Sebo vs Miele: Which Vacuum Takes the Prize?

Ever been caught between two vacuums that you seemed to love equally well, but were unsure to make the final choice?  When it comes to Sebo vs. Miele vacuums, many customers face the same dilemma. So between Sebo vacuum cleaners and Miele ones, which one should you get?

Today’s article will look into the Sebo vs Miele vacuum showdown and help you decide which one you should buy for your home. I’ll be comparing the two brands in general, and reviewing some of the top products from each one.

Sebo vs Miele

So, if you were ever torn between a Sebo vacuum vs. Miele ones, this will set you straight!

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Sebo vs. Miele: A Comparison Chart

FeatureMiele Sebo
Different modelsCanister Bagless Robot Cordless UprightCanister
Lifespan20 years15 years
Price Range$$$-$$$$$$-$$$$
ManeuverabilityMedium to HighMedium
User ViewsPrefer the suction and durabilityPrefer the low maintenance aspect
Ease of UseStraightforward useSimple use

Sebo Vacuums: An Overview

Sebo vacuums have had the reputation of being slightly more affordable, yet durable with solid construction. Made from ABS plastic with high-grade filtration and a strong enough motor. The S-Class hospital-grade filtration enables over 99% of dust to get trapped, purifying the air inside.

They have a range of upright and canister vacuums, as well as units specially meant for cleaning carpets, like the DuoBrush Machines. Unlike many other brands, Sebo vacuums have an old-fashioned, almost vintage appearance.

Sebo vacuums have an impressive operating radius, with units having a range of 37 to 52 feet depending on the model.

Miele Vacuums: An Overview

Meile vacuums don’t need any introduction. These higher-end units are made from the best materials and are constructed to last for decades. With powerful HEPA filtration, this brand ensures thorough cleaning.

Besides standard upright and canister vacuums, Miele also offers cordless stick and robot vacuums. What makes Miele vacuums impressive is that many Miele upright vacuums come with a headlight, illuminating dark and narrow spaces behind or under furniture.

Most Miele models also have two motors, allowing for more powerful suction that cleans more quickly.

Miele vs. Sebo Comparison: How Do They Hold Up?

sebo vacuum vs miele

Let’s get down to the Sebo vacuum vs. Miele vacuum comparison. We’ll look at how a Sebo cordless vacuum compares to a Miele one in terms of performance, or how a Sebo vs. Miele canister vacuum contrasts in terms of costs.


Both vacuums have a decent performance and are able to clean fine dust and dirt from hardwood and carpeted floors. They are easy to use as Sebo upright vacuums are pretty light, and you can also find a lightweight Miele vacuum with just a bit of research.

However, Miele vacuums with dual motors have a slight edge over Sebo ones. The Vortex technology also cleans more thoroughly and quickly and has a 6-stage HEPA filtration system that traps all sorts of allergens.

While Sebo vacuums have a larger cleaning radius, Miele vacuums have a good deal of flexibility and can clean different areas of the house like stairs and upholstery.


Miele vacuums are known for their steep prices. However, Sebo vacuums aren’t all that cheaper. So the two have a similar price range. 

But if you’re in a pinch, you will find many older canister vacuums from Sebo to have a mid-range price point. These units will work just as well as some of the newer ones but will be heavier and bulkier than Miele units.

Ease of Use 

Miele vacuums are very easy to use and store. They have a timeless design with ergonomic handles and grips that make them comfortable to use. Miele also has a couple of compact vacuums that are small and easy to maneuver.

In comparison, Sebo vacuums look big and bulky. They are still comfortable to use, but not as convenient as Miele ones.

Best Sebo Vacuums, Ranked

Now that we have a good idea about what each of these brands has to offer, let’s examine a couple of vacuum models from Sebo.

01. Sebo 9558AM Automatic X4 Upright Vacuum [Classic Pick]

This upright vacuum may look old-fashioned, but still has a lot going on for it. With a bright red color, it is streamlined and comes with a 40-foot cord that makes it easier to clean large homes without needing to unplug and replug it when going from room to room.

It has an automatic height adjustment that makes it possible to clean both carpets and solid flooring. There is also an instant-use wand and a suction hose that cleans hard-to-reach corners, edges, and narrow crevices.

Moreover, it includes a 1.4-gallon vacuum bag and a sensor that switches the unit off when the bag is filled.


  • Strong and even suction power.
  • Easy to assemble and use for beginners.
  • Automatically adjusts to the height of the surface being vacuumed.
  • Replacing the bag is quick and easy and won’t make a mess.


  • Automatic adjustment is often done incorrectly.
  • Cleaning attachments take time to remove dirt.

02. Sebo 9679AM Airbelt K2 Kombi Canister Vacuum [Best Canister Model]

This upright model is comparatively smaller, making it easier to store and maneuver around the house. Besides this, it comes with 3 tools for specialized cleaning and a kombi nozzle for cleaning hardwood floors.

What people really love about this vacuum is how quiet it is. The almost soundless operation is a great plus for those with pets and babies, as it won’t frighten or wake them up.

The strong suction remains consistent even as the vacuum bag fills up. All these features make it one of the best units Sebo has to offer.


