The Truth About What Are Angle Grinders Used For

While an angle grinder is versatile that you can use for more than just grinding, it is inexpensive, functional and a must have for every homeowner who loves doing things on their own. Even though angle grinder’s wheels look almost similar, they are meant for different purposes. What are angle grinders used for? Well, if that is the question you have asked yourself, then you are in the right place.

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Metal cleaning:

You can use an angle grinder to clean metal where you can use a wire brush for cleaning. You can clean rust as well as dirt from your tools from the garden using a wire cup as you secure your work with a vise or even clamps. Ensure that the grinder’s brush rolls further from the edge rather than towards the edge to make sure that the brush does not kick back towards you.


Cleaning metal with the use of angle grinders is good since the cleaning process is rapid and easy.

Cutting rods, bars, and bolts:

To make the cuts with a grinder, all you need is to mount a metal cut-off wheel inside an angle grinder. After that, get the longer edge of the block and grip it firmly. Drop the wheel that you cut off via the metal and leaving enough machines’ weight to do the work. Leave the smaller edge to plunge on its own making sure you don’t bind the blade.


Cutting bars, rods, and bolts with an angle rider are always smooth and fast. As long as you do it right, you will get the best cuts.

Cutting tiles, stones, and concrete :

While it comes to scoring the tile face, these machines are the best. All you need is to mark an outline of the cut you want to make on the back as well as the front side of your tile, rest your tile on a bench that you are working on and make a sketch of eighth in the deep and front side with a diamond blade.

Cutting stone or ceramic to match the outlets or other hard to reach areas is not easy, especially when using a standard tile cutter. That is why you need to have an angle grinder since it comes with a dry-cut diamond wheel that makes it easy to make these cuts.

Restoring cutting edges/sharpening blades:

Angle grinders are the best when it comes to sharpening blades. Be it a table saw, jigsaw, or even circular saw, these grinders will easily sharpen them for a more delicate and smooth cut. To do so, all you need to do is to clamp the blade in your work-bench or a vise with your hands, analyze the grinder and adjust the blade’s guard so that it can block sparks from your face as well as your body. Line up the wheel with the use of an angle on your blade.

After that turn on your grinder and then gradually move your wheel diagonally on the blade while at the same time applying a little pressure.


Due to the grinding wheel, an angle grinder is an excellent tool when it comes to restoring edges on rough shovels, scrapers, hoes, hatches, axes, lawn mower blades, and many more tools.

For cutting out old mortar or grinding mortar:

It is possible to mill out the old or even loose mortar using the machine as well as the diamond wheel. To do so, make two or three-half an inch deep passes to clear the joint. Remain about an eighth in from the brick to avoid damaging the material.


Grinding is better than using a chisel or a hammer to remove old mortar. With that in mind, it is better to invest in a grinder if you have a lot of tuck-pointing to do. Having a thicker wheel removes the old motor faster without damaging the bricks.

There you have it! If you have heard of angle grinders but not sure of what they are used for, now you know!

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