Shark NV752 Vacuum Cleaner Review: The Answer to Instant Cleaning

Whoever said vacuum cleaners cannot be versatile, has not met the Shark NV752.

This good-looking vacuum cleaner can be converted into three types of vacuums. And it gives spectacular results in all of them!

Be it your carpets, floor, or upholstery, the Shark Rotator True Pet Vacuum will clean it up. After it is done, your home will look like it has been polished by a professional!

Do not believe us?

See our list of pros, cons, and top features of the Shark NV752 Rotator Vacuum Cleaner and be the judge!

Shark NV752 Review – A Snippet

The Shark NV752 is one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners out there! It can be used as an upright, canister, and to some extent, a handheld vacuum as well. With its fantastic suction and easy controls, it will give you the best performance!

What’s in the Box:

  • Shark NV75 unit
  • Motor-driven brush
  • Hard floor genie
  • Pet multi-tool
  • Pet power brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Microfiber pad

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds
  • Cord length: 30 feet
  • Battery: 1 lithium-ion battery
  • Wattage: 1150 watts

What Makes it Exceptional?

There are lots of vacuum cleaners out there, why choose this? I will give you plenty of reasons why!

Keep scrolling!

Suction Power:

Shark NV752 comes with exceptional suction power that removes all traces of dirt from your house. All the tools that come with it work with the same ability to clean every surface!

Filtration System:

If you are someone with allergies, the HEPA filtration system of the Shark Rotator NV752 Vacuum will be a blessing! If not…well who does not like clean air?!

The filters on this suck in dirty air, clean it out and then leave fresh air from the back. No air can escape without being purified, thanks to its completely sealed canister.

Ease of Use:

All the switches of the different features on this Shark Vacuum Rotator are on the handle. Ergo, you do not have to bend over for anything, giving your back a sigh of relief! ‘

Moreover, they are pretty easy to understand and have clear instructions given on the manual.

Pet Hair Specialist:

The Shark Rotator Upright Vacuum comes with a pet brush that is one of the best pet hair removers, similar to the Miele Blizzard CX1.  Be it a small amount of fur or heaps of it, this one will take of them!

LED Lights:

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum can reach anywhere! But can you see everything everywhere? What about under the beds and behind the furniture?

Fortunately, this one comes with LED lights on the motor head and the handle, making it visible in the darkest of situations.

The Pros:

  • Perfect for all surfaces: With all the attachments that come with this unit, there is no surface that it cannot clean. From floors to upholstery, all your objects will be free of dust!
  • Ideal for crevices: Coming with superior suction power, the Shark Rotator NV752 sucks out stubborn dirt from the most ignored nooks and crannies of the floor.
  • Complete sealed system: The HEPA filtration, along with the closed system, makes it the best for people with allergies. After you clean with the Shark Vacuum Powered Lift-Away, you will only breathe in fresh air!
  • Smooth transition: The handle comes with a suction and brush roll adjustment switch that can be used to transition between carpet and floor without having to bend over.
  • XL dust canister capacity: Featuring a considerable dirt collector, this beauty gives you the satisfaction of an interrupted cleaning session.
  • LED lights: Since the vacuum head can reach anywhere, the lights are a convenient feature to locate filth in the dirt.
  • Inexpensive: Even with so many features, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum comes at a meager price.

The Cons:

  • Does not do so well with extra-large debris

The motorized powerhead of the Shark Rotator Vacuum is terrific at picking up small to medium filth from the carpets. However, when it comes to larger debris like Cheerios, it fails to do so.

Nevertheless, there is a wand that comes with this handy unit, and you can effortlessly clean those out with this. It is also very comfortable to use since you do not have to bend with this long wand!

  • No height adjustment feature

If you were planning to use the Shark NV752 Lift-Away Vacuum for shag rugs, I would not suggest it. Since there is no height adjustment feature, it is likely that your precious carpet might get destroyed.

However, you can always use the wand for the dirt in your luxurious carpets, so there is nothing to lose!