  • Strong and straight suction power.
  • It’s compact which makes it easier to use and store.
  • Comparatively quiet and smooth operation.
  • The retractable 20-foot cord makes it possible to clean larger areas.


  • Not the best option for cleaning carpeted surfaces.
  • The vacuum bag can be too small for some people’s preferences.

03. Sebo Dart Upright Vacuum Cleaner [Easy to Use]

This mid-range vacuum cleaner comes with an ET-1 powerhead that removes fine hair and microscopic dust from carpets and bare floors. But that’s not all. This unit can detach the suction unit, turning it into a handheld unit for cleaning stairs, furniture, and upholstery.

Besides this, it has a simple, clean design that is easy to move around the house and store after use. It has 4 adjustable height levels and will let you know whether the height is at the wrong level.

In addition to being sturdy, it comes with a long warranty, 7 years for the motor, and 5 years for its parts.


  • Can be used as a handheld unit for spot cleaning.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty frequent cleaning.
  • Great for removing pet hair, fine dust, and dander.
  • Easy to store between uses.


  • Unit is extremely heavy and can be tough to maneuver.
  • The extender doesn’t fit smoothly on the vacuum.

Best Miele Vacuums, Ranked

These are the most popular Miele units, their features, and why they are worth buying.

01. Miele C1 Canister Vacuum [Top Pick]

The Miele C1 is a classic bagged canister vacuum that is both powerful and quiet. Unlike many canister vacuums, it is lightweight and you can pull it around your house with ease and convenience. The narrow head can slide under your furniture for deeper cleaning.

It has a unique AirClean System that uses special filters and vacuum bags that trap maximum dust and microscopic allergens, purifying the air and floor surfaces inside your home. It also comes with accessories including a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool to simplify cleaning.

The C1 comes with a 7-year warranty and has variants in 4 different colors.


  • The powerful motor provides intense cleaning through powerful suction.
  • Comes with 6 different suction settings for customized cleaning.
  • The long electrical cord and hose give you a 30-foot cleaning radius.
  • This unit is very sturdy and comes with a long 7-year warranty.


  • The included instruction manual is said to be unclear and vague.
  • This vacuum tends to tip over easily as it is very lightweight.

02. Miele Triflex HX1 Bagless Stick Vacuum [Most Portable]

This lightweight stick model has no canister or heavy cords, allowing you to easily maneuver it around the floors and between furniture. It comes in 3 different colors and has a sleek, modern design.

Despite this streamlined and lightweight construction, it wields a good deal of power. The 60-minute run time is long enough for most homes and the unit recharges pretty quickly as well.

The vacuum head has a wide electro-brush which covers more ground with each sweep of the vacuum. It works equally well when cleaning both carpets/rugs and hardwood floors.

One of the best things about this vacuum, according to customers, is that there is a simple button that you press down once for cleaning instead of constantly holding down a trigger.


  • Lightweight and slender design easy to maneuver around objects.
  • Powerful cleaning ability, suction, and durable motor strength.
  • Works quietly, making it a good option for homes with pets and children.
  • The lifetime filter doesn’t need any extra maintenance.


  • Attaching and separating the head from the body takes time and effort.
  • Emptying out the dirt bin can be quite difficult.

03. Miele Complete C3 Calima Canister Vacuum [Powerful Cleaning]

Not all vacuums are equal when cleaning fine dust. But the 1200-Watt Vortex Motor on this vacuum is no match for allergens and pollutants. It cleans quickly and efficiently, and won’t leave any dirt behind.

There is a stiff roller brush that loosens embedded dirt from thick, high-pile carpets. In addition, the vacuum head turns at a 90-degree angle, so it can remove dirt from tight spaces and corners.


  • Strong suction power and vortex motor.
  • The secure HEPA filter removes microscopic allergens and fine dust.
  • Not very heavy or bulky, although it is a canister vacuum.
  • This unit is pretty quiet, even with a strong filter.


  • The brush roll can get caught on low-pile carpets.
  • This vacuum is priced pretty high.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below you’ll find answers to questions often asked about Sebo and Miele vacuums:

01. Are Sebo Vacuums Better Than Dyson?

Both Miele and Dyson vacuums are among the best when it comes to quality. However, Dyson vacuums are bagless, whereas Sebo vacuums are bagged. As a result, these vacuums are in two different categories.

02. How Long Do Sebo Vacuums Tend to Last?

When cared for properly, a high-end Sebo vacuum can last for up to 15 years without any major issues.

03. Can I Wash the Sebo Felix Exhaust Filter?

Sebo vacuums do not come with washable filters, instead, it is better to replace them with a new one. Always check the manufacturer’s manual to see the specific rules for the model you own.

04. How Long Does a Miele Vacuum Last?

Miele vacuums are superior in quality and can last for 20 years when kept carefully and maintained on schedule.

05. Are Miele Vacuums Worth Their Prices?

These vacuums are known worldwide for their superior quality and durability. Because they can last for a good 2 decades, they are worth the steep price.

To Pack Up

The Sebo vs Miele debate is a close one because both vacuums are great in terms of suction power, filtering ability, and durability. At the end of the day, it all comes down to a matter of preference. 

However, personally, I prefer the Miele vacuums as they are more compact, last longer, and sport a sleek, modern appearance.

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