Neato Botvac D5 Connected Review: The Little Bot That Cleans It All!

Robot vacuums are one of the best inventions of the 21st century especially for those who enjoy the comfort of home. 

Let’s be honest, cleaning is one of the most mundane tasks yet one of the most necessary ones. We all get lazy from time to time and skip cleaning days. But regular household cleaning is necessary for better health and mood.

This is where robot vacuums come into frame. They just make cleaning so much easier and not anything to worry about at all. We have picked Neato D5 to review today as we think it’s the perfect affordable option for everyone.

Neato Botvac D5 Connected Robot Vacuum Review: Everything You Need to Know!

neato d5 review

Neato BotVac D5 is a smaller, more affordable version of their D7 Connected. It does not come with as many features as its brother model, but it’s perfect for those who love simplicity and ease-of-use. 

Here is everything you will need to know about the Neato D5 Robot vacuum cleaner!


  • Brand: Neato Robotics
  • Color: Black
  • Surface: Hard Floor, Carpet
  • Controller Type: Amazon Alexa
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Filter Type: Ultra Performance
  • Brush Type: Combo Brush
  • Runtime: Up to 90 Minutes/ Single Charge
  • Wifi Connectivity: 2.4 GHz
  • Weight: 8 Pounds

Key Features of Neato Botvac D5 Robot Vacuum:

Neato Botvac D5 vacuum cleaner is filled with many unique features that distinguish it from its counterparts. Here are some of the key features of Neato D5. 

D-Shape Design:

The first thing anyone would notice about Neato D5 is its sleek, black design. It is meant to be very easy to store. The shape of this robotic vacuum is particularly different from other ones. 

It has a D-shape body that is meant to fit in the corners perfectly. And it does! The vacuum comes with a large-sized core brush that covers a lot of areas at once. The side brushes are great at finding pert hairs, especially from carpeted floors

We think this shape is very simple yet clever engineering that solves a huge problem.

LaserSmart Technology:

The LaserSmart technology of Neato D5 is one of its key selling points. It creates a map of your house and intelligently navigates through all the furniture.

So instead of cleaning in random patterns, it cleans in a straight line. If there is some obstacle in front, it will detect it and change its course.

Scheduled Cleanings:

Neato D5 comes with its own app that you can control from any smart device. It can be controlled from your phone, google home, smartwatch, and Amazon Echo.

You can schedule daily cleaning on this app. You can also customize the cleaning routine. For example, you can set it to clean every other day or every second Monday of a month. It can be customized whichever way you want. 

Scheduled cleaning is great as you don’t have to be present or at home for Neato D5 to work. You can come home at the end of the day to find a fresh and clean house. How wonderful!

Smart Vacuuming:

This vacuum cleaner comes with its own laser navigation system along with wifi connectivity and app control. The strong suction power and longer lifespan make it a steal at this price. 

The Neato Botvac D5 is great to be used on all types of surfaces. It glides through carpenters, tiles, concrete, hardwood. You can clean your rugs with it too. 

If there is a little raised flooring, most robot vacuums stumble and rotate. This one, however, can navigate and run without much difficulty. 

Ultra-Performance Filter:

The ultra-performance filter on neato D5 Connected can capture even the smallest dirt and debris. It can capture up to 99% of surface dirt. 

All robot vacuums have a tendency to leave some dust behind. This is a given for all models and brands. This one is no exception. What we like is how it can gather fine dust that most vacuums would not even detect! 

It can remove pet hairs from surfaces with its side brushes. If you’re allergic to dust, having this robot vacuum will make your life very convenient. 

How to Set Up the Neato App

If you hate skimming through a huge manual full of gibberish instructions, Neato D5 will make you smile. It has one of the easiest setups we have ever tried. All you have to do is charge it properly and connect the machine to the app. 

The Neato app can be downloaded from both Google Play and Apple App Store. The app will show you video instructions on what to do. As it has pictures and videos, you won’t be confused. 

The app has a very simple user interface that has no unnecessary features. So if you are not very familiar with using smart devices, this can be a great option. 

You don’t get to see your room from the app. The app only gives you graphs and cleaning history. You can, however, customize your cleaning routine which includes both time and days. 

The reason why everybody loves this feature is that you can remote control your house cleaning even when you’re not home. But for that, the house wifi needs to be connected to the Neato D5 at all times. 

This is very convenient if you have a very busy schedule all the time.

The Pros:

  • Compact size
  • Easy to carry around
  • Long battery life
  • User-friendly app design
  • Great for tricky areas

The Cons:

  • The dustbin is not that big 
  • Expensive

Why We Recommend This:

Ease of Use:

As we have discussed earlier, setting up this vacuum cleaner is a very easy thing to do. You don’t need to read a huge manual to understand how it works. 

