Rainbow Vacuum Review: Why are People Talking about It?

I realized I was an adult when the saying ‘Happiness is a freshly cleaned home,’ rang true for me. Instead of feeling content over bags and shoes, or even a batch of fresh-baked fudgy brownies, I felt true joy over laundered sheets, spotless floors, and a well-organized linen closet.

But keeping a clean house is much easier said than done. And if you’ve ever done even the smallest but of housekeeping, you’ll know that clean floors are the biggest pain in the neck.

You might end up manually sweeping the floor with a broom and dustpan, followed by scrubbing it on your knees as you feel like a modern-day Cinderella.

Or you could vacuum your floor. This has its problems too; missed spots, problems with the suction, a short cord that’s impossible to work with, and lots and lots of blockages.

After vacuuming over the same spot 5 times without any difference, you might be tempted to go back to your broom.

But not all vacuums are made equal. Rainbow vacuums have been around since 1955 when the first Rexair appliance was marketed, changing the way people vacuum their homes forever.

Wondering how a vacuum can be so special? This article on Rainbow Vacuum reviews will show why this vacuum is a must-have for anyone struggling to clean their floors.

What is a Rainbow Vacuum?

Although the Rainbow vacuum looks just like any other vacuums and is used to clean floors and upholstery, there are a few things that give it an advantage over regular vacuum cleaners. How so?

Rainbow vacuums have a couple of special features that are exclusive to the brand. Together, they work in tandem to get rid of 99.9% of the dirt, dust, and debris in your home. Any Rainbow systems review will mention the following features that these vacuums tend to have:

  • Dual filtration; both water and HEPA filters are used
  • No vacuum bags required
  • Eco-friendly cleaning process and components
  • Purifies air as well
  • Eliminates allergens and dirt
  • Neutralizes odors

Rainbow water vacuums are basically the reason why these lines of vacuums work so well. The water-based purification system prevents dust and dirt particles from escaping back into your home.

Moreover, it also lets the vacuum double as a Rainbow vacuum shampooer that keeps your carpets and rugs clean and smelling fresh.

The double filtration system is guaranteed to get rid of all kinds of allergens in your house, making it ideal for people with allergies to dust, pet dander, and pollen.

Furthermore, since it also cleans the air inside your home; it also functions as a Rainbow vacuum air purifier.

Are Rainbow Vacuums Better Than Dyson Vacuums?

Dyson is a household name because of its popular range of vacuum cleaners. There’s always the question of which vacuum performs better. Here’s how the two brands held up in terms of cleaning performance.


Dyson vacuums have a stronger suction when compared to Rainbow vacuums. Rainbow vacuums have a slightly milder suction and might need one or two extra swipes to get all the dirt.


Rainbow vacuums are much better than many Dyson vacuums when it comes to filtering out dirt and allergens. The water-based filtration system uses a water bowl to trap dissolvable debris which prevents them from escaping out of the vacuum and back into your surroundings.

A HEPA filter is also included to catch insoluble dirt. The two filtration systems work together to make sure your house is completely dust-free. They also work as a kind of air purifier, cleaning out the air around you and removing potential allergens.


As any Rainbow vac review will tell you, these vacuums are heavy-duty and built to last for ages. A Rainbow vacuum can keep going for 20 years before it needs any repairs. On the other hand, a Dyson V11 vacuum won’t be able to keep up for so long, although it does last a long time too.

Features That Make the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner So Special

In this section, we’ll walk you through the individual features of the Rainbow vacuum and how they work to make your house spotless. While many of these functions aren’t exclusive to these vacuums, Rainbow vacuums do feature them in a new-and-improved capacity.

Hurricane Motor:

Worried about your vacuum motor dying on you? Not on Rainbow’s watch! These vacuums have motors with ‘switched-reluctance technology’ which means they are much more efficient than conventional vacuum motors.

Also, the motors have a 1.5 horsepower strength that is sufficient for the amount of torque and suction needed when cleaning the filthiest of living spaces.

These hurricane motors will suction 80 cubic feet of air every minute, thanks to their 12-amp energy, and will clean your floors like no other vacuum out there.

LED Lights:

We’ve all had to sweep under our beds blindly, unable to see what sort of dust monsters lurk in the darkness under furniture. But as any Rainbow vacuum cleaner reviews will tell you, these vacuums have a bright panel of LED lights that illuminate the spot you’re vacuuming.

As a result, you can easily clean dark spaces, poorly lit rooms, and under your furniture with no trouble at all.

Two Filtration Systems:

As mentioned earlier, these vacuums have both water filtration and a HEPA filter.

Most vacuums use two filters made of either foam or cloth to trap dirt and dust. But a Rainbow vacuum uses a canister of swirling water that is powered by the motor. This catches a lot more dirt than a cloth filter.

