All You Want to Know about LG Cordzero A9

Tired of the hard-to-maneuver behemoth in the name of a vacuum cleaner? Ever tripped over its long slithering tail?

Nearly 8000 respondents who participated in a vacuum cleaner survey, sure are. And if you can relate, it’s high time you step into the world of cordless, stick vacuums. 

With zero cords, close to zero noise, tremendous suction, and easy maneuverability, LG CordZero A9 Ultimate could be just the right tool for you to get rid of slithering cords from your house for good. 

Find out if the A9 Ultimate is indeed the ultimate match for you with this brick by brick LG CordZero A9 review.

The Story in Short:

The LG CordZero A9 Ultimate is a lightweight stick vacuum that comes with dedicated brushes for both carpet and hard floor, handy combination and crevice tools, and two removable lithium batteries. 

It has a long reach. The slim demeanor makes it slip into all the hard to reach areas with ease. 

Suction is surprisingly tremendous for a stick vacuum cleaner. Each and every brick of this machine is laid intelligently by the builders.


  • Portable Charging Stand
  • One-touch Control Panel
  • Telescopic wand
  • Built-in Accessory Storage
  • AEROSCIENCE™ Technology
  • Smart Inverter Motor


  • Crevice tool
  • Combination tool


  • Power Carpet Brush for carpets
  • Power Floor Brush for hard floors
  • Power Punch Nozzle for upholstery


  • Intelligent design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • 140 W suction power
  • Long run time
  • Works equally well on all surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Washable filters
  • Portable Charging dock
  • Rechargeable and removable batteries
  • Absolute value for money


  • Pricey
  • Dust tank could have been larger
  • No LED light for dark areas

What We Love

Here are the most striking features of A9 Ultimate that left us impressed and rooting for this amazing stick vacuum. 

Sleek and Sophisticated:

Like many of their home appliances that make you feel “Life is Good”, the A9 CordZero is thoughtfully designed by LG. 

Throughout this LG cordless vacuum review, you will get glimpses of how intelligently this vacuum has been designed. So, instead of blabbering about that, let’s move on to the appearance, shall we? 

We call the A9 CordZero Ultimate the beauty with the brains. 

With a sleek contour, sophisticated matte grey coloration, and a one-touch control panel, the CordZero Ultimate is a great looking cleaning machine. 

On top of that, the fact that cords are out of the scenario, makes LG CordZero a treat to the exhausted eyes, really. 

The stand complements this stick vacuum’s overall demeanor. All the accessories are to be stored in this stand and you can either wall-mount the entire device or keep it lying anywhere. It will take up the least of your space.  

Easy to Maneuver:

LG A9 is so easy to maneuver that one user claims in her review on Amazon that her 3-year-old navigates it around the house without any issue. 

Well, we haven’t tested a toddler with the A9, but we can surely say that with a weight of 5.63 pounds and a height-adjustable feature, the CordZero is a champion when it comes to maneuverability. 

Firstly, it walks on carpets as easily as it does on hard floors.

Equipped with the Power Carpet nozzle that has wide bristles, it glides over even the high pile rugs with ease.

The Power Floor nozzle is made of super-soft brush. This not only allows easy maneuvering but also ensures that vacuuming doesn’t leave a scratch on your precious floor. 

Probably the greatest pain in dealing with heavier traditional vacuum cleaners is felt while cleaning the stairs. 

The CordZero Vacuum Stick takes two things out of the picture. 

Uno, the weight and dos, the pain of managing power cords. Once these two adversities are out of the picture, it leaves you with the pleasure of cleaning the stairs with cero trouble. 

Great Reach:

Carpet, hard floors, upholstery, all the dark corners that you never tread into, you name it, this cordless stick is designed for every nook and cranny of your home. Furthermore, this versatile machine works wonders with a single cleaning cycle inside your car. 

What makes it so versatile is the intelligent design that allows this a great reach. 

The telescopic wand when attached to the crevice tool, measures 45 inches in length from handle to tip. This is quite a long reach for a stick vacuum.

The crevice tool and brush attachments are slim and fit into the smallest nooks and crannies that your house challenges you with. 

Remove the wand to convert your A9 into a handheld vacuum. The Power Punch tool for upholstery gets into the narrowest folds of your upholstered furniture. 

In a confined space, such as the interior of your vehicle, the stick vacuum exhibits equal versatility, reaching hard-to-reach places that have gathered dirt and dust over time.

Another thing that we absolutely adored was that we could easily slide the nozzle underneath low furniture.  

This is something that even some of the best canisters and uprights fail to do. 

Really Sucks!

The only place where “really sucks” means a good thing is in a vacuum cleaner review. 

Suck; that’s what vacuum cleaners are supposed to do right? 

And if a vacuum offers every other thing apart from a good suction power, better not bring it home.

Those of us who prefer traditional heavy vacuum cleaners over new generation ones tend to believe that lighter vacuum cleaners are more like toys and are not powerful enough. 

If your thoughts are somewhat similar, the CordZero A9 Ultimate vacuum cleaner will surprise you. 

This one sucks big time.

The first time we ran it, we could not believe our eyes when we saw the tremendous amount of dirt, dust, human, and pet hair that it ended up collecting. To be honest, it made us realize how much dirt lives with us in our house. 

