How To Teach What Is A Sawzall? Better Than Anyone Else


A Sawzall, also known as a reciprocating saw is an electric saw that is versatile enough to fit various home projects. While the name sounds funny, it’s not hard to get how the name developed since the machine basically “saws all” materials.

Depending on the type of blade you install into the machine, your machine can cut through plywood, lumber, cast iron pipe, plastic, and many more materials, making it the best to most people. Its blades usually range from the length of three to twelve inches and can have about six to eighteen teeth or even more for smooth cutting on metal.

The teeth cut in a back and forth movement motion. The shoe at the base of the machine blade needs to rest against the material you wish to cut to prevent the machine from tripping around when working.

Why do many people love using Sawzall?

Many household projects call for various types of tools, where one may need to invest in multiple tools to work on different tasks. However, with Sawzall, it is an all-encompassing tool that performs different tasks. The device uses a pull and pushes motion to cut through the materials.

With this device, you can cut different areas on the material including the corners and floors without a problem at all. To understand more on what this device is, you need to understand its uses.

Here is how you can use Sawzall!

Making indentations on the wall:

When remodeling a unit and you want to place wiring on your wall, indention is essential. A reciprocating saw is the best when you want to add these indentions and most especially if the area includes odd angles.

Changing PVC piping:

A PVC pipe is found in places where other saws such as circular table saws can’t reach. For that reason, nothing can work better in such a situation than a Sawzall when modifying piping. It is also easy to cut PVC with such a tool as well, and so if you need to make any changes, you need something that you are sure about!

Cutting through hard pins and nails:

You can take advantage of the Sawzall when you come across pins or nails that are hard to remove. Nothing can be worse than working on a project and come across some nails that are hard to remove as having first to take a hammer is not only time-consuming but also cumbersome.

If working on a project where the nails are too hard to remove or to hold, a reciprocating saw can help you cut the head and the best way to pull the nails out.

Cutting tree branches:

If in need of cutting down some tree branches in your garden or yard, this is the tool that you are looking for due to its cutting power and durability! Do you have to chop down the entire tree with an axe while having a fully equipped machine to cut tree branches with fewer workforces? Well, get yourself a Sawzall, and you will love the experience.

Fitting a window:

The tool is a common one among professional who love fitting windows. The reason is that the machine can work well on tight and uncomfortable places. With the machine, one can work on a corner or an odd looking place with ease, not having to worry about making the wrong cuts.  


The reciprocating saw makes any demolition easier and fun. While you can struggle to demolish a certain structure with hack saws or crowbars, a reciprocating saw can help you cut free since it is an excellent demolition device. Whether you are destroying doors, windows, plumbing, or even walls, all you need is just to cut and toss. That simple!


There you have it! If you have wondered what is a Sawzall, now you know. Having understood what it is and the uses, you can invest in one and enjoy working on your various projects.

All the best!

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