Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Urine?

Like all of you, I consider the bathroom as the most sacred place among all the rooms in the home. Naturally, you want to keep it as clean and fresh as possible. But now and then we all face the irritating experience of bad odor like the urine when you go to the bathroom.

I know it’s so disappointing when you clean and disinfect it so well and still, you have to smell urine. It could be a nightmare if you don’t take immediate action. But before I tell you how to fix the problem, I think you should know what is causing the problem in the first place.

Reasons Why It Smells Like Urine



Just because you notice urine smell in your bathroom does not necessarily mean you are dirty. It happens to a lot of people. I faced this trouble myself. It’s a normal problem that almost every homeowner faces once in a while.

What most people do when they first notice the problem? You either clean the bathroom using any cleaners/detergents or you call the plumber. Calling the plumber may seem like a good idea, but I saw a lot of examples where the problem still exists.

So, what’s happening here? There are at best 2 or 3 reasons why the bad odor still exists. Here are they:

  1. Bad Aim

Yep, boys living in your home with bad aim while peeing is the most prominent cause. Most of the time, you will be wondering whether the leaking toilet is causing the urine smell. But actually, it is the bad aiming of boys while peeing. If you are sure this is not the reason, then look for the following cause.

  1. Bad Ventilation

While peeing or pooping in the toilet, obviously there will be some immediate bad odor that needs to be ventilated ASAP. If not, that will be trapped and over time it will get worse. When the last time you check the bathroom exhaust fan? Is it working at all?

 A high-quality exhaust fan will keep the bathroom odor-free and moisture-free. However, if the bad aim problem exists – there will still be urine smell inside your bathroom.

  1. Leaking Wax Seal

The wax seal is used to seal the point between the drain and the toilet. You can find it right under your toilet. If the urine smell is almost constant, it’s probably because of the leaking wax seal.

 Now, there could be a lot of reasons why leaking wax seal may happen like improper toilet installation or the natural wear and tear. If that happens to your toilet, not just the urine – whatever inside the toilet may drip on the floor and cause serious bad odor.

Get Rid of Bathroom Urine Smell

There are other several reasons why bad odor happens in the bathroom. But the above 3 are the main culprit why urine smell happens. You take care of them, I am pretty confident your problem will be gone. This is what you should do:

  • Educate The Boys

Explain the male member of your family why the bathroom is causing this urine smell. You don’t have to be rude to explain. Just tell them to target the toilet bowl properly while peeing.

  • Double Check the Exhaust Fan

No matter how strong the smell is; the bathroom exhaust fan should handle it properly. It won’t if it is not properly maintained. Regular maintenance is utterly important when it comes to any electronics. Make sure your bath fan is working the way it is supposed to.

  • Fix The Wax Ring

That’s the extreme case. Call your plumber for a second opinion. If he clearly says that’s what causing the problem, go ahead change the wax ring completely. Don’t try to do it yourself, let the plumber do his job.

  • Thorough Cleaning

When you fix the main problem as described above, it’s time to give a thorough cleaning to get rid of the urine smell. Clean the floor and the toilet. Make sure to clean the floor under the toilet. It may sound daunting, but you have to do it. You can use a pet urine cleaner or any other good quality bathroom cleaner.

I found a lot of concerned people like you who have been suffering from this horrible pee smell. I also know many of you tried several ways to get rid of it. Sometimes you failed even after trying it with the strongest bathroom cleaner.

But there is still hope!

I just mentioned only 3 possible reasons based on my own experience. I got my result trying the solution mentioned above. I have shared these tips with my friends verbally and they have confirmed me to get the desired result.

I truly believe you will get rid of the smell if you follow my tips as well. Let’s assume you got rid of the smell, is your job done? No! This horrible smell will come back in a few days. So, make sure to do the follow up regularly. There is no better alternative to cleaning your bathroom regularly to get rid of piss smell.


Not just the urine smell, any bad smell will puncture your prestige badly. You do not want your friends and relatives to have the same experience. As the problem is fixable easily, there is no point of wasting your precious time. Just follow the above instruction and you will have a fresh bathroom too.

Now show me some love sharing this article with your friends and families. You do not want them to suffer from this horrible smell, right?

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