, it did clean the rugs pretty neatly. Even with all those upgrades, we were less impressed with the A4s in this case.

Features Common to both A4 and A4s:

  • Scheduling
  • Self-charging
  • Cyclone power cleaning system
  • Anti winding system
  • Anti-cliff and anti-collision sensors
  • Max mode

The Upgrades You Get in the A4s:

  • A brushless DC motor
  • A tangle-free system
  • The mini room technology
  • A self-rescue feature
  • Greater battery life
  • Upgraded beater bar bearings
  • Stiffer bristles in the motorized brush

Time for the Verdict

Enough testing and analysis have already been done. So here are our final thoughts.

Our Take on ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

ILIFE robot vacuum reviews by users on Amazon often chime about one central point- the value for money. 

After a thorough analysis of the A4, we couldn’t agree more. If you are looking for a robot home cleaner on a budget your search ends here. 

With the A4, you are guaranteed a good cleaning performance, a standard run time, decent floor coverage in a single run, and relatively quiet and smooth operation.

Cleaning and maintenance are simple, just dust it off with the brush provided. The only thing that needs replacing is the HEPA filter. 

We think the ILIFE A4 is a great value for money, and we would love to recommend it to you.

Final Score:


Our Take on ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

There isn’t much of a price difference between the A4 and A4s. So if you decide to up your budget a bit, you are in for a treat.

While the A4 promises you great value for your money, the A4s gives you greater value by providing things like greater battery life, better navigation, improved cleaning especially on hard floors, and great durability. 

Cleaning and maintenance are fairly uncomplicated. ILIFE A4s troubleshooting is a no-brainer as well.

We highly recommend it if you are looking for a smart and ergonomic robot vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price.

Final Score:


Let’s Round It Up!

No matter which one you decide to bring home, you’ll need a HEPA filter a year from now. 

Why a year, you ask? The first replacement HEPA filter comes complimentary with your purchase, that’s why!

For the times that follow, get your HEPA at cheap deals here.

Happy shopping!

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