Shark Ion P50 Is Here: Cleaning Doesn’t Have to be Hard Anymore!

Don’t you hate it when you keep having to replug your vacuum from room to room? That damn cleaner won’t let you have an uninterrupted cleaning routine! 

Thankfully, now you have the cordless vacuum cleaners to save your time! 

Today we’re going to talk about one such machine that has taken the oath to give you a tidier home within a short time, without the hassle of cords! 

Used by hundreds of people worldwide, the Shark ION P50 is easily one the best in the market. 

Our Shark ION P50 review doesn’t get too technical but rather shows you the practicality of this wonderful product.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Shark ION P50 Cordless Vacuum- A Quick Look

The vacuum that combines convenience, powerfulness, and versatility all in one! This Shark vacuum is ideal for homeowners who like the effectiveness of an upright vacuum but not the cord it comes with. 


After using this vacuum, one thing we’re sure of is that its tagline should be “vacuum that doesn’t leave any dirt behind!” Put your trust in this to get the work done. 

Ease of use:

No complicated buttons to add up to your trouble. If you’re someone who hates vacuums with complex settings, this is the one for you! 

Suction Power:

The one place “it sucks” means a good thing is with vacuum cleaners. Needless to say, the Shark ION P50 Lift-away Vacuum has a fantastic suction rating that sucks all the debris, giving life to your home! 


Customer service can truly make or break a product and SharkNinja doesn’t compromise with that. You ask and they’ll solve all your problems as soon as they find a break! 


  • Master of all surfaces: The different attachments along with the various suction power makes it ideal for any material in the house. 
  • Zero dust: Effective filtration to trap in all the dust before they escape.
  • XL dust capacity: Great for when you want to do a full house cleaning.
  • Better run time than most: Provides up to 50+ minutes of battery time, giving you a longer cleaning sesh.
  • Light in your dark days: Six LED headlights on the front make it easier to locate dirt in dull areas.
  • Budget-friendly: It doesn’t burn your wallet with a price tag of below $400.


  • Not ideal for large amounts of hair: It works great for small strands here and there but doesn’t do so well with lots of clustered fur. Although, it’s fairly easy to tug out the tangled hair so not a complete dealbreaker.
  • Not as many attachments: Only has three added accessories. Given the price tag and the effectiveness of each one, we don’t see any need for extra ones! 

Why We Recommend It:

The fusion of cord-free and power of upright vacuum makes Shark P50 the game-changer in the market. It’s great for quick and efficient cleanups, making it a good buy. 

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the idea of decluttering the brush every now and then, then this might not be the one for you. Although we promise you, apart from that, it’s a real gem to have so it’s best not to let that turn you off! 

Our Shark P50 reviews below talk more about this beauty in detail, so stay with us to know more! 

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Shark ION P50 Cord-Free Review

Time to dive deeper into the world of Shark ION Cordless Cleaner. Read through whenever you’re ready! 

Unboxing the Shark ION P50 IC162:

  • Charger.
  • Charging cradle.
  • Soft roller brush.
  • Combo tool.
  • Dusting brush.
  • Upholstery tool.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Owner’s manual.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10.24 x 12.45 x 44.8 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Run time: Up to 50 minutes
  • Power Source: 1 lithium-ion battery
  • Color: Limestone
  • Manufacturer: SharkNinja
  • Warranty: 5 years 

The Finest Features Explained! 

Let’s figure out what makes this vacuum so useful.

More Reach:

Have you ever had the guilt of leaving behind hard-to-reach areas from your cleaning session? Can’t say we feel the same because the Shark ION doesn’t look the other way when it comes to cleaning every inch! 

To start off, it has the mighty upright mode to guzzle in all the debris from your floor and carpet. Be it pet hair, mud from the pot, or even chips, this one will take it all in, leaving behind a filth-free environment! 

Next, you have the relief feature which is the stick version of the vacuum. All you need to do is detach the hose from the canister and extend to any place that an upright vacuum can’t reach.

To top it all off comes the handheld style! Free the canister from the motorized brush roll, affix the accessories that come with it, and begin with your shelves, stairs, or even the corners of the ceiling. 


Lets not deny that 12 pounds isn’t exactly what you would call “light”. Thankfully, this cordless vacuum has an ergonomic handle that moves with the twist of your wrist! You can swivel it to all the tight corners without hearing a single complaint.

Furthermore, the reach of the hose is long enough so you don’t have to haul the huge vacuum every time you move from place to place. Even then, we wouldn’t recommend this for the elderly or people with severe back problems. 

No Complications:

Don’t you hate it when you’re emptying your bagged vacuum and whoosh! All the dust flies back to you. 

Here comes the Shark ION P50 Cordless Cleaner to your rescue. It only has a dirt tank that collects all the gunk for you and it’s super easy to clean! 

Additionally, there are no complicated buttons on this and all of them are right on the handle, ready for you to access with your thumb. 

There’s no explaining the power on/off button, just a push and it’s geared up. Next comes the switch button from bare floor to carpet and lastly, the boost power mode, all of which are clearly labeled for your ease. 

