What Can You Use to Clean Laminate Floors?

When it comes to finding the answer to what can you use to clean the laminate floor, every homemaker will come up with their own, unique set of answers.

But if you are up to picking up the right products, agents and tools, what would you do?

We know that it can not be answered in just one phrase. That’s the motive behind this whole article today. We have talked about the most used tools and cleaning agents (both household and commercial).

If you have got a dirty laminate floor, keep reading till the very end of the article-

The Cleaning Tools to Clean Laminate Floors

Microfiber Mop

Before going into the list of chemicals and cleaning agents, we think it’s better to start with a list of tools that are essential for cleaning a laminate floor. Here we go- 

Step 1: Damp Cloth

Although a damp cloth is not practically a tool. But sometimes, it works even better than many tools when it comes to cleaning laminate floors. Whenever there is a spill of water or any other non-oily liquids, use a damp cloth to blot the spill up. 

Don’t give the spill too much time and do it right after it had taken place. One of the basic laminate floors 101 is never to let the spill stand on it.

Step 2: Vacuum Cleaner

The most authentic device that might help you to fight stubborn and macro-level specks of dust is the vacuum cleaner. But when it’s about selecting the right vacuum cleaner, there are a lot of things to consider. 

First of all, it’s the ability to reach at every corner of the floor. As there will be furniture and other things, your vacuum cleaner should have attachments to reach those places. 

Once you have got the right vacuum cleaner for a laminate floor, vacuum the floor regularly. Use the hard floor attachments to prevent any kind of accumulation of the specks of dirt and grit.

Step 3: Ice and Plastic Scraper

This combination of ice and plastic scraper is quite effective. Specially when it’s about dealing the spots such as chewing gum, wax or such kind of spots. 

If you have got these specks of dirt that are hard to wipe off, harden them with ice at first. Then, use a plastic scraper to take them off from the floor. If you don’t have a plastic scraper, you can use a credit card or punch card as well.


The most popular tool to deal with a dirty laminate floor is to use a mop for the laminate floor. With a mop, some sort of cleaning agent should be associated. We have stated a number of homemade and commercial kinds of cleaning agents that you can use with a laminate floor mop.

The Cleaning Agents (Household) to Clean Laminate Floors

This is the list of a few homemade laminate floor cleaner that can be picked up right from your kitchen and assigned for cleaning laminate floor anyway. Here goes the list-

Step 1: Acetone or nail polish remover

Sometimes, there can be some stubborn and semi-permanent kind of specks of dirt and spots that will take place to your laminate floor. Some of the common examples are- tough spots, oil spills, markers, paint, ink, tar or lipstick.

To deal with those kinds of diets, you need to recall our old cleaner friend- the acetone or nail polish. Take a small amount of it on a white, clean cloth. Now, wipe the area with water, and later with the acetone-rich cloth. It will come off surely.

Step 2: Vinegar

Sometimes, vinegar can play the role of commercial-grade detergents that you might need to buy. While wiping the light specks of dirt off the laminate floor, making use of a vinegar and water mix will help you out. 

Hot water

It’s a quite known fact that hot water is able to take out or loosen up dirty specks like oily and greasy dirt. And this ability of hot water works with laminate floor cleaning too.

By the word ‘hot water’, we don’t mean using water of boiling temperature. Just use a gentle temperature that is tolerable by bare fingers. And use the water while cleaning the floor.

The Cleaning Agents (Commercial) to Clean Laminate Floors

In every month, a thorough and deep wash should be done on your laminate floor to keep it shiny and new. And for that purpose, you might call commercial grade laminate floor cleaners on duty. 

Here are some of the most popular kind of commercial laminate cleaner- 

Step 1: Hard Surface Cleaner

If you want to make your laminate floor look great for the years to come, using a hard surface cleaner might be the right idea. These are sprayed onto the floor on a light basis and then wiped off by a soft cloth. Instead of soft cloth, you can also use a microfiber or terry cloth mop as well.

Step 2: Dry magnetic types of pads

Another good product to use in cleaning your laminate floor is the dry magnetic type of pads. These pads have the special ability to draw dirt and soil from the laminate floor. With one of these pads, you can prevent build-ups of this dirt.

What Not To Use

Apart from all these products and tools that we have mentioned, there are some more of them that you are not supposed to use to clean a laminate floor. Here goes the list.

  1. Never clean your laminate floor with a steam cleaner. Cleaning laminate floors with steam mop causes damage. 
  2. Don’t use wet mops to clean laminate floors as they cause harm to the finish of it. 
  3. Don’t use any kind of soap-water solution to clean your laminate floor. Also, detergents sometimes come to be equally damaging to the laminate floor. 
  4. Steel wools are quite harmful to laminate floors. Also, making use of any kind of abrasive cleaners or ammoniated cleaners. Also using chlorinated type cleaners is also harmful. 

Bottom Line

So, that was all about what can you use to clean laminate floors. We have talked about both homemade products and commercial products too. Hopefully, you will be able to catch up on the right one.

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