  • Lift-away mode is not ideal for carpets

When vacuuming carpets, the lift-away mode makes the vacuum act like a self-propelled unit, and it gets very tiring on the arm. Therefore, it is best to use it in an upright position for the carpets.

Yet, if you need to clean under the furniture or bed, you can turn it into a lift-away vacuum for a few minutes.

Shark Rotator Powered TruePet Vacuum: My Take on It

I love vacuuming because it just makes my life so much easier! That being said, I have had my fair share of experiences with different cleaners and the Shark NV752 Vacuum Cleaner is one the best out there.

Find out why, below:

Great for Large Debris:

I have mentioned that the carpet tool does not do so well with large debris. However, that is exactly why Shark has included the hard floor tool with large grates.

This magical motorized head has saved me a lot of times. Whenever I have spilled my Cheerios, it was there to pick up my mess like a true friend!

For carpets, it comes with a hand that is large enough to suck in any kinds of debris from there.

Lift-Away Mode Makes It Good for Multiple Uses:

Since the vacuum can be used in lift-away mode, you might as well utilize it properly! From the sofas to top walls, you can easily clear away all the dust in this mode. Use it with the soft dusting brush to clean your curtains without tearing them.

Besides, when the upright system is too heavy for you, you can lift away the canister and the brush roll will still run! This is great for when you do not want to strain your back too much.

One great use that I made of the lift-away mode is for cleaning under the bed. It reached till the very end and made it squeaky clean. And let me tell you that the scenario under there was not worth looking at before Shark NV752 existed!

Ideal for Pet Hair:

Many vacuums might come with a pet brush, but none of them come close to the Shark’s one. Having an independent motor, it not only picks up the hair of your furry baby but also your own! Yes, it is that good.

I have also used it in the lift-away mode for my carpeted stairs and it gave exceptional results! It was not super comfortable to use and gave me edge-to-edge cleaning.

Easily Accessible Controls:

For anyone who is vulnerable to back pain or is simply too lazy to bend all the way down to reach the controls, I have some good news! All the settings of the Shark Rotator Vacuum are on its handle.

Ergo, whether you want to switch from carpet to floor, turn on the lights, or power up the vacuum, you have it at your fingertips!

Say Goodbye to Allergies:

Featuring a HEPA filtration system, I do not remember the last time I turned red due to my dust allergies. The superior filtering ability keeps all allergens away from your house and also gives out only fresh air!

Also, the dust collector bin is pretty big to accumulate a huge amount of dirt. Hence, you can have uninterrupted cleaning without coming in contact with the dust.

How to Clean the Shark NV752 Vacuum?

This vacuum cleaner cleans your house, so it is important to give it a bathe sometimes as well. Do not just soak it in the water though!

Follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Press the release button on top of the dirt collector and tilt it away from the unit to take it out.
  3. Click on the lower dust cup release tab to empty all the trash in it.
  4. For the top lid, press the upper release button.
  5. Take out the foam filters and clean them up.
  6. Locate the HEPA filter on the front, behind a small door and clean that up as well.
  7. Air dry them for at least 24 hours before reinstalling.
  8. After attaching the filters, secure the dust cup in the same place as before.
  9. Once you hear the click, you are done reassembling the fresh and clean unit!

Friendly advice: Pre-motor filters need to be cleaned once every three months and the HEPA filter can be cleaned once a year. Also, always remember to rinse them with cold water only.

Is It Worth the Buy?


The Shark NV752 Rotator is a feature-rich vacuum cleaner. It might have cons but the pros far outweigh them in every manner.

For me, this one is immensely powerful, has the perfect attachments, amazing filtration, and tons of useful features!

If you want a powerful vacuum cleaner, there is no better way to go than this!

What Next?

If my Shark NV752 review left you impressed, head on over here to purchase it.

This fine piece of machinery does not only perform well but is also a treat to the eyes with its amazing color combo! Hence, if you do not have enough storage space, you can always use this as an accessory for your home!

Got further questions for me?

Leave a comment below and I will get back to you at the earliest!

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