As it pairs up with all your smart devices including Alexa, all you have to do is tell the machine to clean your house, and it will do as you please! Honestly, it can’t get easier than that!


As this vacuum has a 70% bigger core brush than any other robotic vacuum, you know it’s going to clean very thoroughly. The side brushes help to gather all the crapes too so not a single crumb remains on the floor. 

We like the smart navigation as it almost never bumps into any furniture. The more you use it, the better the mapping gets.  So when it comes to performance, we hardly have any complaints. 

When you use it for the first time after updating the map, it won’t work very well. Don’t be disappointed as the map updates after each round. So after 2-3 days, it will know your home better than you!


Neato products are known for their reliable, easy-to-use designs. You can be assured to get something that will serve you for years. 

We found this robotic vacuum cleaner to be well-built and solid. It is not too heavy nor too light. A perfect balance that shows its rich quality. 


Designed to be very practical, this robot vacuum is functional and useful. The D-shaped body helps you to reach corners of the room or staircase very easily.

For the tricky not-so-easy-to-reach areas of the house, you can use Neato D5 and get a squeaky clean surface within an hour. We love this vacuum as it’s clearly designed for us lazy heads who want to get that extra hour of sleep in the morning! 

Value for Money:

If you are looking for a super affordable vacuum cleaner, Neato D5 is definitely not the one to look into. However, among numerous robot vacuums in the market, this is one of the most affordable ones to buy. 

Neato D5 is a good value for money. It comes with a solid warranty and a robust build. You get your money’s worth for sure. 

Neato is a great basic robot vacuum that will fulfill the majority of your daily cleaning needs. We think this is a good investment. 


Most robotic vacuum cleaners come with certain limitations to the type of surfaces you can use them on. The Neato D5, on the contrary, cleans them all! 

From delicate mosaic flooring to robust hardwood, to concrete and cement, this smart vacuum cleaner can clean any surface you want. 

It is versatile and perfect for low-maintenance cleanup. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. Is Neato better than Roomba?

Both the Neato and Roomba robot vacuums are exceptionally good robot cleaners. But they have different purposes and target audiences. 

If you are someone who wants some assistance in daily cleaning, Neato is the one to go. You will still have to do a little bit of maintenance here and there every day. 

Neato is not meant to be used as the only cleaning you do at your home. That’s why it is more affordable too!

Roomba on the other hand is ideal for those who absolutely despise cleaning. This smart vacuum cleaner needs little to no assistance. 

It navigates by itself and cleans your home even when you’re not there. But the price is quite high for most people. 

02. How Long Do Neato Vacuums Last?

Neato vacuums are a reliable option as they can last you years without any issues. The batteries, on the other hand, need to be replaced once a year for superior performance. 

Neato batteries are designed to last 120-160 recharges. If you plan to use your Neato Botvac twice a week, it can last up to 9 months. 

This is pretty common for standard Lithium-ion batteries. The vacuum itself is pretty robust and can handle a lot. 

03. Why is My Neato Not Working?

If your Neato vacuum cleaner is not working properly, first unplug the whole thing and check if there is any damage in the plug. 

If not, clean your Neato Botvac with a dry cloth and let it charge for a few hours. When the battery is totally drained, the vacuum can not turn on. 

Another reason why your Neato D5 is troubleshooting is that the battery is damaged. If you have a replacement battery, try using that one. 

If you have been using your Neato Botvac for more than a year, chances are the battery needs to be replaced. 

You can buy Neato batteries very easily online. 

04. How Often Should I Run My Neato Vacuum? 

You can run your Neato vacuum anytime you want. Of course, there is no need to actually use it every single day as not enough dust gathers within such a  small timespan. 

Most people run their robotic vacuums once or twice a week to thoroughly clean the apartment. If you live in a busy neighbourhood, you might have to do it more. 

There are no specific rules. It’s your Neato and you can use it as many times as you feel like. If you feel like your apartment needs to be cleaned every day, do it! 

05. Are Robot Vacuums Really Worth It?

Short answer, absolutely! Who has time to do basic cleanups every single day? Manual cleaning takes way too long. We have to run errands, do household chores, work, and also maintain a social life. 

We hardly have time to take a break. Robot vacuums were created for people like us, who have super busy lifestyles and frankly, who can not be bothered to clean!

The best thing about robot vacuums like Neato D5 is, you don’t even have to control it, it navigates by itself. So all you do is set it up and it starts cleaning. This is a great investment if you love staying indoors a lot. 

In Brief

If you are looking for a good robotic vacuum for simple cleaning and maintenance, there are no better alternatives to Neato D5 connected. It is a great investment that can work for both smaller apartments and bigger homes. 

For the price, this really is an all-around option for hassle-free efficient life.

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