This form filtration traps water-soluble allergens like dust and dirt in a water bowl, which stops them from escaping out of the vacuum again. This makes the vacuum extremely safe for people with serious allergies.

The HEPA filter traps non-soluble allergens that try to find their way out of the vacuum, making sure that the dirt that is sucked in, stays in.

Furthermore, this acts as a Rainbow air filter, removing dust particles and pet dander from the surroundings.

Caster Wheels and Dolly:

Movement can be an issue, especially if your vacuum has stiff wheels. But all Rainbow vacuums come with caster wheels that are able to swivel in all directions. This gives your vacuum lots of agility and lets you clean hard to reach areas and get the cleaning done quickly.

The reinforced dolly has a large rubber bumper that goes around the circumference of the vacuum. This absorbs the shock of the vacuum from bumping into walls or furniture and also makes sure it won’t crash into people moving around. It also protects the vacuum from damage and keeps it working for much longer.

Motorized Brush:

The main power brush is on the lower side of the cleaning nozzle. This motorized power brush is designed to work on different kinds of floors. A switch on the cleaning nozzle allows you to adjust the height of the brush to work with the surface you’re cleaning.

A higher height setting is great for cleaning thick carpets. This taller brush protects the fibers of your carpet. However, a low brush is perfect for harder surfaces like tiles, linoleum, and hardwood.

Additional Accessories:

Rainbow vacuum cleaners come with a whole host of extra attachments that make cleaning much easier. These accessories help you clean room corners, under the furniture, vehicle interiors, upholstery, and even your mattress!

  • Floor and wall brush
  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Refrigerator coil tool
  • Attachment caddy
  • AeroFresh bag
  • Confined space cleaner/inflator tool

There are also optional accessories you can buy separately. These include:

  • Power Nozzle
  • RainbowMate
  • RainJet
  • Squeegee
  • Rexafoamer

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner E2 Review

Now that you’re all caught up on the wonders of the Rainbow Vacuum, let’s move on to Rainbow E2 reviews and how this particular vacuum works.

Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 Complete Cleaning System:

This Rainbow vacuum cleaner is a worldwide favorite because it takes care of all the major cleaning needs in your home.

The powerful motor powers both the suction and the swirling water canister that filters and traps dirt and debris. This allows you to clean both carpet and hard floors in the least amount of time possible.

Moreover, the unit is very easy to move around because of its swiveling caster wheels. This, along with the long power cord allows you to move it around your entire house with remarkable ease.

The accessories that come with it also make cleaning effortless and transforms the vacuum into a multipurpose cleaning system.

Furthermore, the dual filtration system traps every kind of allergen or irritant in your home. The water filtration is great for catching dust, fine dirt, dead skin cells, and even dander and mites. On the other hand, the HEPA filter grabs things like hair, fur, and larger bits of debris.

This vacuum also works as a carpet shampooer. Water-based vacuum cleaner reviews all claim that this unit also works as a carpet cleaner when used with AquaMate and cleans out odd smells and stubborn stains from your carpet fibers.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.8 x 15.8 inches
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Cord Length: 25 feet
  • Hose Length: 8 feet
  • Manufacturer: Rexair

The Pros:

  • Water and HEPA filtration clean dust and dirt thoroughly.
  • Versatile and can also be used to clean furniture, upholstery, and vehicle interiors.
  • Acts as an air purifier as well.
  • Can be used to shampoo carpets.
  • Great for people with allergies.
  • Comes with lots of useful accessories.
  • Sturdy and lasts for decades.

The Cons:

  • It is very heavy.
  • The Rainbow vacuum price is on the higher side.

Why We Recommend It:

This vacuum is fantastic because of its unparalleled cleaning power. The water bowl filtration and HEPA filter remove 99.9% of the dust, dirt, debris, and hair from your floors and upholstery. As a result, your home will be perfectly clean and free from all sorts of allergens.

Besides that, it functions as an air purifier and carpet cleaner, which enables you to use the vacuum as a deep-cleaning unit.

Moreover, the vacuum is perfect for heavy-duty cleaning and will last you for 20 years or more. In short, this is an all-in-one cleaning appliance that will take care of your home for ages.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Rainbow Vacuum

Now that you’re caught up on the features and specialties of Rainbow vacuums, here are a couple of things you should bear in mind when getting your vacuum.


Rainbow vacuums have lots of different components and they all need to be assembled together before vacuuming. Moreover, you need to fill the water bowl before placing it in the vacuum cleaner.

The process of assembling the vacuum is pretty easy and it doesn’t take much time. However, there is a bit of a learning curve and you might need to practice once or twice before getting the hang of it.


These vacuums are hefty and there’s no way of getting around that fact. On average, a Rainbow vacuum can weigh from 19 to 30 pounds and even more. And while the vacuums are mobile and move smoothly, they are still very heavy.

