Steam Mop VS Spin Mop: A Consumer Guide in 2019

Most of the time people stuck off in buying while they find the things comparatively closure. It happens mostly when people find a lot of options to buy for one purpose. Steam mop and Spin Mop are such types of things. It creates hesitation among the buyer to find out which one is best for them.

In this article, we will discuss and compare these two mops from different features.

Steam Mop:
spin mop and bucket

A steam mop is a cleaning tool used on different types of floors such as tile, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood flooring, and even carpet. Using steam mop a small and comparatively less dirty area can be kept well easily.

The steam mop does no use any harsh chemical and this way it disinfects the flooring. As it does not use any harsh chemical so the flooring remains unmessy. Steam Mop makes a mist like a spray out of jest onto the floor to draw up dirt. Stains, dust, and unseeable bacteria.

Steam Mop does not clean the floor intensively. It has a cleaning pad on the top of the mop which collects the dirt. Mentionable the pads can be washable, reusable and resettable.

Spin Mop:
steam mop vs spin mop

The spin mop is very suitable for deep cleaning. Those who do not clean their flooring on a regular course, for them it is perfect. Spin also allows cleaning any type of surface. But finished flooring is best suitable for the spin mop.

Spin Mop comes up with a cleaning pad similar to the Steam Mop. It has a pad which is made of microfiber. Microfiber of the Mop pad absorbs the dirt. The mop pad is removable. So, easily f anyone can open the Mop pad to clean it. Mop pad lasts for years if it is taken care of properly. Another interesting fact is that the spin Mop does not require electric power.

Pros And Cons Of A Steam Mop vs Spin Mop:

Every product is enriched with its own characteristics. Steam Mop and Spin Mop is not an exception from this. Each of these two products has its advantages and disadvantages for different purposes. Here I will draw a comparable figure on these from different criteria.


The Steam Mop price is a little bit higher than the spin mop. It is because the steam mop not only clean but also disinfects at the same time. Most of the people love this fact. On the other hand, a steam mop cannot clean various types of surfaces whereas the Spin map is perfectly compatible with any type of surfaces.

Apparently, it may seem to you that the price of the steam map is not so high then you are wrong. Steam mop only usable in sealed flooring but spin mop is congenial to any type of surfaces. From this point of view, It seems to me that if you need to add this feature on the steam mop, you have to cost double of its original value.


A spin mop is compatible with any type of surface. The head of the spin mop means its pad lasts more than the steam mop. With proper, it can last over the years. A bad thing about the spin mop and bucket is it mess flooring if an external bucket is not used. It also offers a great feature to busy people who do not get enough time to clean the floor regularly.

Actually its a great blessing to them. It is because spin mop can clean deeply from the flooring. So, huge dust and dirt is nothing for the spin mop.

On the contrary, a steam mop can”t perform on different surfaces. It can only perform on a sealed surface. The best and fascinating thing about steam mop is that it not only clean flooring but also disinfect the floor.

Thanks to the feature of disinfecting the floor. I love this idea. Along this feature steam mop will provide you another great feature, As it does not use any chemical so it can’t mess the floor. Besides, steam mop uses electric power its power is high enough.

Product Features Covering:

The consideration of how many things you will get out of the product is a matter of great think before buying it.

Steam Mop covers the following features:

  1. Support multiple functions (Clean as well as disinfect the Surface)
  2. It offers dirt-free flooring while cleaning.
  3. Allows removability of the heads of the mops.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Pad’s power is high as it runs on electricity.

Spin Mop covers the following features:

  1. Long-lasting.
  2. Multiple surface perform-ability.
  3. Allows removability of the heads of the mops.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Deep cleaning.

Comparison Of Each Product:

In comparison with the steam mop, the spin mop is price friendly. Steam mop offers versatile features for any type of person. It is usable on any type of surfaces and it allows deep cleansing of the surfaces. If you do not love to clean your flooring twice or above in a day, the spin mop is perfect for you.

Besides, if you consider money spin mop may the best deal for you. The drawback of the spin mop is that it messes the floor if an external bucket is not used. On the other hand, a steam mop is suitable who loves to clean the floor twitch or more a day as steam mop doesn’t clean the floor thoroughly.

The most useful feature that a steam mop provides is it can clean the floor as well as disinfect. besides, it doesn’t make dirt the floor while cleaning the floor. I think this feature will help people who have little children. This feature will not allows children to mess up the whole floor with dirty water.

The drawback of steam mop is it uses electric power which sometimes may be dangerous.

In all honesty, depending on the floor condition and your demand for usability, you have to choose which one is perfect for you. I have figured out the pros and cons of the two mops in a brief.

Now its all your turn to choose which one suits most for you.

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