Shark Rocket Vacuum Reviews: Read This Before You Buy

Finding a good vacuum cleaner that also has an elegant design is not always a guarantee. However, the Shark Rocket HV302 Vacuum pulls it off effortlessly.

With this being one of the Shark Rocket vacuum reviews, we will discuss the Shark Rocket HV302 Vacuum and explore its features and functions.

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Shark Rocket Vacuum reviews

Product Overview:

The first thing you’d notice about this vacuum cleaner is its sleek and portable design. Besides that, it is one versatile cleaner that will help to keep your house clean in general. If you have been experiencing stressful cleaning, you can say goodbye to that with the help of this incredible cleaner.

But hey, it is not all about the looks. Rather, this baby scores decently in terms of overall performance. It is quite durable, easy to use, and does an amazing job almost everywhere around the house. This one will perform well on rugs, hard floors, as well as those hard-to-reach spaces.

So yes, it might not be as sleek and streamlined as some cleaners on the market. However, this vacuum cleaner features some useful attachments that make it extra functional. The best part is that it costs cheaper than most vacuums with similar features.

By the way, we mentioned that it has a portable design, but that doesn’t mean that it is cordless. It is corded, but very much lightweight for easy handling. While some people think the cord is a nuisance, it is quite manageable.

In general, this is a stick vacuum cleaner that has been designed to give you the best cleaning experience without limiting you as such. Above all, the price tag is such a tempting feature because it won’t harm your pocket compared to other higher priced units.

To help you dive deep into understanding the delivery of this cleaner, here is a look at the features and functions;

Design and Build:

shark rocket professional stick vacuum reviews

We usually want to start with the looks and construction of a device to help you determine if it will work for you. If you live in a small apartment or you specifically need a cleaner for a confined space, this one would be a decent pick for you.

With this one, you get a super light stick vacuum ​that weighs roughly 7.5lbs. That sort of weight will allow you to maneuver the cleaner without any issues. The best part is that this one can easily convert into a hand vacuum to help you clean off the floors and upholstery. Plus, you can use it to clean your car interior.

Being a small cleaner, this one has a small dust canister of only 0.48liters. As a result, you might have to empty it several times. Most people had an issue with that.

On the flip side, the lightweight design makes it easy to store away. For instance, you can easily mount this unit on the wall through the storage hook. This hook is located behind the dirt canister latch, which holds the whole unit with ease.

Suction Power:

Most people consider the suction power of a vacuum cleaner, which is generally a wise decision. So, you might think that the size of this cleaner is too small to deliver an incredible cleaning experience. But, this baby packs a decent suction power.

Thanks to the 2-speed option, you can be sure of sucking out the dirt off your floors, rugs, and upholstery without a problem. The best part is that you won’t experience any loss of power when using this cleaner.

You can use the low-speed for cleaning hard floors, whereas the high-speed can be used for carpets and rugs.

Usability/User Experience:


In terms of the usability of a vacuum, you should consider the filter and bin maintenance of the unit. For instance, there is a latch on the side of this unit. This latch allows you to open the hatch door to the dustbin for emptying it as needed. Closing the hatch door is manual, but very much easy.

Another thing that will make you want to choose this unit is how easy it is to use. First off, it comes ready to use. Also, the controls are within the fingers’ reach. Remember, we mentioned that it is easy to split it into a hand-held cleaner.


Anyone would want to know if there are other attachments or accessories that enhance the delivery of the cleaner. Luckily, this one doesn’t disappoint. 

First off, there is a 12-inch crevice tool that is perfect for cleaning the confined areas. Luckily, you can enjoy the dusting brush for working the off-the-floor surfaces. A car detail kit is also onboard to help you clean the car interior or other delicate surfaces like a computer keyboard or laptop.

Don’t forget that there is a pet upholstery tool that is perfect for getting rid of the pet hair around the house. But one attachment that is considered the best of all is the Dust Away Attachment. This is a reusable microfiber cleaning pad that allows you to clean the hard floors with ease.

It can also convert into a cleaning wand to help you clean the high corners or tight spaces.

  • Sleek and lightweight.
  • 2-speed suction power for best performance.
  • Detachable to hand-held cleaner.
  • Multiple attachments for enhanced cleaning.
  • Easy to use.
  • Washable filter.
  • Dual storage options.
  • The dust canister is too small.
  • There is no onboard storage for the accessories.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: Is it possible to remove stuck hair in the vacuum?

Answer: Yes. All you have to do is open the base cover with a coin or screwdriver, then pull out the stuck hair accordingly.

Question: How long can the Shark Rocket HV302 last? 

Answer: The lifespan of a vacuum cleaner usually depends on how frequent you use it and where you use it. If it clogs too many times with hair, it might not last for a very long time. Also, if you use it daily, the lifespan will be reduced. All in all, the company offers it on a 5-year warranty.

Final Verdict:

The bottom line, the Shark Rocket HV302 is a reliable cleaner for cleaning small apartments. It is lightweight, easy to use, and offers you two-speed options for cleaning both hard floors and carpets. Even if you have a pet in the house, this baby will deliver accordingly. The price tag is also quite welcoming too, which is another reason to give it a shot.

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