Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review for Spotless Homes

The world has adapted to robotic means of cleaning! Why should you stay back?

Today, we’re going to talk about the Roborock Vacuum Mop Robot that will change your perception about how vacuum cleaners work! With this beauty, you never have to get your hands dirty while cleaning. 

It’s fully automated, has fantastic traits that give the best cleaning outcome, and lets you take a seat. Recommended by thousands of satisfied users, this one will be a premium pick you won’t regret! 

If that wasn’t enough to get you tempted, scroll through our Roborock S5 reviews to learn all the deets on this dynamo! 

Know the Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum

A smart and efficient white beauty that has taken up the oath to give you effortless cleaning in minutes! Controlled by an app, the Roborock vacuum takes cordless to a whole new level by making cleaning possible without the involvement of hands! 

What are Its Best Features?

Are you skeptical about getting this robot vacuum because you’re afraid to take a leap of faith? Know the modern characteristics it has and be the judge! 

Laser Navigation:

Like we mentioned, this vacuum mop robot is operated with an app making it easy to locate where you want it to go. Simply open the app and mark the areas that you want to clean and watch how the smart vacuum instantly travels there! 

Got a dining table in the middle, or a carpet that you don’t want the robot to go to? Not to worry because the Mi app has a “no-go line” feature that lets you mark these restricted areas.

Bumper Rings:

The first peek at it will make you believe that you don’t want any scratches or dents on this charmer! Thankfully, there are bumpers on the side of the vacuum that defends it against the wall or any other hard object. The vacuum conveniently moves back 1 centimeter away from the place it’s about to bump in!  

Suction Power:

Not only is this Robot Vacuum with Mop a genius, but it’s also good at cleaning! The maximum power of 2000Pa makes it ideal to suck the dirt around your house pretty comfortably without clogging. Sit back and relax cause this baby ain’t leaving behind any debris! 

Value for Money:

The price of this Robot Cleaner might change your mind about purchasing it. Nevertheless, we believe once you see how well it performs inside your home, you’ll be sure that it was worth all the money spent! 

It also has a warranty of 1 year, so you can always get professional help in case something bothers you. 

What We Like:

  • Different cleaning modes: You can easily switch from floor to carpet, and turn it into a mop or instruct it to stay quiet when you wanna relax!
  • Mop feature: Most vacuums don’t come with the option of mopping. This one does and it’s great for when you want a more thorough cleaning of your floors.
  • Good at what it does: Roborock promises the ultimate outcome from this vacuum and it delivers! It efficiently cleans around the house according to your instructions and doesn’t disturb you in between.
  • No-go zones: The option of marking areas where you don’t want it to clean is great for when you have rather delicate surfaces like luxury carpets.
  • Easy to use: The buttons on the front are clearly labeled for zero confusion while operating it. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Small dirt tank: If you want a mansion cleaned, this is not for you. This robot was made with the thought of cleaning small houses and it does so properly, making the size of dirt tank perfect for that!
  • No map saving feature: You need to enter the cleaning area outline every time you use the app which might be a hassle. However, since it’s an app, you can always rely on an update to fix this issue! 

To summarize, we have no doubt that the Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner is an investment worth making. It lets you have the time to yourself and takes the responsibility of getting your house cleaned which is what we all want, really! 

We also think that its drawbacks are just minor flaws that don’t affect its performance at all. It does what it’s built to do and has the potential to improve when updates come up! 

So, if you want to be the captain of your own ship (or vacuum, in this case), then head on here to grab your trusty friend! 

Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner Reviews: Dive Deeper

Now that you know the basics, let’s get started on why you need it! 

Product Specs:

Dimensions13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches
Weight7 pounds
Max suction2000 Pa
Run time150 minutes
Tank capacity140 ml
Battery required1 Lithium-ion polymer
Battery capacity5200 mAh
Compatible withAndroid, iOS, Alexa
Warranty1 year


  • Dock charger.
  • Mopping attachment.
  • 2 mop cloth.
  • Washable filter.
  • 2 water tank filter pairs. 
  • User manual.