Moreover, it gets even heavier after you fill the water bowl. You need to make sure you are okay with dealing with a heavy vacuum and will be able to move it around.

Bagless Cleaning:

Unlike most vacuums, Rainbow doesn’t use vacuum bags. This means that you have to empty and clean the water bowl every time you use the vacuum.

Also, the HEPA filter needs to be cleaned or changed depending on how often you vacuum and how dusty your house is.

This can be a little complicated, especially if you’re used to using vacuum bags that can be discarded and replaced easily. However, bagless cleaning is better for the environment and will save you money in the long run.


The Rainbow vacuum comes with a whole host of additional cleaning tools. The crevice tool is great for cleaning corners where you can’t fit your vacuum head or nozzle. If you want to clean your furniture or upholstery, you can always use the dusting brush or upholstery tool.

Similarly, there are tools for cleaning your walls and stairs, which makes the vacuum an all in one device. Knowing what these additional tools do and how you should use them will make it much easier for you to adjust to your Rainbow vacuum.

Maintenance Tips: How to Care for Your Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

Want to keep your vacuum in the best shape possible? Here’s what you need to do to keep it working perfectly for years!

Clean Residual Dirt after Each Use:

After every use, use a wet paper towel or damp rag to clean the residual dirt from the intake hole and under your vacuum. Remove the water bowl after you are done vacuuming and get rid of the dirty water before wiping it down. Getting rid of any accumulated dirt will keep the vacuum functioning properly for a very long time.

Clean the Rainbow Separator:

You need to clean the separator of your vacuum at least once in 3 months, if not more frequently. There is a special separator brush that helps you remove the holding nut and properly clean the separator.

Remove the Water Bowl from the Vacuum:

It is very important to remove the water basin from your vacuum before putting the vacuum back in storage. Storing it with the water bowl can create a humid environment that can make the internal components rust or corrode. Moreover, it can also cause mold to take over your vacuum.

You should handwash the water bowl instead of using a pressure hose or a dishwasher. Use a sponge to get rid of any residue or built-up dirt and let it dry completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the Rainbow Vacuum cleaner? We address the concerns people frequently have about their Rainbow appliance and answer all your questions here!

01. Are Rainbow Vacuums Worth It?

These vacuums are pretty pricey which makes many people wonder if they have good value. And while they are very expensive, you also have to remember that these vacuums are extremely sturdy and efficient.

Each vacuum can last for 20 or 30 years which means you won’t have to buy another vacuum for a very long time.

Moreover, they function as a multipurpose cleaning unit. This means you can use them to wash your carpets, vacuum your floors, clean your furniture and upholstery, and even your walls and curtains. These things make it well worth your money.

02. How Can I Use the Rainbow Vacuum as an Air Purifier?

The Rainbow functions as an air purifier. It does so by filtering out dust, debris, and allergens like mites and pet dander from the air.

This means it will clean out the air around you when the vacuum is running. You can even add fragrances to the water bowl before vacuuming to make your house smell great.

03. How Do I Turn the Rainbow Vacuum On?

This is how you can easily switch your Rainbow vacuum on:

  1. Fill the basin with water.
  2. Assemble the various components of the vacuum as shown in the instruction manual.
  3. Plug in the vacuum. Then, turn on the switch to start the vacuum.

04. How Should I Clean My Rainbow Vacuum?

These steps will help you keep your Rainbow vacuum clean easily:

  1. Remove the water bowl, empty out the dirty water and use a cloth to clean the whole bowl.
  2. Clean the residual dirt from the intake hole and under the vacuum.
  3. Clean out the hose and make sure there isn’t anything blocking it.
  4. You can also wipe down the different components of the vacuum with a damp cloth.

05. Can I Use Essential Oils in My Rainbow Vacuum?

While there are lots of store-bought fragrances you can add to the water bowl of your vacuum, there are also lots of essential oils you use to keep your home smelling clean and fresh. A few drops will not damage your Rainbow vacuum in any way.

Oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary are great when added to your water bowl and they can give your house an energized and fresh vibe. On the other hand, lavender and chamomile oils are great to give your home a soothing, comfortable scent.

06. Can I Use Vinegar in a Rainbow Vacuum?

You can add a small amount of vinegar to the water bowl and use it to clean stubborn stains on your carpets. This is even more helpful if you sprinkle baking soda onto the carpet beforehand. This will get rid of stains and even funky smells from your carpet and floors.

Parting Words

Keeping your home clean isn’t always easy–especially if you’re weighed down by work and other errands. But having a good vacuum cleaner can make this much easier for you.

This vacuum cleaner can clean all kinds of dirt and remove allergens from your home, no matter how messy it is. On top of that, the vacuums last for ages so it is an excellent investment for your household.

A Rainbow vacuum will take care of your house and keep it spotless and clean. And this will make you happier in the long run. So why not give this vacuum a try?

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