Dirt Tank: 

No one likes having to clean the dirt tank over and over during cleaning sessions. That is exactly what gives SharkNinja P50 an edge over most others. With a capacity of 0.54 gallons, it doesn’t need emptying every now and then!

The bin is fairly narrow, keeping the filter at the end from having heaps of gunk stuck it in. Once you open the latch, the grime easily finds its way out without making you dirty. For a more thorough cleaning, you can run it under tap water. 

Jailhouse for Dirt:

We don’t know about you but we absolutely hate sneezing while cleaning. To end our misery, this Shark vacuum cleaner comes with an Anti-allergen complete seal technology. Using the power of the HEPA filter it safely eliminates any allergens, danders, and other particles as small as 0.3 microns. 

Not only does it trap them in, the astounding filtration system does a good job of refreshing the air coming in before letting it out. This ends our hectic red nose situation! 

Changeable Battery:

Unlike most battery-powered vacuums, it has the benefit of being able to remove the battery. For those of you who aren’t satisfied with the 50-minute run-time it provides, purchase an extra battery to replace when the first one dies. 

Also, this feature is great for when the first battery breaks down due to age. No more running to the professionals for the simple job of battery removal! 


Unlike many Dyson vacuums, the Shark ION P50 stands on its own. There’s no need for any support cause it’s strong and independent! 

This also makes it easy to store and charge since you don’t need to find a stand for it. Just tuck it in somewhere and let it do its thing! 

How Well Does It Perform?

Now that you know what makes it exceptional, look at its productiveness below. 

Deep Cleaning:

We’re not gonna sing songs of praise for the suction power again. Instead, let’s talk about one unique feature of the Shark Navigator Lift-away: DuoClean Technology. 

Nicely built-in on the motorized roller brush, it doesn’t need any extra settings to adjust. It comes with a soft brush on the front and a bristled brush head on the rear of the axle. 

These two are the ultimate blend to suck in small dust particles as well as large gunk lying on the carpet. The mushy brush will embrace your floor while the bristled tool utilizes the suction for cleaning deep within your carpet. 

Remember the boost mode we talked about? That is great for some deep scrubbing since the bristles rotate faster when you switch to carpet mode. 

Battery That Lasts Longer Than Average:

There are lots of users that say the battery doesn’t run for 50 minutes. To SharkNinja’s defense, they did mention it runs for up to 50 minutes and not that exact time. Below is a breakdown of which modes use up the most battery-life:

  • Duo Clean Head (Hardfloor mode): Around 33 minutes
  • Duo Clean Head (Carpet mode): Around 24 minutes
  • Handheld mode (low power): 50+ minutes
  • Handheld mode (max power): 19+ minutes

Firstly, the handheld mode exceeded our expectations of how well it lasts throughout. It’s great for small cleanups over your upholstery, stairs, or cabinet. 

Secondly, the Dual Brush head does use up a lot of strength when cleaning and so 20+ minutes of run time is pretty impressive! You won’t have the need to swivel over one area twice and that’s explaining the productiveness of the vacuum within the short run time.

How to Clean the Shark ION P50 Duo Cleaner

We’ve already applauded the amazing filtration system on it, but there’s something we all dread: cleaning the vacuum itself! To our relief, maintenance on this is quite simple. 

For the filters:

  • Take out the battery to power it off.
  • Tug the foam filter from the side and rinse under cold water. 
  • Remove the HEPA filter by simply pulling on it.
  • Bathe it with water only.
  • Let all the filters dry for 24 hours.
  • Place them back in the same position once they’re completely dry.

Need a more visual representation of this? Click here for an easy tutorial. 

For the bristled brush:

  1. Remove the battery. 
  2. Turn the nozzle over and use a coin to take out the brush roll cover from the axle.
  3. Manually draw any debris and place it back in.

For the soft roller brush (hardfloor brush): 

  1. Keep the vacuum turned off. 
  2. Slide on the orange button to unfasten the brush.
  3. Cleanse with a towel or rinse with water. 
  4. Let it air dry for 24 hours before placing it back in. 

Want us to show you how? Take a look here.

Alternative Options

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser:

We understand that parents of fur babies look for vacuums that have the power to remove any amount of hair. While the Shark ION might not be the best at that, this is pretty darn good! 

It utilizes its mighty suction along with the tangle-free brush to tackle any pet hair from all surfaces. Attached to it are also the Pet TurboEraser tool and dusting brush that immensely help households with furry babies!

Dyson Cyclone V10:

If you’re someone who fancies lots of attachments with your vacuum, look no further than this. It comes with four extra fittings and two motorheads for 360-degree cleaning of your house. The run time of up to 60 minutes along with the high power is what makes it a good deal for people looking to spend a bit more on vacuums. 

Final Words

Our Shark ION P50 review was all about letting you know the effectiveness and versatility of this charmer. Giving you heap loads of sprint time with the satisfaction of zero cords, it easily makes its way to the top of the list!

Let us know your verdict on the vacuum below!

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