Powered with a smart inverter motor and a 5-step AEROSCIENCE filtration system, the LG A9 ultimate picks up almost each and every speck of dust it comes across. 

One reviewer compared the LG A9 CordZero Ultimate with two of its contemporaries. The review states that under the same setup, CordZero picks up 72.5% of the dirt in a single run which is less than that picked up by Dyson VII but significantly more than Shark SV1106.

We found our A9 picking up every speck of the cereal we spread on its path as well as all the dirt and debris naturally inhabiting our house.

Master of All Surfaces:

The suction power isn’t the only thing that made us happy. Rather it’s the overall cleaning performance that left a good impression on us. 

With dedicated brushes for both the floor types, the Cordless A9 by LG performs equally well on carpet and hard floor. Moreover, the performance on upholstery, bedding, car seats, and any surface that can be vacuum cleaned, is impressive.

The AEROSCIENCE system that we mentioned already uses powerful little cyclones to separate the finest dust and debris once they make their way inside the cleaner. So, even though we are not talking about HEPA, we are dealing with some sophisticated science over here. 

The Power Punch nozzle is another product of simple yet effective science at work. It creates vibrations that pull out hidden dust embedded in your upholstery. Then the nozzle removes that dust for good.  

There are cleaning modes that you choose from. For a regular surface, the normal power setting is sufficient. For a messed up one, choose the turbo mode. 

A word of advice; the turbo mode drains up the battery pretty fast, so, better not use it if you don’t need to. 

Keeps Quiet:

Hummingbirds are adorable; Humming vacuums are not. 

Takedown the volume of your cleaning sessions with this stick vacuum cleaner: it is so quiet that you may end up wondering whether it is doing much work at all. The manufacturer lists a noise level of 84 dB which is at least 2 dB lower than the noise level of Dyson V6, a popular contender of LG A9 Ultimate.

So, obviously this is a great feature if you find noisy vacuum cleaners irritating. An added bonus is, it doesn’t give pets much of a scare. 

What We Liked

These are the second wave of good things that we noticed about the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate stick vacuum.

Runs for a Long Time:

2 lithium-ion batteries that come with the CordZero Ultimate are removable, rechargeable and replaceable.

LG yet again exhibits thoughtfulness by providing two of them instead of one. 

How does that help?

Your machine never needs to return to the charging dock in the middle of a cleaning session. While you clean using one, the second battery charges itself and vice versa.

The combined runtime of two batteries is 80 minutes when operated on the low mode. The high mode reduces battery life though. 

As opposed to built-in batteries, the removable ones are at an advantage. The built-in ones offer a limited number of recharges after which they wear out. Removable batteries, on the other hand, offer you the luxury of unlimited recharging. 

Also, you can always replace them when something goes wrong and not worry about the entire vacuum cleaner needing to be fixed. 

No-Drill Charging Station:

If you want you can drill-attach the charging dock to a wall. But here’s the thing- you don’t need to. You can simply leave the stand in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t matter!

Easy Assembly, Easy Maintenance:

Assembling the A9 is easy. Even then, we advise you to follow the instructions rather than setting out to do that on your own.

Maintenance of LG A9, one of the best handstick vacuums is even easier.

The filters are washable, which is on itself a great thing. 

LG runs the extra mile by letting you wash the cyclone system as well in order to maximize the efficiency and durability of this stick vacuum. 

Washing these parts is simple and less time-consuming. Here, have a look:

What We Didn’t Like

On the Pricey Side:

The only thing that we didn’t end up loving is how much one LG CordZero A9 Ultimate cost us. There are alternatives such as the Dyson V6 in the market that comes for less and does pretty much the same. 

However, keep in mind that the CordZero A9 by LG is easier to store, offers more attachments, and exhibits a longer battery life.  

Other Trifles:

There isn’t any LED light to illuminate the dark corners:

You read it right, there aren’t any, but hey! as long as it reaches those corners and picks up maximum dust, it’s okay with us.

The dust tank could have more room:

The dust canister has a capacity to hold 13.5 oz of vacuumed dust. We felt it needed a greater room. 

Verdict on LG CordZero A9 Ultimate 

So, we made a gist of everything we learned about LG’s CordZero and scored them this way:

Design             4.8/5

Performance   4.8/5

Usability          4.9/5

Noise               4.5/5

Maintenance   4.7/5

Price                3.5/5

Overall             4.5/5


LG CordZero A9 is one of the top best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2020. Period.

Tail Piece of The Tail-less Vacuum’s Review

By now, you know that we have poured out all that we learned and experienced with the A9 CordZero by LG, and obviously it doesn’t have any tailpiece in it.

We can tail with a few words of advice though. Here they come-

Go Cordless:

If you still find yourself stuck with a traditional vacuum cleaner, move on! 

There was a time when vacuum cleaners used bellows for suction. We don’t do that anymore, right? 

Go cordless and trust us when we say this, cordless stick vacuums mean serious business and are not in any way, less capable of taking care of your household.

Go CordZero:

If you already have found your peace with cordless vacuums and are looking for a high-end, supreme durable model, go CordZero and check for yourself if your experience aligns with our LG CordZero A9 review, brick by brick.


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