Battery Life:

This Roborock robot hard floor cleaner needs one lithium-ion polymer battery to get it all geared up! The capacity of 5200 mAh makes the battery supreme for exceptional performance for a longer time.

Ergo, it was no surprise that it runs for 2.5 hours at one go. We know how difficult it is to find the best cordless vacuum cleaner for an uninterrupted session and this one just answers our prayer! 

Another aspect of the battery we liked is that, in quiet mode, it only uses up around 40% of battery while running for one and a half hours. That’s pretty impressive for a vacuum if you ask us!

Deep Cleaning:

For hardwood floors, a vacuum usually does a great job in low suction. It’s the carpeted flooring that needs more attention because of all the embedded dirt. 

You might be wondering if an automatic cleaner understands that? It’s smart as you think it is, as it detects when the carpet comes up and instinctively switches to max power for deep scrubbing. Once it’s done taking out the stubborn gunk, the power is turned back to the initial setting. 

Fantastic Filtration and Cyclonic System

The E11 Filter that comes in this Roborock Vacuum traps in dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. Additionally, it’s also great for acting as a lockup for the allergens, dander, or pollen! 

It’s easily washable and comes with a replacement part so that you don’t need to worry about spending on a filter anytime soon. 

Along with this, it also has a powerful cyclone that guarantees strong suction throughout the cleaning process. All the brushes work on every inch of your floor, polishing it in all directions! 

Obstacle Avoidance:

This Xiaomi Roborock S5 is somewhat of an American ninja warrior when it comes to dodging obstacles. With its supreme talent, it detects any bump up to 2 cm and jumps over it to avoid getting hit. Consequently, the elite robot doesn’t get a single scratch on it! 

Quick Guide on the Roborock S5 

We’re almost at the end of our Roborock S5 reviews but before that, let’s answer the “how-to” queries you might have!

To Get the Vacuum Started:

  1. Set up the charger
  • Place it against a flat wall.
  • Keep space of more than 0.5 meters and 1.5 meters on the sides and front, respectively. 
  • Attach the waterproof pad on the charger.
  1. Let the battery charge for at least 2 hours or until it’s full.
  2. Download the “Mi Home” app from Playstore or iTunes. 
  3. Connect the vacuum to the Wi-Fi(check blue light under the lid)  and to the app. 
  4. Start giving directions! 

Pro tip: If a restart of wifi is needed for the vacuum, hold down the charging and spot clean button together to get that going for you. 

For the Mop:

  1. Locate the side with the water icon and pull the corner to open the latch.
  2. Run through the tap to fill the mop.
  3. Close it, turn the vacuum upside down and lock into place to get started.  

Keep the Robot with You Longer: Maintenance Tips:

You can extend the lifespan of a vacuum by just taking proper care of it. Below are some basic clues on how to clean all the parts


  • Lift up the lid. 
  • Grab the transparent dust bin with two fingers and tug it out. 
  • Haul on the direction of the two orange arrows on the lid to open and empty it. 


  • Located at the back of the dustbin, feel the small latch on the side and detach it. 
  • Give a few pats to take the dust out.

Brush Roll:

  • Just hold one end to take it off. 
  • Detangle the hair, take out any dirt, and put it back up. 

Pro tip: There are four cliff sensors on the bottom whose function is to keep the robot from falling down high places. These can accumulate dust as well. Nevertheless, they don’t require heavy cleaning but just a cotton bud to move the smut away! 

A Few Last Words

Who doesn’t want good-looking additions in their home? Thankfully, a striking machine can also be super useful just like the Roborock S5 Vacuum Cleaner. Its powerful battery, fantastic filtration, hurdle avoidance skills, and easy nurturing gives it all the qualities of a good vacuum cleaner. 

Did you face any confusion while reading our Roborock S5 reviews? Ask us before getting on board with this grand purchase! 

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