Things To Know Before Remodeling a Bathroom!

Remodeling your bathroom or the shower system? If you are planning to replace the existing shower faucets you have and keep the fixtures you previously had. Then you have to depend on the old fixtures you had. You will have to match the faucets to the old shower or tub configuration. And one more thing to consider is, you have to keep in mind the existing holes that were done to fit in the old faucets. You have to get new faucets exactly with the same measurements so that you can fit in the new faucets into those holes. 

In this article, we are going to go through the precautions and the things that you should keep in mind before replacing your shower system or faucets.

Budget and planning comes first

Renovation of your bathroom or building a new one, the thing comes in, first of all, is the budget. If you don’t take some time to think about the budget of your project and don’t have planning on how you are going to do it, you may end up with a huge money drain or a mismatched ugly looking bathroom.

So make sure you have a plan or an architectural design for your bathroom as how you are going to do it. And not to mention that you need to have adequate funds specifically for the bathroom. If you’re building your house from scratch, don’t put your hand on that budget to pay the bill of something else. 

Get the best available Valves

Once you are done with everything else with the bathroom and ready to start plumbing and setting up the shower, now it’s time to give a thought to the technical parts of the shower system. Talking about the technical part, The thing I have to talk at first is the valves. The valves are part of the system that controls the water flow. You can’t really see it physically, because the valves are located inside the wall and covered up by the handles you can see outside the wall. The valves control the water flow, temperature, and water pressure of your shower or bathtub. 

Don’t think about going low on budget when it comes to the valves. As they go inside the walls, if they are broken or somehow not working, you will have to cut through the wall and fix them, which doesn’t sound so cool or easy to do. Neither it will go easy on your wallet. Best shower system requires the best valves to deliver you the best experience of the shower. 

Once you have the best valves inside the wall, you need to equip it with a better trim kit. A trim kit is a handle that attaches to the outer portion of the valve. And if you are remodeling your bathroom and you already have a valve from the previous setup, make sure to take a measure of the valve or know the technical specifications to match the trim kit.

Sometimes, New trim kits are not supported with the old valves, in that case, you may want to go look for some re-trim kits. Hopefully, you will find one. 

Know about the faucet configurations

Shower and Tub combo faucets. Most of the houses and apartments still have the conventional shower and tub combo in the bathroom. In these faucets, the set comes with a showerhead that goes in the bathtub and another spout to the wall. They usually have a common diverter and handle.  there is only one liver or switch to flow the water from the tub to shower.

Shower-only trim kits

Shower-only Trim kits generally require a separate valve. They also come with separate control and a separate showerhead. They also come with a manual or automatic thermostatic valve for sure. Because it is important to have control over the water temperature when you are lying inside your tub.

Tub-only faucets

Everyone has their own preference for bathtubs. Depending on your preference, there are different faucets for tub only designs:


If you set up your tub near the wall, you may consider the wall-mounted faucet for your tub. The water supply will be from behind the wall as the setup goes. It beautifies the ambiance more as there are fewer pipes and hoses around you.

Floor mounted:

If your tub is not near the wall, and you cannot conceal the exposed hose pipes and faucets, it’s better to go for some classic standing faucets. With those setups, it looks so vintage and you can amplify the look by raising them over the tub rim. This is why they are also called the free-standing mount.

Deck mount:

This type of faucet goes inside the deck. The deck can be the floor under your tub or the tub’s rim itself. Either way, you have to mount the faucets are attached to the deck and the are usually permanent. If you are mounting the set on the floor, all the pipes and hoses are concealed under the marble or tiles on the floor. Also can be set up on the rim of the tub and the pipes are still can go concealed inside the tub body. This type of faucet may need a separate valve.

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